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  1. Simply games have the Series S in stock https://www.simplygames.com/p/xbox-series-s-console--extra-white-controller--official-play-and-charge-kit--revent-chat-headset--3-month-game-pass-ultimate-membership-xbox-series-x
  2. You got to admire his enthusiasm made me chuckle.
  3. Sure it's £24.99 . Just looks to hectic for me. Struggle with Cuphead. But wait till I have a few drinks it will be an impulse buy.
  4. I thought it looked a step up from the last one with them trying to put a story into it. I'm sure the gameplay will be fine. The demo played ok for me.
  5. How come no one has mentioned how good Monster Hunter Rise looks in the new trailer? That will keep me going till NMH3. Then the wait for Splatoon 3. If by some miracle Metroid Prime Trilogy drops in-between then happy days
  6. I thank you sir. Trust me it don't happen that often.
  7. Now you know. This game has got to be the longest ever I have kept interest in. 3 years has flown by.
  8. I have one of these. Only down side it has no rumble,gyro controls or Amibo functions. I don't use any so this suits me fine. Plus it's like having a full sized controller in your hands. Hori Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro https://g.co/kgs/B7u6s2
  9. Thanks for the advice. Might just hold out till summer when I can hopefully pick up my own PS5. Still got plenty on the Switch to keep me going .
  10. Are you playing on a base PS4 ? Got my son's PS4 as he got a PS5 for Christmas. Don't want to waste my time if it's that glitchy that's all.
  11. My son got a PS5 for Christmas so I have a base PS4 sitting here with the game on the HDD . Is it worth me setting it up to play or should I wait till I get a PS5 later next year ?
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