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  1. I have it . It's runs super duper on the Switch. I think the audio is the star of the show here. Every ambient noise has me on edge.
  2. If this runs like a dream on Switch this is definitely getting brought.
  3. I love electronic music or as my son calls it music with no words. Actually have this one in the car on a SD card that's how with the times I am.
  4. Just remaster Blur and NFS Hot Pursuit please.
  5. My efforts so far . Got nearly to the end of level 2 using the bow. Slowly working out the best boons to go after. This has that Dead Cells one more run addiction. Suprise game I knew nothing about till the reviews and praise on here.
  6. Just started this again. Played the first three files on casual to be honest found it a bit easy. So starting the next file on PT Standard. Will see how that goes. I suspect I have been drawn into thinking I'm good as this game. Well at least I can drop it down to casual later if I need to. Have this Wonderful 101, Bayonetta now if just Vanquish and Metal Gear Rising could just make an appearance on Switch.
  7. Yuujiin

    Superhot VR

    I have superhot on PS4 just the normal version. Has anybody else had the mind control delete for free as I thought it was if you had the original.
  8. "Go somewhere safe , I'll see what I can do" translates to I will slaughter everyone in my path. All samurai trees maxed out .All 4 stances the same. About 6 ghost ones to unlock. Rocking in fully upgraded Ronin threads. Mandatory straw hat. On chapter 2 still not started any main gold missions. Still enjoying this. The scenery is stunning at times. As everyone has said SP have absolutely nailed the combat . Further in the mobs seem to be bigger now. More archers and some that love throwing Mongolian flash bangs.
  9. You certainly have an eye for a great shot. My photo efforts on various games pale in comparison. This is a very pretty don't know if the backdrops change as you go through the game as only started.
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