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  1. Remember having one of these when I was younger, things have moved on a bit now.
  2. I know this is geared towards multiplayer but can you do a fair bit solo. Just got this only 5 hours in . Took down a over sized vomiting thing. Think it was a Puku Puku ???
  3. Now that Borderlands 3 is out do you think we will see a Borderlands 2 ultimate edition for switch. I know there was a rumour but I can't seem to find anything saying definitely saying yes.
  4. Grid looks and plays fine to me. Codemasters making this little console sing.
  5. Yuujiin

    Nintendo Switch

    Fill my cavity Switch edition.
  6. Any news on when Alien Isolation is coming? I know it got mentioned in a direct but it's all gone quiet now.
  7. Up to file 3 now. Things are getting interesting. I like how it's not a pure action game as there is a lot of down time between the combat. But still can't get over how good this looks on this little console. How the controls are not to complicated and suit handheld mode perfectly. Anyway onwards need some more D ranks.
  8. Yuujiin

    Nintendo Switch

    Just wished for a metroid prime trilogy announcement. This is still happening ??
  9. My character. Went girl power. Funky music at police HQ
  10. All I will say is that's how you start a video game. Looks stunning. Just finished the prologue. If the start is just a taste this should be good.
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