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  1. With that game you get a bit longer to take the shot. Then I watch guys like this ,how ??
  2. Best game ever haha, my one and only time I have ever done anything good with a sniper rifle.
  3. For all the bugs things like this only happen in Battlefield.
  4. Two that have happened to me. One guy glued to his screen. Had a few when I had died but then not able to respawn. The majority of the time I'm enjoying it. As with most BF games it takes time.
  5. Is all the above on Conquest. Not really touched that as Breakthrough has my attention at the moment. Now up the dizzy heights of rank 18. I feel the jump to 128 player's is perhaps not the best idea. Like some have said if you don't get in a vehicle it's sometimes a good hike before you fire a shot. Destruction 3.0 seems to have been dialed back somewhat. I remember in Bad Company 2 you could bring the house down literally. The wind thing is a bit lame.
  6. What I did turn off cross play, play breakthrough and BF Bad Company 2 rush. Happy days especially Rush. More rush maps the better so many good memories. Never really liked Conquest prefer the more focused adjectives game types . The funny thing is rush played better than the new maps . And just 4 classes to pick from.
  7. You would have thought that Hanging Tough by NKOTB would make such good combat music. Drax is as deadpan as ever. I like all the chatter from the Guardians. This is like Uncharted the space edition in how it plays except the combat. That is a bit like FF7 remake.
  8. All I can say his bedroom at the start has took me back to my youth. Ian Livingston books forgot all about them.
  9. Just do Battlefield Bad Company 2 HD. In BF4 rush was my go-to mode. Playing this was just painful. Might come back in 6 months as is always in my mind the best time with Battlefield.
  10. The title sequence is very dramatic if the game turns out to be so-so.
  11. Can't wait. If they get this right with modern lighting techniques and 3D Audio this is going to be fantastic. Please Sega can we have a next gen update of Alien Isolation.
  12. On mission 4-2 now. Need to get revived more often now as the proverbial kitchen sink is thrown at you. Yes this game is basically the same corridor, horde, corridor, horde then big horde with different scenery . But any Aliens fan as I am will lap this up. 3 months from now it might be hard to get a full human team but as of now it's all good fun.
  13. Any ideas on why Disney+ works fine but Netflix and YouTube get error reports after about 10 mins. My PS5 connects via ethernet cable. It downloads fine but keeps crashing on the two apps I mentioned. Have deleted and reinstalled them both but no joy. Not super tech savvy as some of you on here. Thanks.
  14. 40gb patch on PS5. That's a full game not a patch. This patch culture we have these days slowly seems to be the way forward with games these days.
  15. Come on I'm not that good. Someone on here can beat that I know. But it is nice to be briefly at the top.
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