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  1. 20 hours 42 mins and 55 seconds it only took me to get past Ixion. See what everyone is on about in biome 3 . Flying turrets can do one.
  2. 13 hours in and still not took down Ixion. But I am learning his patterns. What seemed like WTF now I remain calm and can see when to dodge. Just need to get to him with one health pack which seems to be my problem. When I seem to be on a good run there is always one room where it throws everything and the kitchen sink at me. Not enough to kill me . But so I have to use my spare health consumables. Still really enjoying this. The audio,haptic feedback and the mystery of this Alien world.
  3. Can I ask if you have worked out how the upgrades work for your gun ? Have gathered that you have to use whatever gun to unlock the padlocked trait. So do more unlocks appear the higher the level of proficiency. I think I have only reached 8 so far.
  4. Has that thing not got a proper name?? Playing this makes me hope that a remaster of Alien Isolation with all fancy RT and 3D sound is in the works.
  5. They are permanent unlocks ?? As we all know this game tells you nothing.
  6. My first data cube unlocked the ability to carry two consumables. I presume others unlock similar traits. They are permanent unlocks. Still not got the second boss down so don't know much more.
  7. Wonder if we get Rush with 128 players. Brings back fond memories of that Paris underground map from 3 or 4. That was a slaughter house.
  8. Unless it has had a significant patch. I got it at launch and the draw distance was as good as G-Police on the PS1
  9. Last night after 12 hours made it to the last boss fight on level 2. Got him down to a quarter of his health on his third phase. Would have made it if I hadn't panicked on the run up to the boss level as I used all my health pickups. So all I had was a level 7 pistol and one health bar with no consumables left to use. Just love how vicious this world is and you can never rest on your laurels as you never know what's in the next room.
  10. Thanks will take a look later. Determined to get that first boss down tonight. Do most of you change guns as you go through a biome or do you clear it then go back to open chests? Cause your calibration is higher you have a better chance of opening up a chest and finding a higher level weapon. Or is it just luck.
  11. 9 hours in last night nearly got the first boss down. Yes I'm that good. @BitterToadwhere is this daily your on about. Or have I yet to unlock the right to have a go ? Still not got the grapple thing. But I keep playing as this ticks so many boxes for me.
  12. First thing I downloaded on my PS5 when I got one last week. Still sounds and looks fantastic.
  13. For delivery which was the same as VIP one. Think it was just a confirmation thing. To be honest he did not seem overly concerned only had to rattle of the first 8 from my VIP code
  14. Just got off the phone with Curry's. I have coming the disc version which they only do as a bundle. Comes with 12 months PSN sub and £20 credit. Came to £512 altogether. Should be with me Monday. All they ask for is confirmation of VIP number , address and obviously your card details.
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