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  1. This is the US sale so I would hope some of this makes it to our eshop. https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2020/11/nintendo_goes_big_with_cyber_deals_sale_up_to_50_percent_off_top_switch_games_north_america
  2. My Amazon order is here. It's now winging its way to the mother in law to be wrapped for Christmas day for my son.
  3. According to Amazon 9.55am is my delivery spot tomorrow.
  4. Does not seem to work. My EA ID is PB-GG3PO Anyone feel free to add as my wall is empty.
  5. Not to bad for a console you can play on the bog.
  6. First time in ages a brand new generation console is not for me but my son. Ordered with Amazon so if it's late by a few days no worries . It's for Christmas but he's begging to have it before. I don't mind but the wife is having none of it.
  7. Looks like a slightly better 360 version. Plays fine to my eyes. Had a quick go of multiplayer and as this is cross play it all seemed to work fine with full rooms as well. Seems my skills are just as good now as years ago. Came last in both races.
  8. Let's see how this plays. Needed to download a 1.1gb patch.
  9. There is this one https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07K3DVKLS/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_8T5OFbZMBBJ11?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  10. Are they ever going to release Metroid Prime Trilogy?? After the NMH 1 and 2 out of nowhere a Prime release before Christmas would be perfect as I'm someone that could take or leave the 2 Zelda's coming out. One by Nintendo the other by Ubisoft.
  11. Really enjoyed that and all the nods to the previous films. My only thing was where did the Marshall get a replacement rocket from ?? Plus the streaming to my telly crapped out so had to watch the rest on my phone. Can't wait for the rest of the season.
  12. I have it . It's runs super duper on the Switch. I think the audio is the star of the show here. Every ambient noise has me on edge.
  13. If this runs like a dream on Switch this is definitely getting brought.
  14. I love electronic music or as my son calls it music with no words. Actually have this one in the car on a SD card that's how with the times I am.
  15. Just remaster Blur and NFS Hot Pursuit please.
  16. My efforts so far . Got nearly to the end of level 2 using the bow. Slowly working out the best boons to go after. This has that Dead Cells one more run addiction. Suprise game I knew nothing about till the reviews and praise on here.
  17. Just started this again. Played the first three files on casual to be honest found it a bit easy. So starting the next file on PT Standard. Will see how that goes. I suspect I have been drawn into thinking I'm good as this game. Well at least I can drop it down to casual later if I need to. Have this Wonderful 101, Bayonetta now if just Vanquish and Metal Gear Rising could just make an appearance on Switch.
  18. Yuujiin

    Superhot VR

    I have superhot on PS4 just the normal version. Has anybody else had the mind control delete for free as I thought it was if you had the original.
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