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  1. Says hear that this includes the 3rd person. So you have to pay for it.
  2. Is the third person bit free ?? What is this paid for DLC??
  3. Sniper Elite 4 has a next-gen update . Sorry to hear 5 seems a bit off . Was going to get it but will wait till it's a bit cheaper. Hopefully it will be patched by then. As is the norm sadly these days.
  4. Mt Gilmir that thing on the top ,nope. I have a feeling that I need to fully explore . Not even bumped into crucible Knight that everyone says is a pain. Think I will have a proper look in Caelid have beaten the boss on the tiny horse but not really had a good look. I remember a place with 3 summons in front of a big pot not done that. Found a prosthetic arm but have no clue who to give it too as the quests are not like a Ubisoft game. Got a few dungeons that I have not done . So will have a ride about and see what I bump into and level up some more.
  5. Your right it's no shortcut . My set up is pretty basic. Vigor 24 Endurance 33 Strength 32 and Dexterity 18. The rest are default. I swap between Cold Great Star +14 with Hoarfrost Stomp Bloodhound Gang +6 Lordsworn Blood Greatsword +14 with bloody slash. Medium load so can roll about. Now level 63 things are a challenge now. Have took down 3 main bosses now need to get into the capital. But still finding loads out and about . Just at the twin gargoyles or the sentinel guarding the Capital entrance. Both ways are death. Keep thinking do I respec or just get gud like " Let me solo her".
  6. Could you show me on the map as I have spent the last last 3 nights trying to beat that Sentinel. It's all good till phase 2 .
  7. My map so far . Don't really know where to go or to go exploring parts I have been to as I feel I have missed loads. This game is going to take me the rest of the year to finish.
  8. @Doctor Sharkthink I will be patient then. Still have a long long way to go. Only level 30.
  9. What level are you now?? I'm still going through Stormvile castle at the moment with the same armour I started with and a Bloodhound Fang +2. When I see all these white silhouettes going around with swanky armour and weapons I feel like I have missed out on a lot. I'm sure I have explored most places in Limgrave .
  10. Reading through the comments it's a ash of war. Somewhere in Limgrave.
  11. I have no idea. It looks like Platinum Games had some input.
  12. Makes how I play so boring.
  13. Ok due to you lot have now brought this digitally. The PS5 version keeps hard locking the console so tried the PS4 version and than runs fine??? Very odd. Anyway only just got to the open world found two caves and got killed by both bosses. A dog statue and a wolf thing. Found a upgrade table but need more gems . Avoiding that Knight on the horse like the plague until I level up . Absolutely no hand holding , this is going to take months to get anywhere. And I can't wait .
  14. It does me. Everything looks fine and looks better than my last monitor that did not have HDR.
  15. Yuujiin


    If I pre order I can play it now ??
  16. All written down with your bestest handwriting.
  17. Nothing fancy . A 28 inch BenQ monitor. It's got HDR. A laptop that is running Windows Vista . Think my phone is more powerful. And a Switch hiding behind with Hori pro controllers on it. It does me as the wife watches Married at first sight on the 55in 4k telly.
  18. Wanting to get this as it looks fun. But reading through some of the comments I think some of us on here have to accept we don't have the reflexes we had 20 odd years ago. Will most probably wait for a sale as I really like Streets of Rage 4 ,not completed it yet but it's a good stress reliever for this old fella.
  19. With that game you get a bit longer to take the shot. Then I watch guys like this ,how ??
  20. Best game ever haha, my one and only time I have ever done anything good with a sniper rifle.
  21. For all the bugs things like this only happen in Battlefield.
  22. Two that have happened to me. One guy glued to his screen. Had a few when I had died but then not able to respawn. The majority of the time I'm enjoying it. As with most BF games it takes time.
  23. Is all the above on Conquest. Not really touched that as Breakthrough has my attention at the moment. Now up the dizzy heights of rank 18. I feel the jump to 128 player's is perhaps not the best idea. Like some have said if you don't get in a vehicle it's sometimes a good hike before you fire a shot. Destruction 3.0 seems to have been dialed back somewhat. I remember in Bad Company 2 you could bring the house down literally. The wind thing is a bit lame.
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