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  1. Any recap would be difficult. I watched this one prior and I don’t think it managed to cover everything.
  2. Just wait for them not to parry, they are open then. You can also throw them over your back.
  3. Limitedrun have physical copies up for preorder. I preordered the deluxe PS4 version.
  4. Finished this now. Thankfully. Did a complete 180 on this, I loved it until I got 90% the way through. When you think you’ve nearly finished it, the game just drags repeating the same go here 3 times and turn this thing on. The setups for the battles dragged on much longer than they needed, felt it got really cheap towards the end. The last boss fights are just terrible and didn’t fee rewarding at all, really struggled to get through. Really didn’t enjoy my time on the last couple of levels.
  5. http://www.ign.com/articles/2020/03/29/nier-replicant-remaster-ver-122474487139-square-enix-nier-automata-remake-reincarnation Cant wait! Was and still obsessed with this game. Which is why I was disappointed with Automata. One of the best gaming soundtracks I’ve ever heard. Bought it on release. This is the Replicant version which was only released in Japan. Released in the west for the first time. The original version did suffer with some technical performance problems, so it will be nice to see a nice new version of this. Can’t wait! This is the opening demo video from the original game - which shows some gameplay footage and music. For those that haven’t played it before.
  6. Just finished it, loved it. Don’t think it’s as good as Half-Life 2 but it’s up there. Hop3 we don’t have to wait so long for the next one.
  7. Yeah aiming is one thing, never though I’d have to close one eye to aim down a sight in a video game. But it feels like the shots that I am taking feel realistic.
  8. The smooth turning is a known issue apparently they are working on a hot fix for it. I’ve persevered through it though, been playing it standing as it felt more intuitive to do so. Using the environment for cover to take pot shots at the combine firing at you. I’ve even thrown gas cans in an area where there’s a few enemies to take a shot at them to take them out. just feels so natural and easy to do. It gets intense when you are surrounded, as quick and easy it is to learn to reload, the intensity comes about when you need to do this when there’s enemies around. Makes you feel in the moment and thinking quite literally on your feet. Been playing it for about 5 hours, have to take a break. As I’m feeling nauseous and getting earache from cca c10 headphones.
  9. Thought this was excellent. Picked it up on 4k, looks nice even without the hdr, which is a sad omission. Seen it twice now in a couple of months, even with nic cage being ott it excels on its own. Return to form for Richard Stanley.
  10. Sad times. A fantastic character actor, the exorcist is my favourite film. Sad to see another one go. Hopefully you are having a good game of chess! Rip
  11. Zero9X


    It’s on my list, just waiting for it on Netflix.
  12. It also looks like the laziest port I have ever seen. It’s like they took the windows 98 version and wrapped it in a current hardware mould. The quest mode is going to be a blueprint of afterthoughts, with no reason of it being there. Lazy.
  13. Oh man, that game was poor on release. It looks even worse today, still has that weird looking through a bottle of beer effect.
  14. Yeah, loved it to. Some unexpected moments and the jokes worked. Not quite as good as bad boys 2 but it’s up there!
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