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  1. I'm pretty fond of instant soup in a cup drinks during the winter. They're quick and warming. However, for the days that I run out of any sachets, does anyone have any quick recipes for making my own? Obviously it would be better to cook a real soup, but there isn't always time for that .
  2. For those who may be curious. We cooked it for 22 hours and it was ready to eat bar 2cm of meat from the bone which was still a tad too pink. So 24 hours sounds like it would have been perfect once again.
  3. Last year we experimented by cooking just under 5kg of pork in the ground for 24 hours. This year we are going to do it again but increase the amount of pork to just under 8kg. We would like to start the bonfire a tad later this year and then dig up the pig a tad earlier. All in all, we would be looking at a total cooking time of 20 hours. So that's 4 hours less than last year for 3kg more pork. Will it cook through and be ready to eat? We will have friends over to savour our kalua pig so we cannot disappoint .
  4. All great suggestions chaps that will be added to the playlist. Any more ideas?
  5. I'm after suggestions for songs to play throughout a bonfire and firework party. Everything from cheesy to hard-rock as long as it has fire-related lyrics. Recommendations for song(s) to play during the firework display (only around 12 min) and something just before we kick off with the first firework are also very welcome .
  6. I was waiting for that response ! But unfortunately yes, we won't have any time to stop off at nice cafes and delicatessens. The beautiful food will await us once we arrive at our destination. Also, I'm looking for ideas for other long journeys, including those in the UK.
  7. We will be driving through France during the day, starting from the early hours of the morning so will be needing breakfast and lunch at the very least. What's good 'car' food? Sausage rolls, scotch eggs and sandwiches spring to mind first, but that's all a bit stereotypical and boring. Any creative ideas for car journey food?
  8. EViS

    Leaflet Critique

    Oops! Wrong version. There's actually three 'great builder' references. However, this may still be too many. Happy to hear your points of view though.
  9. EViS

    Leaflet Critique

    Thanks for confirming Blu3Flame . I've taken all of your advice on board (I hope!) and have worked on the copy. This being the result with the following changes: - removed all references to 'we' and replaced them with 'you' as I understand that people are more receptive to this style of marketing. - changed the header to something more enticing for the reader to carry on reading (IMO). Opinions? - re-arranged the order of our USP's and streamlined any excess wording. - increased the spacing between the lines as well as the border around the text frames. I also tried reducing the font size and
  10. EViS

    Leaflet Critique

    Thank you for ALL for your comments. Incredibly helpful and valid points. Just to answer some of your questions. Everything you see in front of you, the logo, the website, the copy and the SEO was done by me and is continually maintained by me. Obviously writing effective copy or design isn't my day job, but together with keeping accounts, marketing, putting together contracts and warranty's, it's part of running a business and is all part of the fun and experience in my eyes. Admittedly, professionals who undertake these tasks on a daily basis will do a better job, but employing them will co
  11. EViS

    Leaflet Critique

    I honestly did not see that as being a problem. I didn't mean to mislead anyone and would assume anyone helping out would also assume its for a commercial use as opposed for my private collection, no? Out of interest, why do you think it's a bit cheeky (or naughty) of me to have asked for help with the photo? I fully see all of your points in regards to text and worked on it last night, will upload a redraft in a little while .
  12. EViS

    Leaflet Critique

    Could you please provide some critique and advice on the following leaflet. As well as the design element, could you offer some opinions on whether it make sense and grabs your attention? Or is there too much information for you to even bother reading a word of it? Many thanks in advance . Version 01: Version 02:
  13. A shelf of eggs in a supermarket is purchased within a day or so and then restocked. Unless you only purchase boxes of 6 eggs and eat them within a few days, quality will suffer as already mentioned.
  14. Medium to Large. This is what my problem could be. We have an electric hob which probably takes longer to boil water than gas? I have also tried removing eggs from the fridge a while before boiling. This does the trick, but I'm usually in too much of a hurry to eat so waiting for eggs to warm up is rarely an option .
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