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  1. It's some kind of 2D platforming game in a 3D world. Developed by Kuju Brighton. Video/You Tube some hires pictures found here gamefront.de
  2. PS3 version announced New multiplayer maps, new skins, Sixaxis support Release March 2007 worldwide http://www.gamefront.de
  3. Anyone can confirm this? babelfished http://www.jeux-france.com/blog132485_Blakguy
  4. Thanks for the scores. Is this the Xbox 360, Xbox or PS2 version?
  5. Capcom officially confirmed Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition (PS2) for Europe. The release date is 09/29/06 http://www.gamefront.de
  6. 40MB Hires trailer in 720 x 486 (mov format) http://www.ultrashare.de/f/3749/AssassinsCreed720x486.zip click KOSTENLOS on the left and wait till download link arrives.
  7. According to http://www.gamefront.de Sega sold 10,000 copies of Under Defeat till today (source: Enterbrain). Impressive! They sold more copies than Ridge Racer 6 X360 (~ 7,000)
  8. Ops... I See. Thank you
  9. Are there two different OXM Mags out there? Because the scores and reviews in this thread are different. http://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?showtopic=120443
  10. German politicians of the government want to ban all "killer games" in germany (counter-strike, every fps, stuff like Resident Evil 4 and so on). Last week the ministers of the interior had a meeting and decided to ban those games. But they also decided to talk with the EU about this issue in order to ban "killer games" in whole europe! That means no more doom, no more gta, no more black or counter-strike. source http://gamefront.de/ Scroll down to "Deutschland: Zu wenig Engagement gegen drohendes Verbot von 'Killerspielen'?" it's the sentence "In ihrer Erklärung fordern die Minister sogar eine Ausweitung der Angelegenheit auf die EU-Ebene." This guy is fighting against the ban and act http://www.no-lobbyists-as-such.com/florian-mueller.html more infos (in german) about the situation http://www.softwarepatente-buch.de/florian...erspiele-verbot The EU made some very strange decisions in the last years and I fear they will follow germany's arguments Sorry for my bad english.
  11. biohill


    Here's a trailer. The game looks awesome. http://www.famitsu.com/sp/051024_exit_movie/exit_taito.wmv 100+ Stages and new downloadable Levels/Content.
  12. 78 % for Battalion Wars? That's very low Maybe a typo?
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