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  1. Spleen

    NFL 2021!

    Well, that was entertaining. Ha.
  2. Spleen

    NFL 2021!

    In other news, my Cardinals didn't suck, at all.
  3. Jackett is out at last. We've been awful recently, especially in the last three games. Kenny Jackett: Portsmouth sack manager after one win in seven games - https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/56307797
  4. Ah, I deleted Astro Bot and reinserted the disc and now it seems to be copying. Fingers crossed! The disc drive seems so noisy!
  5. I thought disc PS4 games all worked on the PS4? I put in my Astrobot Rescue Mission disc in and out wanted me to by the game for the discounted price of £12. TrackMania Turbo from disc was fine though. Although I maybe bought it on PSN too. I shall check more.
  6. I'll leave it for a bit, thanks anyway.
  7. I've got Spider-Man on the PS4 that I haven't really played loads, although... Shinier! How much?
  8. Yeah, played a little and it's joyous.
  9. I tried a bit of Maneater and I agree, it's terrible. Astros it is for now. And Bugsnax...
  10. I used the ConsoleAlert channel on Telegram.
  11. Ah, ok. Thinking about it, I didn't look at the Game Library page. I shall check when I next turn it on. Cheers.
  12. I've got my PS5 now, nice. I've got no games though. I can download Maneater, which is free on PS+, why can't I do the same with Bugsnax? I 'got' it via the website when it came out, but it says £17.99 now. Was it a timed thing?
  13. Yeah, it'll be fine. Right place right time for me.
  14. Poor Dave. Mine will be here tomorrow.
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