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  1. But it's so satisfying mowing through a whole screen of bad guys. I didn't think I'd like it but it's great.
  2. You can always cancel before they take the money. That's my thinking.
  3. Pre-order confirmed! Just the basic (£530! Ha) pack.
  4. Nothing here either. Unsure anyway what to do.
  5. I love Mr Driller. Got this on the switch ages ago, and have many different copies emulated on my Steam Deck, including the switch version. It's actually available the the PC too, so I thought I'd see how much it is, £17 on Steam, bit expensive. Had a look around and a key on cdkeys was only £5. Bought, be rude not to.
  6. That. Was. Brilliant. All of it.
  7. That's quite expensive...
  8. I'm pretty sure I've played that too but can't remember the name. Sorry. It was a great game. (not that that helps) Edit - Link-a-Pix? https://www.nintendo.com/store/products/link-a-pix-color-3ds/
  9. Has Slitherlink been mentioned? DS Japanese, although there might be an English version. It's all sorts of brilliant. Edit- @Gotters, how did I miss you talking about Slitherlink. Ha. Sorry @Corrangaoriginally.
  10. Has anyone successfully installed the Xenia Xbox 360 emulator? When I try from the tools section in EmuDeck it always says 'Something went wrong'. And that is it. Cheers.
  11. Managed to get it to work in melonDS, in SteamOS mode too. You can make it work the DSi mode, and to play DSiWare games they need to be installed to the nand. I managed to 'find' all of the files I needed around the internet and alter the view in melonDS so it was usable. It's a pretty good game from the bit I've played of it, it's no Guru Logic Champ though. Ha.
  12. After a lot of faffing I've got it to boot using melonDS in desktop mode. Haven't tried to play it yet though.
  13. This is brand new information! Time to look.
  14. I was just playing this on my Steam Deck 5 minutes ago! Great game.
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