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  1. Impressed with the ice cream light that I picked up from Redds.
  2. Thanks for allowing visitors. Nice place.
  3. Sent you a friends request to come and have a look.
  4. No, they come with prescription lenses in. They message after you buy them asking for your current prescription. They're pretty good, only £34 ish.
  5. You can but it's only 1 on 1.
  6. I received my set of these today, again only just over a week to get here. Only had a quick try so far but they seem great. So much so that I've ordered another set for my PSVR.
  7. In and out as my wife. Nice. Cheers @Tetmon.
  8. Thanks @Tetmon, left some bells at your feet, assuming they're your feet.
  9. Everybody's Golf VR is great, pretty hard though, as real golf probably is.
  10. Nope, not at all, I think mine peaked yesterday at 130.
  11. I've watched the first two episodes of Space Force and I quite like it, makes me laugh enough to keep on going.
  12. Thanks again @evil p, my wife even broke her Dodo code virginity and came to yours to sell turnips.
  13. Thanks @evil p, super easy, barely an inconvenience.
  14. Down further to 72 this afternoon, but promising signs from tomorrow, maybe. Probably not though.
  15. Yikes! Mine is 77 today, 84 and 80 yesterday. Could peak tomorrow at approaching 600 though, we shall see.
  16. Cool, no worries. I just wondered if I sent it to some random person. Ha.
  17. I ordered the 0-4 set and then for messaged the next day asking for my prescription, sent that and then they said thanks. So I presume that's it. My prescription is around the -1.5 range.
  18. Did you get the once from me? Did I send it to the right person?
  19. Thought so, tomorrow it is. I'm guessing that @Broker is Windhurst?
  20. Ok, thanks, I'll see if I can post it. What's the name of your Island?
  21. Cool, I can probably post it to you or something. Final mortgage is optional. Are we Switch friends?
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