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  1. Ha, thanks. Left a bag of bells at your feet. Cheers. I'm heading back again if that's ok.
  2. Hi, I'm in the queue at number 7. I'll drop a tip down somewhere. Is Nooks easy to get to?
  3. Thanks. It all crashed when someone else was coming in.
  4. My gate is open to friends, of anyone fancies a butchers. I've got Kicks here. I'm also quite proud (?) Of the entrance.
  5. My gate is open to friends, of anyone fancies a butchers. I've got Kicks here. Oops, wrong thread.
  6. 119 here this afternoon, 93 this morning, bought at 91. The Prophet is only showing a max of 180 though, eek.
  7. I consider mine natural, not a mess...
  8. Thanks @Number 28. Your Leif had different flowers than mine, mine's got Azalea, Tea Olive, Lily's and Hyacinth. Managed to get Hydrangea and Mums. Nice.
  9. 91 here. Leif is in too. Have opened for a while.
  10. 91 at my island, lowest ever! Buy buy buy!
  11. Clear everything, your island wasn't that good anyway... /s
  12. Not at the moment, will be tonight though, if that's any help.
  13. Ah, gotcha. I would like a dead sea bass to hopefully scare of all of the other bloody ones.
  14. How do you get fish on stands/walls?
  15. Not mine, but I created a QR code from the picture and imported it. I think. Hope you enjoyed yourself, sorry I wasn't around much. Kids! Oh, it just crashed. Sorry whoever was here!
  16. Mine has. Red-rose bag, etc. My gate is open to friends.
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