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  1. There's a streamer on Twitch who was born with a hand missing who is the only person on record to have completed an all bosses + DLC + all chalice dungeons no-hit run. The run took almost 7 hours and they did it using a non-modified PS4 controller. This run is so difficult that no-one else has ever attempted it. Several players have also done dance pad runs of most of the Souls games - that is, they completed the games using only their feet.
  2. I've spent more time than that on the character creation screen.
  3. Common tempering gems will also increase a weapon's blood atk. Not as much as pure bloodtinge gems do, but pure bloodtinge gems are very difficult to acquire, and require you to dig quite deep into the chalice dungeons, and the kind of farming that I don't think most players could stomach.
  4. Don't count on it. One of my characters is max level (544) and they can still get 1-shot by counter attacks from standard FRC mobs, and almost every FRC boss has at least one move that can 1-shot you, most of them have several. Regarding Orphan, I've always found these simple tips to work quite well: - phase 1: dodge into/through his attacks dodging to your left (his right) - phase 2: stick to his left (your right)
  5. Heresy. If anything, the price should go up over time.
  6. There's also an 18% tempering gem you'll be wanting from Yahar'gul, if you have a str/skl build.
  7. I agree, there's no wrong way to play these games. I have over 3000 hours logged in Bloodborne, I'd class it as the greatest game ever made. For me, FromSoft have completely eclipsed Nintendo as the masters of obsessively intricate game design.
  8. Bloodtinge builds are only really viable if you're prepared to engage in some seriously lengthy cursed blood gem farming sessions in the FRC dungeons.
  9. Flamesprayer is actually all-right for the bigger beasts (early-game): I bet most non-arcane players don't take her down anywhere near that quickly. For arcane builds, it's mainly a very early game stop gap until you get that first fire gem.
  10. Watchdog has high resistance to fire. Use bolt or arcane weapons.
  11. Arcane is entirely viable early game. In fact, it will make many encounters easier. Most of the enemies in the game are beasts, and most of them are weak to fire, as are Kin. Leveling the arcane stat gives you access to not just arcane type damage, which is mostly useful against Pthumerians in chalice dungeons, incl. bosses like Elder and Descendant, but also fire and bolt, as those damage types scale from the arcane stat. The first fire gem (8.4%) you find is in Cathedral Ward, bottom of Healing Church Workshop, next to a Brainsucker. Put that into Ludwig's Holy Blade and you're sorted for a large chunk of the game. Remember that damage from molotovs, Flamesprayer, and Rosmarinus all scale from your arcane stat. The damage that one gem does to most enemies will see you through a large chunk of the game with no more difficulty than when using any other builds. The other notable gems in NG for arcane builds are the 15% nourishing radial (Mergo's Loft) and the 12.6% fire gems that the Loran Silverbeasts randomly drop (Nightmare of Mensis). Leveling arcane also increases your Discovery stat, so you find that enemies drop gems and other items more frequently. At even just 20 arcane, this is very noticeable.
  12. Some other weapons, like the Saw Spear, do serrated damage in both forms. Church weapons, like Ludwig's Holy Blade and the Kirk Hammer, do Righteous damage. Only enemies at Cainhurst are susceptible to this damage type (excluding the boss). Also, regarding serrated damage, it only does bonus damage to heavily transformed beasts, not all beasts.
  13. bcass

    Dark Souls 3

    Black Knight Weapons do an extra 20% damage to all Demons. This final DLC has proven to be one of From's best IMO. The areas get more interesting as you progress, and the final fight is suitably epic, as is the optional boss - that I'd class as one of the finest spectacles ever seen in these games, especially when tackled at range. A formidable boss.
  14. When you come to creating a cursed dungeon for each area (Pthumeru, Loran, Isz) make sure you create each using all the rites (foetid, rotted, cursed). When you do this once with each chalice (Pthumeru Ihyll Root Chalice, Lower Ailing Loran Root Chalice, Isz Root Chalice), you can then access anyone elses FRC dungeon, using their glyph, for farming specific gems.
  15. If you're as far as Pthumeru Ihyll then it shouldn't be long before you can access the cursed dungeons, which is where you will find the most useful (cursed) gems. These are significantly better than the gems found in any of the preceding dungeons and will make a NG+ run much more manageable.
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