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  1. Emma Stone as an alternate universe Spider-Gwen would be epic though in fairness
  2. Have all of them except FIFA, Classic Compendium 2 and Interstellar Flames. Fifa is decent but ultimately it is FIFA. To be honest all of them are at least solid and playable. Trailblazer is probably the best all round game and showcase for the hardware. Fathammer Classics isn’t brilliant but had 3 games on it including a vertical shooter that is ok. Pocket Ping Ping ain’t great (think of those sort of 505 or Simple 2500 games on PS2 sort of level). I actually got fairly into Toy Golf a Sunday it works well on the platform. None are amazing but all are a thing least playable - I.e. not fundamentally broken or frustrating etc The cases do look ace on a shelf in fairness. You can hack it to allow playing from the card which means you can try some of the unreleased games which have been leaked subsequently online. Some of which are pretty impressive.
  3. I’ve had one for years with 11 games (all picked up very cheap when the machine was being cleared) and always thought the hardware was very capable. It has a surprisingly strong line up of games considering how few were released. Trailblazer is brilliant as you say. I found SSX to be fine to be honest. Sticky Balls is fun, Richard Burns Rally is decent, Motocross and Hockey Rage are both really solid. To be fair most the games are at least solid and playable. The hardware gets dunked on - often by YouTubers with little clue- but was very decent for the time. If Sony had released it as the PSP and it had the support of those major developers it would have been much more highly regarded. obviously the rubber coating is a nightmare and the whole thing was tied up with money laundering and organised crime and the like. The actual story of the machine is the most interesting thing about it. However the machine itself was actually decent enough. Did love UK Resistance’s early lashing of the Gizmondo Shop though Take into account though that I also have and enjoy games on a Gamate, SuperVision, GameCom, GameKing, MegaDuck, N-Gage, Tapwave Zodiac and more
  4. Yes - cracking effort with the chase and played with brilliant spirit. Been great to see them be competitive. Hopefully a sign of things to come and they can continue to build on it.
  5. Seriously impressive performance again from England. Obvious stand out being Buttler but Morgan’s innings was top notch - stabilised things and then went through the gears. Shows the confidence of the team. Obviously so far in this tournament (as well as the last 4 or 5 years in white ball cricket) all three disciplines have been excellent with powerful batting, disciplined bowling and superb fielding. Even more impressive than the execution is the planning though. Morgan is clearly a brilliant skipper but the flexibility in this team is excellent. In terms of bowling they have options - Ali being a star with the ball but not bowling at all against Australia for example Batting they have serious depth and again flexibility. Considering Root & Stokes could arguably be in the conversation as well the ability to switch up left and right hand options and a flexible order is fantastic. Fielding has been a stand out too. Obviously in the short format games however strong you are may not win you the match if one of the opposition has a day out and Pakistan look like they have finally got it together after years of “mercurial” performances. However it’s crazy to me that Liam Livingstone is arguably worth his place for his bowling alone and has barely batted yet despite being the scorer of England's fastest ever century. Come on England! As an aside it is actually great to see some T20’s with a much better balance between bat and ball. Too often recently a side scores 185-220 and it gets chased easily.
  6. I absolutely adored Vanishing Point. Super addictive, Rock solid visuals and frame rate, lots to unlock, the stunt mode but most of all the super responsive controls. Few things better in gaming than driving the Lotus Elise in that game, absolutely on the edge of losing control of the car but fishtailing between two other vehicles while sliding round a corner. So good!
  7. Suspect that may be more down to a general level of respect by the public. I seem to remember reading that often machines were “ruggedised” for want of a better word for release in the West as they would get far more battered by players. Probably way off the mark though.
  8. I think the thing for me was having a consistent frame rate. I found it much more jarring if a game chopped and changed between frame rates during game play than if it was a lower frame rate that was consistent/stable. So playing something like Virtua Racing on Megadrive which I think is perhaps 15 frames per second but fairly consistent was a lot easier to adapt to than stuff that was sometimes 30 but sometimes 20 ;even though even at the lower frame rate it is more frames per second than VR if that makes sense) Bit like how art direction (and perhaps more specifically animation) can make up for a lack of polygons in the 32bit era especially
  9. Yeah The Point always had some brilliant machines - from The Simpson’s through to Model 3 stuff like Star Wars Trilogy and The Lost World etc
  10. That was the lovely Louise Nurding/Redknapp and featured her playing Parappa the Rapper. Good times!
  11. Interesting! Didn’t think this would ever see the light of day. Obviously early but would love to see more of it.
  12. Difficult to tell from the screen shot. It might be the RF cable. I did have a Dreamcast a few years back that had horizontal lines on the image and almost smears/smudges like your first pic. The cause was a cold soldier joint on the video which a quick reflow sorted. RF is not going to give you the best image but looks pretty decent in the second pic although I am on my phone so I may be missing something?
  13. In fairness the opening of Batman Vs Superman when you see that battle from the perspective of the people in the street is spectacular
  14. The NEC monitors are ace. I mentioned earlier that I still have one that I’ve used for about 20 years. Cracking picture.
  15. Best output for SFC is RGB. Bear in mind that if it is a Japanese console it may look like Scart but will be likely wired as JP21 (the connector looks the same as Euro Scart but the pin out is different) Most PVM’s and BVM’s have BNC style connectors on the back. This is easy enough to sort as you can buy adaptors that adapt a RCA/Phono type plug (the ones you see on Composite cables or Component Cables) to BNC. Most people use RGB Scart from the SFC/SNES plug the Scart into a Scart to BNC cable and hook up the BNC cable to the PVM. Sounds complicated but it isn’t. I suppose you could get a SNES Component Cable (can’t vouch for them myself but reviews seem favourable - HD Retrovision I think are the ones) these plug into your SNES at one end and terminate in the 5 Phono plugs (1 each for Red, Green and Blue and then left and right audio) then simply convert the Phono to BNC to connect to PVM. If you go for a consumer set it will likely have a SCART socket on it so simply a case of plugging in. Hope that helps. Not an expert on SNES stuff so if anyone can jump in and confirm/correct (berate me for being an idiot) that would be ace.
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