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  1. Is there a definitive list of GameBoy Colour (Color) games online anywhere. The reason I ask is that I know that at launch there was Super Mario Bros Deluxe, Tetris DX, Link's Awakening DX etc Then I kind of lost interest as I was more into my Neo Geo Pocket Colour. All that seemed to be coming out were rubbish side on versions of console games like Turok etc. I'm much more aware of what is on the monochrome GameBoy and loved playing amazing conversions of games that had no right to be running on such limited hardware. Having said that though I recently saw some more obscure GameBoy Colour bits like Monkey Puncher (by Taito so I'm guessing its pretty good), Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine, Yoda Stories, Chase HQ, Legend of River King etc and I got to wondering what else is out there. There seem to be so many GameBoy games (particularly the monochrome ones) that you are fowever stumbling across hidden gems or conversions you never knew about. Any faves out there? Or games you only recently discovered had got an unlikely GameBoy conversion.
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    Amazingly Factor 5 actually did the whole commentary thing with full voice on Battle for Naboo on N64. It is really interesting and shows you what they were trying to achieve with each level and objective etc. Some funny stories of bugs etc.
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    Betty Boo!

    You can fit the lyrics from "Where are you Baby!" by the Boo-ster into "Blame it on the Boogie" as I have proved to my confused colleagues. Big up the Boo. One for DCM "She can't really walk down the street without being recognised.....well she can actually" Sample lyrics: You broke in through the window It was too much for me to handle already caused a scandal a disturbance like a vandal Top stuff!
  4. Depends on the game for me really but I love really nicely animated and detailed sprites and also have a soft spot for good Mode 7 (I know how it works but it still impresses me) as well as Vector/Wireframe graphics and best of all flat shaded poly's. Dunno why but they seem to have a charm that was lost when texture mapping came in. Sad but true - playing WipeOut I always put in the WireFrame mode :-)
  5. The fact the Title screen for Wario Ware Twist is also affected by the Tilt Sensor The fact Soul Calibur on DC can be played with the Fishing Rod The way the Ghost's eyes in PacMan look in the direction they are travelling. That PDZ and PDS recognise saves from the other game. In Zelda games very rarely do you get the choice of "Yes" or "No". It is usually - "OK then" or "Sure, why not" or "Not right now" or whatever. Dunno why - always liked that. Changing the menu sounds in Suikoden to chicken noises etc.
  6. The RPG on SNES you are talking about is Illusion of Time (Illusion of Gaia in the US) by Enix. Came after Soul Blazer and before Terranigma. Telekinesis was handled on the should er buttons and allowed you to move objects etc. I actually really liked it but each to their own I guess.
  7. I remember seeing screen-shots for an N64 game called RIQA which was going to be a third person action adventure - a bit like Tomb Raider or MGS, female lead character. Lots of sneaking and shooting etc. I don't think it ever came out. Does anyone know anything about it. Did it get cancelled, ported to another system, changed into another game? Here is a link with a screen shot to jog the memory. http://ign64.ign.com/articles/073/073955p1.html
  8. I notice that this is PS2 exclusive. Be interesting to see how it turns out. Also be interesting to see if Namco follow their own example in Tekken 5 and include the arcade versions of Soul Edge and Soul Calibur (the rough-as compared to the DC version System 12 one)
  9. I'm pretty certain Total Control ran for 11 issues (each issue had a letter from the name on the spine i.e. T, O, T, A, L etc and I'm pretty sure I have a shelf that reads TOTAL CONTRO with no L). I'll check when I get home. Liked it as a mag. Seemed fairly balanced. MAXIMUM was a fantastic mag and possibly ahead of its time. The most in-depth coverage of games anywhere. Effectively like an off-line fan web-site/shrine to the bigest games of the time. What I can never understand is why so many people on these Forums think so highly of "Arcade". The first two or three issues were OK but then it took a serious nose-dive in quality. Really didn't think too much of it at all and yet on these Forums many talk about it in hushed reverent tones. Bring back C&VG circa 96-97
  10. Golden Axe 2 on Megadrive is basically more of the same. If you liked the first Golden Axe then you'll like the second one. When it originally came out it felt like bit of a let down as it didn't make any strides at all. Basically it almost feels like a re-mix rather than a sequel. It features the same three characters as the first game (i.e. Tyris Flare, Gilius ThunderHead and Ax Battler) however their special moves have changed (for example Tyris no longer twirls around and pirouettes with her sword but does a bakwards somersault instead). The Elves/Pixies that leave magic have gone - replaced with little Yoda-esque magician things that attack you and leave magic books behind when defeated. The animals you ride have also been replaced with some slightly lamer ones. On the plus side the Magic system has been refined - you can hold down the magic button which charges and then unleash your chosen amount. i.e. either 1 bottle of magic, or 4 or 6 or whatever). Also worthy of special mention is the music. It is excellent. This came out in the UK/Europe also and is available for very cheap. Worth noting that it is a completely different game to the arcade sequel Golden Axe 2: Revenge of Death Adder (also truly excellent) Golden Axe 3 is a weird one. In lots of ways it is an improvement. There is a choice of 4 characters (Gilius only makes a cameo - he has been replaced by a sort of lumbering giant thingy and a werewolf thingy) and all the characters have a much wider range of moves. They can do stuff like slide along the floor, throw their weapons and even block!! The magic system returns to the one used in the first game (if I remember correctly) and is disappointing in that none of the spells in particularly impressive. The game also borrows an element form the arcade sequel in that it features a choice of routes. Some of the backgrounds are pretty nice with lots of parallax etc but overall the graphics are disappointing (and seem like a step down). The enemies seem to lack in the animation department a little and display little imagination in design. Some of the enemies are extremely cheap too (although the block does help in some cases) The game only came out in Japan which tends to drive the price up a bit. I paid £20 for mine about 5 years ago and I'm pretty sure you could pick it up for round about that price - DreamcastMaster is the one to ask for Japanese Megadrive game prices really.
  11. But then again - when they announced the DS with Touch-Screen and 2 independent screens the whole net (including these Forums) were alive with comments like "that will be rubbish - how can we look at two screens at once", "Touch screen - its the new Game.Com" and "Nintendo have lost the plot - different viewpoints at the same time - idiots!" before anyone had anymore than the announcement to go on and yet......Now that DS is out it has sold phenomenally well and no end of testimony on here relates to how it has managed to snag/snare people who are traditionally non-gamers due to the touch-screen. (Obviously I now put in a big pre-emptive disclaimer to try to prevent lots of responses about how PSP is going to trounce it and about waiting to see what the second wave of DS software is like, longterm success etc etc). I'm just pointing out that Nintendo does sometimes stray from the accepted norm in terms of how it views the video-game market and while this doesn't always guarantee success (in terms of the number 1 spot in the industry - I could go on for hours about how Neo Geo games are still made or how much money they made from the N64 etc) but I do think that they (and every hardware manufacturer) deserves to be allowed a little slack until we know more (unless they they make outrageous claims that it will "be like jacking into the Matrix" etc)
  12. Tremendous! Although he'll need more road to get up to 88mph (unless where he's going he doesn't need roads in which case he'll be fine)
  13. Indeed! *adds Virtual Nose Punches to Virtual Tumbleweed in my list of things that would make the Internet better*
  14. Theres several things in this thread that interest me. I find it really strange when people complain about people who merely buy rare games to collect them and have them on the shelf. Surely, if these people exist and I guess they must do then it must be the same with every type of item/antique/artwork etc. However I think this is a very, very small minority. Having said that then if they are getting enjoyment out of owning the game (without ever playing it) then fair play to them. I know a lot of gamers, some of whom are on here, who have some very rare commercially released games and some even rarer prototype or unreleased gaming goodies, and I know for a fact that all of those people are gamers first and formeost and collectors second. It is possible to be both, the two aren't mutually exclusive terms. There is also the thing of when people start threads saying "post pics of your collection" then people do and then other people give them a kicking and assume they don't play any of the games and are just hoarding them etc. There also seems to be an assumption that "I want to buy some retro/rare/nice bits really really cheap because I want to play them because I'm a gamer through and through" but if anyone else buys them then "they are either some Ebay hawker and the scum of the earth or some weird collector who is going to hoard it away just to say he owns it" Yet that can't be the case. I have bumped into people at car boots or in shops with a retro section and they've got to a game or piece of hsrdware before me - I've got chatting to them and they've turned out to be really sound and super into their games. Gamers come in all shapes and sizes - I just found out that one of my (female) colleagues at work is a super hardcore Megadrive gamer. The reason she was ignoring the conversation when some of the lads are talking about GTA San Andreas or Pro Evo or whatever is not because she thought games are for blokes and she was too concerned with getting married and having kids and saying kittens are cute etc (sorry for the horrible stereotyping but it seems to be fashionable on the net) but because she would rather play 16bit 2D goodness. Also - like everything in life you get out what you put in. If you are prepared to put in a bit of effort and either trade with people, or get up early and go to boot sales or scour every retro section then you will sometimes get lucky. Equally often, you won't. What it does seem is that a lot of people want to get everything with the minimal/zero amount of effort for stupidly low prices. Lets take Radiant SilverGun as an example. Everyone knows that this is a game that commands a high price (due to being by Treasure, on the Saturn, late in the Saturn's life, being Japanese only and as an added bonus a fantastic game). Now if you weren't one of the lucky ones (like myself and several others on these Forums who got it at the time) then you expect to pay between £60 to £100+ for it at the moment. The chances of stumbling across it at a car boot are virtually zero. But, if you are desperate to play it then why not buy it. Play it for 6 months and see if it is as good as people would lead you to believe. Then after 6 months if you feel it is worth the money then you can hang on to it or if you don't or you don't like it (after all - each to their own) then you can sell it yourself. The price is likely to be similar to what you paid for it (maybe a bit less or maybe you'l get lucky and get slightly more). The price is governed by the demand for the title. This is why you very rarely see bargain priced copies of any number of rare or desireable games. Essenatially for a one off investment - if you are smart - then you can get a game that is deemed rare/expensive - play it then sell it on (thus spreading the joy) and use the money to fund the next rare/expensive game on your list. Equally Radiant Silvergun (to continue the theme) is another title that makes me wonder sometimes. To play it you need a switched Saturn (if you are going to play it using a convertor cartridge on a 50Hz machine then you probably aren't going ot be bothered enough to get a copy) which means you have already made a decision somewhere along the line to get "into" gaming more heavily than the average gamer. So spending, say £80 on a copy (which you can always sell on and get most of your money back from, after all this is a title that will hold its re-sale value far more than 98% of the new games that are worth approximately half their price in terms of trade in the moment you buy them) isn't too extreme. The other thing is it can all come down to a matter of perspective. If say 213 or CBK (incidentally 213 is a true retro gamer first and foremost - this is a guy who helped organise (and fund out of his own pocket) various Britmeets and Odyssey retro-shows way before the current retro-boom and also is more than happy to get hold of titles you are after for you using contacts he has built up over years in the scene as any number of people on here and various other user-groups and forums etc will attest to. As another aside why do people assume it is OK to be far ruder about people in cyberspace than the ever would be in real life. Strange) Anyway as I was saying as far as I'm concerned it is a matter of perspective. You can look at it and say "Evil Ebayer X has found a rare Megadrive game I would have liked on a car boot and paid only £2 for it and then Ebayed and it has gone for £15" or you can stop and think "Some gamer has found a copy of a game I am after in a part of the country miles away from where I live, which I'd never have picked up as I'm not there, and put it on Ebay giving me an opportunity to get it for a price I am willing to pay, although of course someone might be prepared to pay more". I guess it is a whole "The glass is half empty" vs "The glass is half full" although knowing these forums as I do I guess it might be more accurate to say "Worst glass ever. Why do they think I want water. Idiots. They deserve to fail horribly" vs "Wow. A Glass. Best drink.EVER!" Rather than the worrying about possible Ebayers running around car-boots in the early hours of Sunday morning I'd be more concerned with the people who lurk in the Trading Folder on these forums and snap up every freebie or bargain priced game and yet expect top dollar for anything they are selling. Or quibble about postage on already super cheap games. The same names come up time and again and (arguably) prevent more of the forum members getting hold of titles they are particularly after in what is essentially a pretty close community. Sorry for all the above but just some random points that I was thinking of making or threads I was thinking of starting but all ended up in this one. None of the above is aimed at anyone in particular I just wanted to throw some points into the mixer and see other people savage them or run with them, agree with them and back them up or take offence and argue them. Or ignore them completely............
  15. I'm guessing maybe a Theatre Mode (watch the cut-scenes after you've finished the game - maybe with the Casting Couch thing from Document of MGS2 where you can switch in different characters) and maybe some artwork to unlock or summat.
  16. I have to agree. I'm loving this and I'm a big MG fan. Title sequence is pure Bond. Loving all the film references (Snake - have you seen 007: From Russia with Love? Don't you love those films? Loads of guns and gadgets. They'll probably make twenty films like that. Do you want a Snake shaped gun - you could pretend you are wrestling it and then shoot the enemy :-) Genius! Liking the references to playing a game too. "One day you'll be able to watch films at home or even control the charaters yourself". Graphically outstanding. Loving the jungle but particularly loved the cave with the light bouncing off the water etc. So many small details. Personally I am much preferring the lack of radar and I'm finding it much easier to stealth past guards than previous games. Creeping through the undergrowth and blending it with backgrounds is handled so seamlessly. Hunting wild-life (very D2). The medical aspect is quite fun too. Cut-scenes are utterly fantastic and show up just about every other example out there on any format. Boss fights are great. Bosses in general are very strikingly designed and extremely memorable. If you like Metal Gear you have to play this. If you don't then give it a go and keep an open mind. Also special mention for "Snake vs Monkey" It seems perfectly normal for Snake to be chasing around some simian nutters. Loving the reference "Can't you get Sam or Gabe to do this?" Top stuff.
  17. I think you may be getting confused about Le Mans in the Arcade. There was a 24 Hours Le Mans racing game for the Sega Dreamcast. Lovely game. Made by Infogrammes. Fantastic looking game (arguably the best looking racer on DC) with a great four player mode and the ability to take part in a real-time 24 hour race. There was also a game in the arcades by Sega that ran on their Model 3 hradware called Le Man 24 hours. It came out in 1998 and is a different game to the game on Dreamcast. Much more arcadey. From what I remember about playing it you had to keep passing other cars to continue playing (yes I know this would make it seem like every other racing game out there :-) but what I mean is more like Monaco GP on Megadrive or F-Zero. You gained seconds with each car you passed - got a feeling you couldn't fall behind a certain positioning too)
  18. Sensible Soccer Cannon Fodder Lemmings / Lemmings 2 Populous Another World Xenon 2 Zool Lotus Turbo Challenge (the second game from the Amiga) Lotus Turbo Challenge (third game from the Amiga) Chuck Rock Chuck Rock 2 Jaguar XJ220 (on Mega CD) Wing Commander (on Mega CD) Secret of Monkey Island (on Mega CD) Not sure if these were all on Amiga first (some may have been PC I guess - Populous? Secret of Monkey Island?) and some may have been on Megadrive first and then Amiga but I think they are on both if that helps.
  19. Saturn version of Wipeout 2097 supports the Analogue 3D NiGHTS Pad. PlayStation version came out before the Analogue Pad. I remember the Dual Analogue pad. I remember playing Need for Speed 3 with it and controlling it like a Radio Control car (i.e. left stick up and down for accelerate and brake, right stick for steering). Didn't the Dual Analgoue come out without the "Rumble" due to A) fears of lifespan of device as mentioned above and also B) fears about damage to players joints from the rumble. Then they released the Dual Shock controller.
  20. I was going to say MGS and MGS2 and also Zelda games but you all got there first. One game where I really liked the weather adding to the atmosphere was in Castlevania 64 on N64. Not an outstanding game by any means but the start of it takes place during a storm and really adds to the atmosphere when you are walking forward and right in front of you a tree gets struck by a brilliant flash of lightning and topples to the ground. Also the last track of Lotus Turbo Challenge on the Megadrive. Takes place during a storm and everytime the lightning strikes you can see the signs indicating the corners.
  21. Excellent Konami game. I first played the SNES version (which is a great conversion although missing some bits from the arcade) but my mate later got the JAMMA board. Funnily enough I was playing it today and then saw this thread! Shooting bit is similar to to shooting in Snatcher....also by Konami.....
  22. Adventures of Willy Beamish - Sega CD - Built in game you were meant to practice to win the Nintari game players final. Super Mario RPG - SNES - Once you get the GameBoy off the little boy you can play the awesome Shell Game where you shoot the shells and can set off amazing chains by using the stars from the explosion of one Koopa Shell to destroy others.
  23. Wiz n Liz - Megadrive - Loads and loads of little games based on old favourites but with a Wiz'n'Liz feel to them. You get them by mixing the magic fruit. Todd's Adventures in Slime World - Lynx - Multiplayer, button bashing zit burst fun. Keio's Flying Squadron - Mega CD - The stacker RED L.E.D. type game. There is an FAQ on the Net which specifically lists Games within Games.
  24. One of my favourite bits in the game is where you (as Raiden) are running round the struts and defusing Fatman's bombs on Shell 1 while Snake/Pliskin is doing likewise on Shell 2. In one of the codec conversations Snake says "This C4 was on the back of one of the soldiers for some reason". A great reference to the first game where you could place the C4 on the guards and use them as mobile bombs :-)
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