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  1. It really is, I had never heard of them before but now want to track down the Albums on vinyl.
  2. Finished this a couple of weeks ago after having it for months and am still thinking about the game. For me the first few hours were Kojima by numbers but once it opened up and i understood the mechanics it became just such a joyous experience. Yes there were moments when i wanted to throw the controller through the window and just give up but these mainly involved negotiaiting the terrain with the vehicles and getting stuck. Yes the story is not it’s strongest element and it over-explains every little thing far too frequently, but it’s a damn special game.
  3. But we do get repeats though https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.radiotimes.com/news/2020-06-24/the-apprentice-2020-axed/amp/
  4. Not The Cement Garden is it? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Cement_Garden_(film) Been ages since I’ve seen it but it sounds similar
  5. Finished it this afternoon, and my fans were pretty loud during the game but went into overdrive during the credits. Character spoiler ahead I'm going to leave it a couple of days and then dive back in on NG+
  6. Where from and how much? Not that I'm going to order one but my resolve would be weakened if it wasn't too expensive.
  7. Game have some apparently https://www.game.co.uk/en/m/xenoblade-chronicles-definitive-edition-collectors-set-2748846
  8. So hope this is true, my life needs this trilogy.
  9. Most of it was ok, but there was a couple of bosses that took me some time. The final couple of levels though ramped up the difficulty level a bit too much for me.
  10. Stranger's Wrath (Switch) Played it to about 50% on the Xbox when it originally came out and gave up for some reason. Seeing as it was in the Easter sale on the Switch bought it and loved it, right up until the penultimate boss fight where you get spammed by two Sekto minions. It got to the point where I just got hit and couldn't get back up before they hit me again. Stopped playing and just watched the final boss fight and end game cutscene on Youtube.
  11. I’ve had Breakpoint for a while and after finishing off Wildlands decided to give it a go now I have more time on my hands. I know it’s had some bad press but surely it cannot he that bad, right? Well after fine tuning the controls so I can fly the drone and helicopter how I want to, I started playing. I loved Wildlands and it was my chill out game, flying around, taking out bases with my team and just kicking back. First thing, where the hell is my team? I can see randoms in the base but I just want my own guys who I can order to snipe out the enemy so we can infiltrate areas. A quick bit of Googling and it seems no AI and that Ubisoft may ( or may not) patch it in this year! What! They aren’t are they? Nobody will be playing it and it will cost too much. I resigned myself to playing as a lone wolf, silently taking out the enemy and was enjoying it. I decided to take on a port that was full of enemies and after dying a couple of times, managed to just leave a couple of enemies. That’s when my Virgin Broadband dipped and I lost contact with the Ubisoft servers and the game dumped me back outside the base, right back at square one! WTF! This is 2020 and games that let you play SP should not need an always online connection. Just a tick box to let me play on my own would be good but even though plenty of users have asked for it, once again no joy. Hopefully the next game in the series doesn’t drop so many bollocks and I can go back to loving the series. Really in two minds whether to carry on as I fear for my controller!
  12. That was a cracking use of Steve Reich. Wiki has quite a good bit of information about it https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Come_Out_(Reich) Absolutely loved the whole series, probably one of the best I've seen in years.
  13. It's this one https://forbiddenplanet.com/256156-legend-of-zelda-breath-of-the-wild-creating-a-champion-champions-limited-edition-hardcover/ I've ordered one.
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