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  1. Mine isn't making any noise but is just not recognised as an external drive at all. You don't have a Crucial SSD do you?
  2. Just turned on the PS5 to check if my Crucial SSD was going to work after rest mode and the console threw a hissy fit, message about not being shut down properly and then informed me it was going into rest mode and turned off. When I turned the PS5 back on my external drive is not visible at all. Back to square one then.
  3. The Skyward Sword Joy-cons are available on Amazon now. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08WWFBBJQ?psc=1&smid=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&ref_=chk_typ_imgToDp
  4. 20th anniversary edition of Since I Left You is available to pre-order. Seems to be selling out pretty quick at retailers such as Bleep but managed to grab one from Piccadilly https://www.piccadillyrecords.com/counter/product.php?pid=138575 What with the Loveless deluxe vinyl and various Dinked editions selling out quickly now it seems you have to be on the ball to grab a limited edition these days. They've also shared this lovely Prince Paul remix as well.
  5. I never finished Prey when it originally came out and had memories of it being tough as nails and frustrating but the lure of 60 fps, HDR and swift loading times had me starting all over again and I'm glad I did. I'm now obsessed with it and for some reason do not find it anywhere near as hard or frustrating as I did originally. I'm playing the game on the same difficulty setting I would have, but I am really enjoying searching everything and taking my time exploring. Even backtracking is no hassle mainly due to the quick loading times on the Series X. I'm about to enter the Arbore
  6. Thanks for that, will give it a go. I played some more earlier and the opening night time sections are too dark but I got to a daytime level and it looks superb.
  7. Thought I would try Ratchet and Clank and whilst it looks good and smooth there's no brightness setting. Seems a bit of a strange omission to not be able to change the gamma setting as it seems overly dark on my CX.
  8. The deluxe is apparently mastered from the original analogue master tapes whereas the standard edition is the same digital master as the CDs apparently.
  9. Anyone would think it's the second coming due to how many emails/social media postings I've seen this morning but rejoice.... MBV have signed to Domino and albums are being re-issued. https://www.dominomusic.com/releases/my-bloody-valentine?utm_source=mar21.mailout_uk&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=m+b+v+newsletter&utm_source=31mar21.5025&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=31mar21.5025 They're finally back on streaming sites so hopefully this means we might get a new album soon.
  10. Must have been the Series X as I did a full reboot and it seems to be back working again.
  11. Has anybody with a Series X and an LG CX had an issue with Instant Game response and HDR not working after the latest firmware option? Mine just refuses to play ball even if I turn off and then back on the option in the CX's menu. It worked fine before.
  12. Mine is in a cupboard as well and gets hot when playing but I've just checked it and it's cold. No heat at all. It is hot in there but that's mainly due to the Sky Q box that seems to want to become my default heat source.
  13. Just finished 3 this afternoon and loved it. I haven’t played a Hitman game before so it was initially daunting but soon fell into the whole assassination style. Now I want to play the first two games in 3’s engine but have run into a brick wall. Hitman 1 is fine and playable, so I must have downloaded it sometime ago when it was free but Hitman 2 is greyed out. I’ve bought a physical copy of 2 and went through that game’s store to download the Access Pass and even though it’s listed as free when I click through, it wants £83.49 for it which is ridiculous. I’ve read a few
  14. Seems to be available for pre-ordering on Amazon. Just waiting for those joy-cons to become available.
  15. It’s certainly nowhere near a great Zelda but Skyward Sword is getting bought again. I have fond memories of playing it with my daughter when it came out. As for those Zelda joy-cons, please Nintendo, take my money. if the rumours are true and TP and Wind Waker are out as well it’s going to be an expensive Zelda themed year, although I’m still hoping for a Majoras Mask remake. Even though I bought a mint N64 copy a few years back I’ve still yet to play it.
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