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  1. I honestly didn't even realise that GoW was in one shot when I played it.
  2. Whilst Smile looks interesting, after watching the trailer isn't it just The Ring?
  3. Haven't played it in a while but seeing as there's beef with it, I'd thought I would give it a try. Well, that's it for me from now. That is 100% cheating of them. Pathetic.
  4. If I don't open the cupboards where my PS5 and SX are living, the heat could supply a small village. That and the fans sound like a Jumbo taking off.
  5. Finished this last week and it really cemented how good the whole game is. It's the fourth time I've completed it since the original release but it's still a joy to play. When I originally played the game the whole ending was uplifting and positive, we can argue does Ellie believe Joel or not but for me personally he did the right thing. Only now when we now know what transpires in the second game does the whole ending seem bitter sweet. I might have to wait a while until I replay the second game as it was so emotionally draining for me. One thing I would like is a spin-off with Bill, I felt we only scratched the surface with his character and he's one of he most interesting people in the game for me.
  6. That's my invasion map, you can easily tell which stage the other player is at and lie in wait in their next location. I don't think you can but it would be nice if you could ask the game to only consider invading in a specific map but I'm guessing the amount of players still playing this has dropped off a bit.
  7. Sony being Sony they will not be able to resist ‘remastering’ those V1 PSVR games so that they can run on the new hardware and want to charge us £69.99 for the privilege.
  8. Yes, but then any of the most recent AC games will seem nowhere near as good. It really is a great game. One tip though, play as Kassandra rather than Alexios. I played as the male character and regretted it. There’s something off when playing as Alexios.
  9. The way things are going I'm betting on it being £499. Would love to be proven wrong but it's some serious kit and Sony know they can sell a ton of them at any price.
  10. Excellent, thank you for that, one to play next then.
  11. Is it worth playing now then as a single player game? I loved the previous Fallout gams in the series but was put off with how broken it was at launch.
  12. Anyone see last night's episode? Pretty underwhelming for me, buying a flat pack house just isn't the same as people building a house against adversity. The only issue they seemed to have was the whole access problem which seemed to be sorted once the couple had bunged £5K to the landowner. When it was mentioned that the landowner was concerned about their fields being destroyed I expected multiple vehicles churning up fields, not a few branched being broken and hedges having to be cut down. The show didn't seem to spend much time inside the house either, which seeing how small it was is no real surprise, and spent more time on admiring the view.
  13. I’ve played it for a few hours this afternoon and still haven’t seen what happened to Marissa or the end credits. Shoujd I be concentrating on the ‘99 film?
  14. Right, there’s me trying to guess the significance of the years when it was something obvious.
  15. I still haven’t found out what happened to Marissa. Should I just concentrate on her clips now? I found out what happened to Carl though but it’s early days and I’m obsessed with those Someone in the main thread mentioned that the years in which the films were made is a spoiler but I’ve no idea why.
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