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  1. I really think that's the key point. The best Fury beats the best AJ, but I'd argue that we've only seen the best Fury on three occasions. Against Vlad, in the second fight against Chisora and of course the masterclass against Wilder in the rematch. He's an exceptional talent but more often than not, we see him perform like he did against the likes of Otto Wallin, Tom Schwarz and Pianeta. Very averagely. Even the first fight against Wilder was framed more by the comeback narrative and display of incredible punch resistance. Still impressive though. So it really depends if he can tap into his e
  2. There's definitely been a shift in his tone post Ruiz and I don't think he came across particularly well in his post-fight interview at all. And the VT clip that preceded his ring walk was just plain weird. I'm not really a fan of this self-help, philosophical AJ to be honest. It comes across as very strange and unnatural. That said, having worked with him a few times now, I can honestly say from experience that he's one of the nicest people you could meet. Always makes time to talk to everyone, he's very down to Earth and really approachable and will happily talk boxing with anyo
  3. He'll be kicking himself today. He effectively gave up the first six rounds through inactivity. None of his trademark combos, jabs or angles, just a lot of defensive footwork. I think he mostly nullified himself out of respect for Lopez's power and the moment he started to press from round 7 onwards, he began to win rounds. Lopez was sensational though and he showed that he's an elite level fighter who can box with real craft and intelligence, as well as brawl with the best of them. He's going to be a big star. I think Loma needs to go back down, he's just never been comfortable at
  4. I'm probably going to upgrade to the Sony A7S III when it's released and since this means I'll have been a dedicated Sony (Digital) shooter for over five years now, I think it's time I finally got rid of my Canon glass and committed to Sony lenses. I've been using a Metabones adaptor for Canon lenses, but in truth it barely works and I've effectively switched over to using old manual Minolta lenses. I'm quite looking forward to actually being able to use autofocus, which I've not been able to use in around seven years! I'm finding the Sony range very confusing though. Obviously I'm
  5. Oh wow, I really disagree, I consider Calzaghe to be an absolute elite level boxer and an all time great. The Jeff Lacy fight is one of he finest displays of boxing I've ever seen. Lacy was a monster and was looked at as a KO machine prior to the Calzaghe fight. The common belief was that Calzaghe was being fed to Lacy. Of course Lacy never recovered from that loss and it's one of the most dominant fights we'll probably ever see at that level. And beating a peak Kessler was a real achievement. Also, don't forget that after he beat Hopkins, Hopkins then went on a really impressive run, which ha
  6. Ha, I have no idea! But if so, that's impressive! It was this smiley little guy:
  7. Leonard did the old 'finish the rounds strong' trick against Haggler, and it won over the judges. I absolutely love Tommy Hearns! In some ways he might have been the most entertaining out of the four and I'm pretty sure he was the first boxer to become a four and then five weight world champ, during a time in which they weren't just giving out belts! I might not be remembering this correctly, but I think Angelo Dundee once said something like "If Hearns had balance, he beats them all". Pretty high praise from a man that trained his main rival! Leonard is still in ridicu
  8. Duran might be my favourite ever boxer. And because he was so intense and aggressive, his technical ability is sometimes overlooked, but he had serious ring intelligence and craft. Probably the greatest lightweight of all time and the fact he managed to also be competitive at middleweight is ridiculous. Leonard is probably the most celebrated and he was just amazing to watch. Probably the most talented of them and most diverse and maybe the best at Welter, but Haggler as a middleweight is by far the best ever for me. And I think he beat Leonard! This is quite an intere
  9. A few taken yesterday in my living room, in a moment of absolute boredom. I used an old curtain as backdrop and roped my girlfriend into being my subject. This was mainly to test out my new Mamiya RZ67 but I'm quite happy with how the tests shots worked out on digital so thought I'd share since I won't be developing the film stuff for a while! And a few older ones I finally got around to processing. And some Medium Format Film shots. Probably the last I'll take on my old Mamiya 645 before I sell it:
  10. Great post @Gotters! And for those that haven't seen it, you're in for a treat. Eight minutes of absolute, brutal perfection. And while you're at it, go and buy Four Kings and enjoy one of the greatest sports books ever written about the last gold age of boxing.
  11. A quick question for film photographers in here. I want to get a flash gun to use with my Mamiya RZ67 Pro II and 110mm Sekor Z lens. Any recommendations? Is the Metz 45CL-4 worth a punt? The camera is already pretty big and heavy but the grip and attachment mechanism of the Metz might actually help balance it when I'm using the AE prism over the WLF. I'm also interested in off camera flash options too but I'm a complete novice at that type of photography, so any pointers for where to start with that would be great (Specifically for medium format film!). Cheers!
  12. Hahaha wow, that was total dominance. I was completely wrong! Fair play, incredible performance!
  13. I'm going for Wilder in 10 rounds. I don't think the extra weight will benefit Fury but I think it will benefit Wilder. Fury is very susceptible to late fight sloppiness and he has always had a habit of getting caught clumsily in the later rounds. With his increased size, I'm not sure he'll have the same energy and reflexes in the later rounds of this fight and Wilder only needs to land one clean punch. Great match up stylistically this. Classic, technical pugilist with lack of KO power vs destructive power puncher with limited technique.
  14. Well I thought this was superb. I have to admit, based on some of the reviews I approached this with some cynicism, but it was perfectly judged and the tone was very consistent. Fantastic performances and beautifully written and directed. I had no idea it would be that evocative either! I was a mess by the end of the film! So glad I ignored the reviews on this!
  15. I was incredibly cynical about this series when it was announced. I hated the film. I mostly hate the work of Lindelof. I hated the trailer. And I have a love of the book that meant I was always going to be reticent about an adaptation and especially a new story. I couldn't have been more wrong! This might be one of the best shows I've seen in years. Spectacularly good and so consistent with the tone of the source material. Amazing performances, really textured and genuinely clever writing. It's shot beautifully, great score and the pacing is pretty much perfect throughout. What an
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