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  1. Full credit to Canelo. At this point in his career he could have fought anyone and he was probably due an easy fight. But to take on an absolute beast at 175 in Bivol is hugely commendable and probably one of the hardest fights he could have chosen. I thought Bivol would win this. He's just immense. He's not flashy, but he does the fundamentals incredibly well and he's so disciplined and measured. Canelo looked exhausted after seven rounds but that was partly down to the pressure that Bivol put him under. He was outboxed and even beaten on the inside at times too. I'm sure weight played a role to some extent as it really looked like Bivol could walk through Canelo's punches, but I really think it was primarily down to Bivol just outboxing Canelo. In an alternate reality, this is the fifth time Canelo has lost. He's been a fairly fortunate fighter with decisions at times.
  2. Any list would probably need to include Joe Louis, Ali, Larry Holmes, Lewis, Jack Johnson, Holyfield (Yup, even at heavyweight), Foreman, Liston, Marciano and probably Frasier. I personally wouldn't put Mike Tyson in the top ten. He had immense potential and achieved a lot in a short space of time, but mostly squandered his talent and came up short against elite fighters like Lewis and Holyfield.
  3. In fairness, he was never going to trouble Fury with any game plan. Fury barely got out of second gear and as much as I like Whyte, he's a pretty average boxer with terrible fundamentals.
  4. Well I've really been enjoying this and I've personally found most of the Marvel shows to be quite average. And Isaac is fantastic and his accent somehow works. I actually think Ethan Hawke is really watchable too. Any recommendations for where to start with the comics? I'd like to get a sense of the comic version of Mr. Knight.
  5. Leigh Wood vs Michael Conlan was on last night and it may go down as an all time classic and certainly fight of the year. In fact...
  6. Unfortunately it's really the British Boxing Board of Control that needs investigating. The BBBOC launching an investigation into poor scoring is a bit like The Conservatives launching an inquiry into whether they broke lockdown rules. And Robert Smith seems to launch an investigation every other week and nothing ever changes sadly. They continuously protect their own and there is no accountability. The fact that Howard Foster and Ian John Lewis are still able to work when they have been shown to either be corrupt or incompetent time and time again says everything really. The entire governing body needs overhauling and the scoring system needs to be reworked. Jake Paul (You read that correctly) actually had a pretty good suggestion.
  7. As soon as I saw that Ian John Lewis was one of the judges, I knew the scoring would be atrocious. That's by far one of the worst robberies I've seen in years. Awful. I had it 115 - 110 to Catterall. How Lewis scored it 114 - 111 is just bewildering.
  8. That was a very clunky finale. Some terrible dialogue, really poor action choreography and incredibly messy and dated direction. For a guy that made a name for himself making low budget action, Rodriguez seems to have very little understanding of how to direct big action set-pieces. Maybe it's because he's traditionally directed more contained action. One on one fights, bar fights etc. Very different from directing large battle scenes. There were definitely enjoyable moments, but it really did feel like something you'd see on the Sci-Fi channel in the 90's at times. Overall, what an utterly bewildering experience. Absolutely no defined motivation for the protagonist, almost no structure to the plot, pretty much zero arc and nearly 30 percent of the series doesn't even feature the main character or progress the plot. It's especially weird as so many themes and plot points are established in the first few episodes only to remain completely unresolved or in some cases, totally unexplored. They could have easily turned the entire thing into a Point Blank style series, with Boba Fett being a Lee Marvin type figure driven by revenge and on a mission to find out who killed the Tuskens. You could still easily weave in all of the Pyke stuff and Cad Bane. At least that way Fett has a clear motivation and we can actually follow his journey with some understanding of what he's trying to achieve. They touch upon this with a little line of dialogue that's so utterly meaningless that you're left completely bemused. It makes you wonder why so much time was spent in the flashbacks. I'm no wiser as to who Boba Fett is than I was before this series began. And yet, it was all inoffensively enjoyable and there's enough fun stuff in there that I watched it anyway and will probably continue to watch another series of it. Confused / 10.
  9. I loved this. Someone described it as a warm hug of a movie, and I think that's a perfect summary. I could have happily spent another few hours watching Alana Haim bicker lovingly with Cooper Hoffman. Speaking of which, both of these guys are surely on their way to being superstars? So much charisma and talent. The opening five minutes is one of the best I've seen in a long time. Jumps straight into it, sets up the central themes immediately, beautiful performances, direction and dialogue and it just carries on right from that point. PTA really is in a league of his own for me.
  10. Well I just completed it and managed to collect all of the items. Absolutely phenomenal. Even when I had moments of immense frustration which would usually culminate in me dramatically rage quitting, I'd pick it up again two minutes later to have another go. The atmosphere, animation and general polish are all on another level. I thought I'd hate the E.M.M.I sections but I really enjoyed them and there's something extra rewarding about being able to freely explore these areas later on. It's very difficult in places, but if you persist, it's amazing how something that seems impossible at first, soon becomes manageable. Funnily enough I didn't find the last boss too tricky, but I did find Experiment Z 57 just ridiculously hard. But then I've always struggled with giant bosses as I'm never too sure where to move around. My only gripe is really with the controls. At first, they're perfect. But as the game progresses and you grow more powerful, they do become a bit fiddly. The Speed Booster and Shinespark controls are really awkward and not intuitive at all. And to complete some puzzles, you need to chain, something that is never explained in the game and probably set me back a good hour and half until I finally had to check online to figure out what I was doing wrong. The speed Booster challenge on Burenia is possibly one of the most frustrating things I've ever done, mostly due to how tricky the controls are for this bit. But aside from that, I thought it was pretty much perfect. It really is so nice playing a Metroid game again. Roll on Metroid Prime!
  11. You sir, are a hero! I haven't played Super Metroid in so long that it didn't even occur to me! Thank you!
  12. Oh man, I finally bought this and was loving every second of it, up until I acquired the Spin Jump. I am finding the control of this fucking double jump to be so wildly inconsistent it is causing me to have proper Mario Kart 8 Blue Shell levels of rage. I cannot figure out where I'm going wrong with it, but it seems to work one moment and just not respond a moment later. Any tips, other than just timing?
  13. Yeah, I totally agree. The Lynch version is also structurally very poor and has some incredibly questionable choices. The application of VO is so obviously forced that it's painful at times, even though the actors are clearly trying their best. But what it does have is mostly excellent production design and I think sometimes the aesthetic aspect of that film is what most people remember. The sets and costumes still look excellent and I'm a sucker for the main theme. I think Lynch's version is a prime example of 'Demoitus' in action. For the longest time it was obviously the only adaptation available and so we've become so used to that version that it can be jarring to see a different approach, regardless of whether that approach might be superior. It's undeniably a fun film though (As super camp films often are), but there's a reason Lynch wanted his name removed from the credits. I'm not generally a Villeneuve super fan and I tend to find his films promise more than they deliver, usually falling short in the last act (In my humble opinion), but I have to say, I thought this was sensational. There wasn't a second of screen time that I didn't find completely immersive. It was also utterly believable which is not easy when adapting an epic fantasy / sci-fi / surreal novel. It's also nice to see an age-appropriate Paul (He certainly looks 15 anyway) and I suppose we'll see if he can pull off the character's arc in the next film. I actually prefer the look of the worms in the Lynch film though!
  14. That was a lot of fun and much like The Mandalorian, just so easy to watch. I actually really enjoyed the flashbacks and the bits without dialogue were generally far more engaging in my opinion. I thought the action was quite poorly executed though, especially compared to some of the fight scenes from The Mandalorian, which was particularly surprising considering it was directed by Robert Rodriguez. One sequence in particular really looked a lot like something from Xena Warrior Princess with very dated direction and choreography that made everyone look incredibly slow. But aside from that, I just love the atmosphere of these Star Wars shows. Takes me right back to the original trilogy.
  15. I have to respectfully disagree. Whilst it may have been unsatisfying, there would at least have been some degree of clarity and more importantly, it would have been fair and relatively uncontroversial. As it stands, we're now left in a state of utter disarray and I actually think it's unfortunate for Max as there's always going to be an asterisk next to this championship now. Had Masy simply left the grid unchanged at the time of the safety car there's a very good chance Max still would have won, but without all of the confusion and controversy we're now left with.
  16. I think so. He's been genuinely incredible and I'm a Lewis fan. But what a shame to decide a championship like this.
  17. Utterly disgraceful. Masi needs to go. If they'd just stuck to the decision we would have had a racing lap and maybe Verstappen would have won it without controversy. You can't just change the decision after getting moaned at by the team Principal.
  18. Raikonnen getting the sentimental vote for driver of the day. Perez deserved that.
  19. I'm baffled by that decision. They've eliminated a free pitt stop. So stupid, especially if there's another safety car.
  20. Perez was outstanding there. Shame he doesn't drive like that very often. Stark contrast to Bottas. And I honestly do think Max was taking those corners very differently when trying to over take Sainz since he couldn't risk a collision.
  21. In fairness, they had quite a fun and open discussion about that on DC's youtube channel with a little cameo from Bisping:
  22. I just finished it. Maybe the best music film ever made. Certainly up there with The Last Waltz for me, which I know is arguably a different genre. I've watched that rooftop gig so many times, but seeing the full version in this context changes it completely and it's so emotionally evocative. You really get a sense that when they performed together, all of the politics and distraction disappeared in an instant. A few thoughts: 1. The stalling of the police in the reception area is genuinely hilarious. 2. The delight in McCartney's face when he spots the police on the roof is amazing. He's like an overjoyed kid. 3. George's "fuck you" to the police when he defiantly plugs his amp back in is super cool. 4. Billy Preston really deserves so much credit for his contribution to both this and Abbey Road. 5. 1969 George Harrison was a seriously stylish gentleman. 6. John's last line "I hope we passed the audition" might be one of the great sign off's. 7. The conflict in the police is so apparent. 8. Mad to think how good Lennon was when he turned it on, especially as he was apparently dabbling in heroin at the time. 9. How good is Glyn Johns? The quality of the rooftop recordings alone are really astounding. And I had no idea George Martin was so involved with this album. What a ride!
  23. OK, scrap the above. Lopez Sr is delusional and Teo needs to find a new trainer ASAP. This is some seriously deranged shit!
  24. Yeah, I can't see him cutting ties with his father. In fairness, the preparation and game plan for Loma was pretty much faultless (Although I still believe Loma would win the rematch) so credit has to go to his dad for that too. But it just looked like Lopez might have started to believe his own hype a bit. He wasn't using his footwork, his range and timing was a bit off and he fought like it would be easy. No adjustments really made. As you said, he's an elite level talent and if he stays focused, he can bounce back and be very effective. I don't think he beats Taylor though. 135 just got very interesting though. If Haney wins, I guess that Kambosos Jr fight is the obvious fight to make and maybe winner fights Loma if he comes through Commey.
  25. Huge upset last night. I really thought Lopez would walk through Kambosos Jr in four rounds. Kambosos was fantastic and so disciplined throughout the fight. Lopez looked underprepared and complacent at times and the corner work from his father was atrocious. I'm a big fan of Lopez but he really didn't cover himself in glory last night after the fight. And what a truly terrible year for him after the Loma win. He'll move up now, but he won't get the Taylor fight. This "New Four Kings" stuff is starting to sound a bit ridiculous now isn't it?
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