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  1. It's bleak viewing but incredibly gripping. I thought the first episode was quite hammy and some of the writing wasn't exactly subtle, but it's developed really well and the performances from most of the leads are excellent. The last episode was especially good. I usually love Michael Stuhlbarg, but I have to say, I'm struggling with his performance a bit. I know he's worked at nailing the cadence of Richard Sackler, but it feels a bit like an impression to me and so it's a tad pantomime. Overall, It does an excellent job of showing how quickly and easily something like this can happen in the States. Terrifying and depressing.
  2. I did a search but couldn't find anything on this and this is a film that definitely deserves its own topic. It's Jane Campion's first film in over a decade and for my money, this might just be the best film of the year with some truly startling and layered performances, an amazing score by Jonny Greenwood and some of the most incredible cinematography I've seen in years. As a visual spectacle alone, it's certainly up there with Dune and it really should be seen on the biggest screen possible. It's a sort of Gothic Western but at its core it's an exploration into toxic masculinity.
  3. Yeah, technically It's not a steroid, but it is considered a performance enhancing drug and can give you many advantages, specifically for endurance, hence why it's banned in most competitive sports. Canelo got caught ahead of his fight with GGG and was banned for it. It does make sense, especially as this was the beginning of Canelo moving up in weight. Eddy Reynoso's camp does seem to have a slight issue with PED's when you consider that at least four of his fighters (Maybe unfair to list Nery in there) have failed drug tests. But then, that's boxing. Fury gets given a free pass for failing both a VADA and UKAD test (At the same time that Hughie Fury also failed) and was issued a back dated ban that was quickly forgotten about because of his mental health issues and the conflation with his missed test a year later which resulted in the controversy. And of course Whyte has also been banned for PEDs. Boxing is sadly filled with PEDs and part of the issue is that there are few ramifications for getting caught. The fact that someone like Miller is still allowed to fight is ridiculous. With regards to Canelo, It's an incredible accomplishment to become undisputed champ and especially so considering he's basically done it in a single year. Definitely Hall of Fame worthy at this point in his career. it also shows you just how good GGG was, considering there's a ten year age gap between them and Golovkin was already past his prime the first time they fought.
  4. lol judging by the above, I wouldn't take what he's saying too seriously. I mean, Parker and Whyte above AJ is comical levels of bias and of course complete bollocks. The glass chin thing is also really funny. AJ gets hit clean by one of the all time great punchers in Vlad and gets back up and knocks him out. Hit hard by Povetkin who ate Whyte's soul. And he survived a pretty nasty onslaught from Whyte, who has shown he has a lot of power. The glass jaw reputation seems to have come entirely from his loss to Ruiz. I mean, he can be vulnerable, but that's the nature of heavyweight boxing. Literally the only boxer who so far looks invincible at that weight is Usyk and that's because he can't be hit! The level of vitriol directed at AJ is pretty shocking to be honest and totally unjustified.
  5. I think we're not giving AJ enough credit. His CV is impressive and he's actually underrated as a technician. Pretty good footwork and when he lets his hands go, he has impressive hand speed and his combos are very effective. I actually think his performances against both Povetkin and Pulev were more impressive than his win over Vlad, despite not being as entertaining. His win over Whyte has become more impressive over time. There's no shame in losing to an all time great and it certainly doesn't diminish his achievements or his legacy and it's a shame that a loss in boxing has such weight these days. That's the Mayweather effect I suppose. It's a cliche, but styles make fights. I always picked Usyk to beat AJ on points because he's demonstrated the skillset, intelligence and movement to handle fighters with similar styles to AJ. I think Wilder KO's AJ, despite being technically awful, because AJ can get caught and Wilder has ridiculous power. But I've always felt that Fury was quite well suited to AJ and I don't think that fight is anywhere near as one sided as some are making out. Fury has lapses in concentration and I would argue that outside of his fights with Wilder, Vlad and possibly the second Chisora fight, he's always been very inconsistent, and looked pretty mediocre against very poor opposition. No to say that he isn't the most talented out of the bunch, he has all the potential, but It really depends on what type of Fury shows up. And outside of his last fight with Wilder, he's never been a puncher or KO specialist, so I don't think we should start reassessing his power yet, based off one (Undeniably) very impressive performance against Wilder.
  6. Absolutely incredible performance. It's so impressive to think that Usyk has pretty much claimed all his titles on foreign soil. He's an all time great for me. Odd game plan from AJ's team though. Why try and out box a technician like Usyk? AJ never really used his strength and size. Very few combos. Technically he can't compete with Usyk (Who can?), so it was odd to see him try.
  7. And his cadence and timing were so unique. Even when he was pushing boundaries he somehow did it with a charm that made his comments feel inoffensive. Plus he's probably the only person that could have gotten away with this one TV.
  8. And his fake autobiography might just be one of the funniest books ever written.
  9. He was genuinely up there with Richard Pryor for me. One of the great minds of comedy.
  10. Yeah, he's basically a perfect boxer at this stage. If Donaire beats Casimero, the Inoue rematch is going to be a lot of fun.
  11. I bought this last week for the Switch and have played it solidly since. Mostly enjoyable but I agree with other comments that unlike Hollow Knight, the controls are just not quite precise enough to make some of the challenges enjoyable. The spirit trial in Baur's Reach might honestly be in the top 5 most frustrating things I've ever experienced. Enough to make me want to smash up my switch repeatedly and headbutt my TV.
  12. 71?! Wow, the guy has aged well! I really thought he was mid-fifties! Taylor vs Bud would be amazing. I'd favour Bud in that fight, despite Taylor beating better opposition to become undisputed. I'd actually love to see a rematch with Prograis too.
  13. Incredible achievement. And his resume is just ridiculous now. He really has fought and beaten the very best of the division. It puts him firmly in the top 10 P4P now. It's such a shame that he's a flat-Earth / anti-vaxxer Tommy Robinson guy as I'm a huge fan of his style and I've followed his career from the beginning. What's happened to Kenny Bayless though? He used to be a great ref, he just awful now!
  14. I absolutely love Crawford and at 140, he was the man for me. But the calibre of his opponents at 147 has been questionable and a tad disappointing. A phenomenal talent though.
  15. Fun fight. And that's some sweet karma after the abuse BJS gave Dubois for "quitting" over an eye injury. For what it's worth, having watched it again this morning, Saunders really wasn't connecting with that much, despite having a lovely jab and some clever footwork. I had Canelo up by the time of the stoppage. Canelo is just a joy to watch. It also shows just how good GGG really was in their fights and how frustrating it is that he was never given his win (s). And that was a post-peak GGG too. Right now, I think Canelo has to be the clear P4P number 1. Maybe Inoue can challenge soon, but what Canelo is doing is just incredible.
  16. It was a sad way to end his career, but I couldn't see any other outcome. Frampton was just too small and Herring is seriously sharp with a great jab. And at 5'10, he looked massive by comparison. Frampton has had an incredible career and winning fighter of the year in 2016 was a serious achievement. He was never really the same fighter after his split with McGuigan though and I'm really not convinced about Jamie Moore as a trainer.
  17. I really think that's the key point. The best Fury beats the best AJ, but I'd argue that we've only seen the best Fury on three occasions. Against Vlad, in the second fight against Chisora and of course the masterclass against Wilder in the rematch. He's an exceptional talent but more often than not, we see him perform like he did against the likes of Otto Wallin, Tom Schwarz and Pianeta. Very averagely. Even the first fight against Wilder was framed more by the comeback narrative and display of incredible punch resistance. Still impressive though. So it really depends if he can tap into his elite mode. And I find it so frustrating that he's never made a single title defence. An incredible talent, with a track record of not living up to his potential. And yet his three best performances (One of which was a draw) really do put him in a league above AJ at the moment. If it's anything other than peak Fury, I think AJ has a legitimate chance. Fury isn't at his best with combo punchers and like AJ, he's shown he can also be hurt. AJ has much greater variety and ring intelligence than Wilder (But I still think he loses if they fight, just because of that ridiculous Wilder power and AJ's occasional defensive lapses) and much better footwork. But if AJ tries to box him from range, it's an easy nights work for Fury, if Fury's focused.
  18. There's definitely been a shift in his tone post Ruiz and I don't think he came across particularly well in his post-fight interview at all. And the VT clip that preceded his ring walk was just plain weird. I'm not really a fan of this self-help, philosophical AJ to be honest. It comes across as very strange and unnatural. That said, having worked with him a few times now, I can honestly say from experience that he's one of the nicest people you could meet. Always makes time to talk to everyone, he's very down to Earth and really approachable and will happily talk boxing with anyone and at any time. I think if there's doubt about his persona, it's really down to the way Matchroom promote him. As for the fight, I thought he boxed intelligently and effectively and he clearly won every round. Nice feints, actual head movement and greatly improved footwork for the first three rounds and a bit of patience led to the knockdown. The fight really could have been stopped at the point in which Pulev turned his back. The ref was pretty terrible actually. From round 4 - 8, he showed a nice jab but seemed slightly gun shy and allowed Pulev to step in and use his right. For a guy with good reach and a really clean and accurate jab, AJ does much better at mid to close range than fighting at distance. His combos are also extremely effective when he lets his hands go and fights in bursts. His uppercuts are a thing of beauty and it's good to see him using them again as he's always effective with them. Beautiful finish. He still has some bad habits, like stepping back in straight lines, but he's becoming a technically formidable fighter. Maybe not quite the seek and destroy fighter that we enjoyed before Klitschko, but much Like Lennox Lewis's transition, if AJ can hone this new style, he's going to be tough to beat. He's not there yet and I think he loses to Wilder and Fury (Although gives Fury a harder time than Wilder).
  19. He'll be kicking himself today. He effectively gave up the first six rounds through inactivity. None of his trademark combos, jabs or angles, just a lot of defensive footwork. I think he mostly nullified himself out of respect for Lopez's power and the moment he started to press from round 7 onwards, he began to win rounds. Lopez was sensational though and he showed that he's an elite level fighter who can box with real craft and intelligence, as well as brawl with the best of them. He's going to be a big star. I think Loma needs to go back down, he's just never been comfortable at 135, despite some impressive wins at that weight. Still an all time great as far as I'm concerned and boxing really needs more of these super fights.
  20. I'm probably going to upgrade to the Sony A7S III when it's released and since this means I'll have been a dedicated Sony (Digital) shooter for over five years now, I think it's time I finally got rid of my Canon glass and committed to Sony lenses. I've been using a Metabones adaptor for Canon lenses, but in truth it barely works and I've effectively switched over to using old manual Minolta lenses. I'm quite looking forward to actually being able to use autofocus, which I've not been able to use in around seven years! I'm finding the Sony range very confusing though. Obviously I'm after full frame E mount lenses, but is there an equivalent to the Canon 'L' series? For the time being I think I'd just like to stick to Prime lenses, beginning with a really decent 50mm (Oh the shameless cliche!). Anyone know if it's worth opting for the Zeiss 1.4 or whether the smaller and cheaper 1.8 is a better shout?
  21. Oh wow, I really disagree, I consider Calzaghe to be an absolute elite level boxer and an all time great. The Jeff Lacy fight is one of he finest displays of boxing I've ever seen. Lacy was a monster and was looked at as a KO machine prior to the Calzaghe fight. The common belief was that Calzaghe was being fed to Lacy. Of course Lacy never recovered from that loss and it's one of the most dominant fights we'll probably ever see at that level. And beating a peak Kessler was a real achievement. Also, don't forget that after he beat Hopkins, Hopkins then went on a really impressive run, which has really put that fight into perspective. And wins over Reid, Woodhall and Eubank put him right up there with the best in my opinion. His win against Roy Jones Jr definitely doesn't count though. A peak Jones beats jus about anyone in any era. Yeah, he's a massive twat. And a Flat Earther, Tommy Robinson guy too. Great fighter to watch though.
  22. Ha, I have no idea! But if so, that's impressive! It was this smiley little guy:
  23. Leonard did the old 'finish the rounds strong' trick against Haggler, and it won over the judges. I absolutely love Tommy Hearns! In some ways he might have been the most entertaining out of the four and I'm pretty sure he was the first boxer to become a four and then five weight world champ, during a time in which they weren't just giving out belts! I might not be remembering this correctly, but I think Angelo Dundee once said something like "If Hearns had balance, he beats them all". Pretty high praise from a man that trained his main rival! Leonard is still in ridiculous shape though. He looks like he could still compete!
  24. Duran might be my favourite ever boxer. And because he was so intense and aggressive, his technical ability is sometimes overlooked, but he had serious ring intelligence and craft. Probably the greatest lightweight of all time and the fact he managed to also be competitive at middleweight is ridiculous. Leonard is probably the most celebrated and he was just amazing to watch. Probably the most talented of them and most diverse and maybe the best at Welter, but Haggler as a middleweight is by far the best ever for me. And I think he beat Leonard! This is quite an interesting watch. Leonard taking part in an exhibition match against an amateur who got a bit too competitive triggering Leonard to automatically switch to beast mode.
  25. A few taken yesterday in my living room, in a moment of absolute boredom. I used an old curtain as backdrop and roped my girlfriend into being my subject. This was mainly to test out my new Mamiya RZ67 but I'm quite happy with how the tests shots worked out on digital so thought I'd share since I won't be developing the film stuff for a while! And a few older ones I finally got around to processing. And some Medium Format Film shots. Probably the last I'll take on my old Mamiya 645 before I sell it:
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