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  1. I haven't played it in a while, but Jak and Daxter had a nice snow level didn't it?
  2. I loved DK64. I know it had far too much emphasis on collecting, but the graphics were great and I thought the levels were fantastic. I think I must have been the only person in the world to have collected everything, obtaining 101% completion and the secret ending. I'd do it again too.
  3. I was reading an old issue of Edge when I saw this game in the pre-screen section. Has anyone else seen or heard of this game? The visual style is fantastic. It looks like it's been made by Tim Burton or something! Some screens: http://www.gamespydaily.com/screenshots/index.asp?id=16519 http://www.gamespydaily.com/screenshots/index.asp?id=16520 http://www.gamespydaily.com/screenshots/index.asp?id=16524 http://www.gamespydaily.com/screenshots/index.asp?id=16523 http://www.gamespydaily.com/screenshots/index.asp?id=16521 http://www.gamespydaily.com/screenshots/index.asp?id=16522
  4. There's a sketch of the Batman mask at IGN, which looks pretty cool. It's apparently the closest thing to an official photo of the suit. http://filmforce.ign.com/batman/articles/505/505867p1.html Just read that script again. Very good. I can't see Katie Holmes fitting her role very well though. She's too innocent and not tough enough.
  5. Shenmue box-art is fantastic. As are many other Sega games. So my vote goes to Sega. Square are also consistently good.
  6. I must be missing something. I thought the advert was terrible. Sony and Microsoft promote the idea that their products will offer some sort of unparalleled exhilarating experience in their adverts. Nintendo promote piñatas?! The nutri-grain ad is excellent though.
  7. I think it’s excellent. It looks functional and unstoppable which is what the batmobile should be. Plus it's a bit intimidating too. I always thought the Burton Batmobiles were a little ludicrous with lots of fancy unneeded crap all over the car. Batman doesn’t need his cars to look cool, that’s almost out of character for him if you think about it. Just read a batman book called tenses. Anyone else read it? It's about Bruce Wayne’s first year as Batman and as the head of Wayne Enterprises. Absolutely brilliant. I much preferred it to The Dark Knight Returns. The artwork is like the animated cartoon too.
  8. I'd never heard of this game but just checked out some of the shots on Gamesradar. Looks quite interesting, like a weird mix of classic donkey kong and Super Mario 2 or something. http://gamesradar.msn.co.uk/news/default.a...bsectionid=1588
  9. Yeah it's crazy that they managed to reunite the Taxi cast (who are looking old!) especially when they all hated Kaufman. Jeff Connoway from Taxi actually assaulted him after an award ceremony! If you guys like Man on the Moon you should definitely read Lost in the Funhouse. It's the biography of Andy Kaufman and it's fascinating, very funny and genuinely tragic in places. It really makes you appreciate his skill at manipulating and understanding his audience. The guy was ridiculous in his dedication to the authenticity of his characters and almost never broke character. It’s a shame that the film hardly covered anything of his life. The real way he was fired from SNL is very interesting and I’m not really sure why it wasn’t included.
  10. Anyone seen this film? Jim Carrey is superb in this. He's scarilly accurate in his portrayal of Andy Kaufman. The film's fairly average, but it's worth watching for his performance alone. Anyone read 'Inside the Funhouse'? it's amazing how much stuff they could have used for this film but left out. Anyway it's on tonight at half 10 on channel 2. Opinions?
  11. Police Story does indeed boast some ridiculously amazing stunts, many of which have since been imitated (badly) by other films. I much prefer it to any of the Bond films (which look kind of tame in comparison) and especially The Italian Job which is only good at particular points. Beertiger: "Besides what a stunt at the end, show me a film with a better stunt and i'll lick my own balls." Have you seen Project 'A'? The clock tower fall from Project 'A' is far more impressive in my opinion. That's a 60 foot drop which he does all in one take, gets up and then limps off! And he actually messed it up the first time he tried it! Incredible!
  12. Dear God! you're a genius! that's great! Any other ideas anyone?
  13. Kevin Costner as Robin Hood?! Crazy logic. The film's great fun though. Steve Guttenberg in any action role. What's he doing trying to be a serious actor? George Clooney in Batman and Robin. Actually most of the cast were wrong for their parts in that i thought. Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn. I just really didn't like him in the role and had a different idea to his interpretation.
  14. Hello, I'm studying film and media production and am required to make a short film. The film has to represent either loneliness, frustration or being stuck in a situation that you cannot escape. Now, this isn't hugely complicated, but the problem I am having is that I'm restricted to only 5 shots and am not allowed to incorporate any sound or text into the film. I can cut those shots up as much as I like, giving the illusion of many different shots, but I must not exceed the maximum shot allowance. I've had many ideas and have begun to film them but the problem I am having is keeping it really, REALLY simple. The stuff I've begun to film is always just a little too ambitious to adhere to the criteria. So, I was hoping that some very clever person in this forum would be able to help me by suggesting an idea. It has to be something extremely simple, that is filmable using one camera, one actor and hardly any props. It must preferably be shot indoors so that I have control over light and the film must feature no sound at all. Alternatively, an actor isn't essential so that allows a little more freedom in producing the idea (But please, no animals if possible). It can't be longer than 5 minutes either. I'm desperate now as i have to begin editing this on wednesday. Any ideas at all would be greatly appreciated. Cheers guys!
  15. I always thought it was Hopper who carried off the big speech. Walken just kind of sits there and listens to Hoppers history lesson. Either way it's a fantastic scene.
  16. Is this the film with Ashton Kutcher? Does he put in a credible performance? I usually can't stand this bloke but this film sounds quite interesting so i might have to check it out.
  17. Cast for Watchmen: Tim Roth as Rorschach. Tom Berenger as The Comedian. Jeff Bridges or John C. Reilly as The Night Owl. Richard Gere as Ozymandias, possibly. Dr Manhattan would most likely need to be CGI'd. Otherwise Ed Harris maybe? Tim Robbins would be quite good i think. He has that weird subdued calm about him. On a completely unrelated note, Graham Chapman would have been a perfect Rincewind. Eric Idle will have to do now.
  18. I bought MASH recently and was really dissapointed with it. I remember it being very funny and quite powerful in places but upon recent viewing it just came over as being very messy. Great characters though. The commentary on Swimming with Sharks is superb. George Huang is a funny guy with some crazy stories. Definately worth listening to, in some places it's almost more entertaining than the film. I love Butch Cassidy. Did you ever see 'Butch and Sundance: The Early days' with Tom Berenger as Butch and William Katt as Sundance? Berenger is scarilly similar to Newman. I imagine someone will make a remake pretty soon with George Clooney as Butch and Brad Pitt as Sundance.
  19. This is a great film. Have you read Adventures in the Screen Trade? It's written by William Goldman, the guy responsible for the novel and screen adaptation. Very good book containing a few stories about the making of Marathon Man and a lot of other classic films that he wrote. Hoffman comes across as quite the twat though.
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