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  1. Bit surprised by the comments in here. I've seen a lot of Ruiz's fights and he's a very effective and competent boxer, definitely not a bum. His only loss was a debatable decision that went to the then unbeaten Joseph Parker. Of course the result was still shocking, but I don't think it's fair to call Ruiz a a bum or to suddenly question AJ's credentials. AJ looked awful last night and right from his ring walk, he looked stiff and tentative. It was by far the worst performance I've seen from him and his fundamentals just weren't there from the opening round. It also looked to me like he got a concussion when he went down in the third and never really recovered. But that happens in the heavyweight division and although he looked poor, credit must also be given to Ruiz for taking it to AJ in the manner that he did. Styles make fights and all that Jazz so a loss to Ruiz doesn't really mean that much in the big scheme of things and certainly doesn't diminish his CV in any way. He actually has made improvements since his fight with Kiltchko. If you look at his performance against Parker, its was a very controlled and smart display of boxing, it just wasn't massively entertaining since he wasn't pushing for a KO. The adjustments he made against Povetkin (An extremely good fighter) were clear to see and he had been inching closer to the KO combo every time Povetkin came forward. After getting blasted initially, he figured out his rhythm and distance very well to get the win. It was smart boxing. Fury is clearly the best heavyweight on the planet and Wilder, despite being an awful boxer, will always have that power as an equaliser. But Joshua is still right up there with them on a good night.
  2. A few more from another roll of film that just came through. By the way, West End Cameras did a really nice job of the scans. WAY better than Mr Cad who I've not been too impressed with lately. All taken on a Mamiya 645 Pro and expired Kodak T Max 100 film.
  3. A few recent shots using expired Kodak T-Max 100. I'm using a new lens here (Slightly faster version of an 80mm that I was using previously) and struggling to get the best out of it, but I'm relatively happy with a couple of these.
  4. Sorry, some technical weirdness happening in this post, please ignore!
  5. It was, but the commentary was predictably awful and very one sided. Canelo was amazing, his head movement was so slick and he deserved to win, but it was a closer fight than Adam Smith and Dave Caldwell made out. He'll beat Andrade fairly handily to unify the division. I still think GGG beat him in both fights, but fair play to him, that's some CV he has!
  6. This is a stunning photograph! What camera was this taken on? And yeah, Mario Kart Arcade still holds up!
  7. Yeah, in fairness, I imagine Khan made a ridiculous amount of money. I suppose the question is, did he realistically have another title run left in him at the time and would he have made more money fighting the bigger names in his own division? With Brook, I'm talking more about his peak years really. He had a great win against Porter and then went on a run of awful domestic defences and a long period of inactivity (Although I'm obviously sympathetic to the shooting etc). I genuinely believe he had the skillset to have a hall of fame career if he went for the big fights of the day. I guess it's that classic boxing conundrum of legacy vs money. But if you can get both, why not?
  8. Absolutely this, which is really quite sad. It's a shame that someone as talented as Brook has squandered his career by chasing the Khan fight. He's been terribly mismanaged really and in the same way that Khan should never have taken the Canelo fight, Brook made a terrible mistake taking the GGG fight and has never been the same after that loss. Their careers have had some bizarre parallels, but Khan should go down as one of the UK's greatest fighters and I can't help but feel that Brook wasted a lot of his potential. His CV isn't close to Khan's and it's a shame as at his peak I think he would've had a chance against anybody. He did quite well against Spence.
  9. Looks like Michael Hunter is the most likely option at the moment. It probably needs to be an American name, but Ortiz would be a better fight than Miller. It's surprising how many fighters have already ruled themselves out, saying there's not enough time to prepare. They're heavyweights FFS, there's no weight limit and they have seven weeks! Miller has tested positive for PED's in the past too, and since one of the substances was EPO, it sounds like he was on a pretty serious programme and can't claim to have eaten tainted meat. I'd be surprised if we see him fighting any time soon after this.
  10. That's amazing, I've lived in Elephant and Castle for fourteen years and my job is directing music videos and I had no idea! I'm going to have to go and take a look, big thanks for the heads up!
  11. Wow, are you Rain Man?! That's genuinely impressive! It is indeed! I got very lucky and got on at a rare moment of total quiet!
  12. A few taken last week in London on my Mamiya 645 and using Kodak Porta 400 film. I'm noticing a kind of finger print blemish on some of the images. Anyone know what this might be and how to prevent it? I'm using cotton gloves to handle the film so I'm pretty sure it's not coming from me but it could be from the guys developing the film I guess. You can see it quite clearly in this image, just in front of the man's mouth. It's a kind of warping effect:
  13. It really is lovely isn't it? And I went there right after spending three days in Lisbon so not a bad week for photo opportunities! I had the same feeling coming back to the grey smog of South East London! I didn't go to Casanova and having just taken a look at their site I'm kicking myself! That said, I may have finally pushed my luck with my girlfriend if I'd taken a trip there! I've used Mr Cad a few times in Victoria. When they're good they're very good, but I've had a couple of dodgy scans from them too. Their shop is really cool though and well worth a look. I've also been recommended West End Cameras which offers a mail order service and is pretty cheap. I've just sent them a roll of film so I'll let you know if they're any good. They also do film development only at a cheaper rate if you're keen to do your own scans.
  14. I stayed up to watch it live. It was both mesmerising and deeply uncomfortable viewing in equal measure. Lomachenko has somehow improved and he was just incredible from start to finish. And it was a mismatch in one sense, but let's not forget that Crolla was relatively competitive against Linares and is ranked in the top 5. So although the outcome was never in doubt, it's also a case that Lomachenko is just that good. I am REALLY not a fan of the Ref's Bowtie cam. A totally unnecessary angle and it was horrible to watch a first person view of Crolla on his back after the KO. Hope they get rid of that as it just feels gratuitous. Before the Spence fight I think Garcia would have given him a tough fight, just because of his size and strength, but I'm not sure he can recover from a beating like that. Gervonta Davis and Teofomo Lopez would be interesting and could give him issues as they both carry real power.
  15. @Naysonymous I love that edit, it looks fantastic! I've now been scanning my own film. Much happier with the results! A few from a recent trip to Barcelona, all taken on a Mamiya 645 with Porta 400 Film. My lady being extremely patient with me all holiday! And I got the colour film developed of some black and white shots I posted earlier. Think I prefer the colour to the Tri-X Black and White film!
  16. Thanks @FishyFish, looking forward to trying out the scanner and seeing what results I get! From what I've heard, much better than relying on shop scans. Which cameras do you currently own? A few more from Lisbon: Using cinestill 800:
  17. Some lovely photos in here! Genuinely inspiring stuff! I've had my first roll of 120mm film back since buying my Mamiya 645. I'm really enjoying medium format. It means having to learn how too focus all over again on this camera, but it's been a lot of fun. And 15 photos per roll sure makes you be more selective about the pictures you're taking! Here are a few that I took on expired Kodak Tri-X 100 Black and White. There weren't as many artefacts as I thought there'd be considering the film expired in 2006, but it's got some character. My girlfriend gave me permission to post these just in case it looks a bit shady! I'm not thrilled with the scans. I've just bought an Epson Perfection V600 so I'm going to start scanning my own photos. Any recommendations on where I can get film developed for cheap in London without the extra scanning costs?
  18. A few recent photos taken on my Minolta XD-7 on plain old Kodak 200 35mm film. A portrait of my mum: And then a little test photo on my brand new (But very much second hand) Mamiya 645 Medium Format camera.
  19. This has run out of steam for me. I'm a huge fan off these type of games but there's just something a bit lifeless about this. Also, at times it feels like it's less about strategy and much more about being massively outnumbered. Fun for a little while though!
  20. I've seen another angle somewhere where you can see Francis connect hard with the uppercut and it really looks like it's the cause of Cain's legs just completely buckling. That said, still looks like he injures his knee in the process so it still could have been a different outcome without the knee injury.
  21. I gave up on the Trial of Fools and decided to go and complete the game instead. It says I have 100 percent completion, but I'm being tormented by that damn unfinished colosseum... Beautiful game. Ridiculously difficult in places and easily one of the most frustrating games I've played at times, but equally one of the most gratifying too. Any other games like this I should look out for on the Switch? I've completed both Guacamelees.
  22. Haha it really does! Speaking of which, I'm giving today to finish the final trial in the colosseum and then I'm done with that. The flying section is driving me to comical levels of rage that cannot be good for my long term health! I'm rapidly running out of side quests though. I've found all of the Grubs, I've got every charm, I've completed the White Palace (Enjoyably hard that one) and I'm moments away from finishing the dream quest. Has anyone beat Grimm yet? Had a couple of goes but could tell it was going to be frustrating, and I can only handle one frustrating thing at a time in this game, so thought I'd come back later.
  23. I'm back to wanting to smash my head through my Switch trying beat the Colosseum - Trial of Fools . This game man, unforgiving. I can get around 80 percent of the way through but always die during the last phase of the spiked ground bit. And the Primal Aspids are the worst!
  24. I upgraded some stuff, went back to the Watcher Knights and did it first time! The first time round I was trying to do it without even upgrading my nail! Cheers for the help guys! Took out Hornet (Second time) and Traitor Knight and now I'm trying to beat the final trial in the colosseum of Fools. This game is so ridiculously epic, just beautiful.
  25. I'm not entirely sure! Anyway, despite this boss giving me Hulk levels of rage, the game is absolutely mesmerising and up there with one of the best games I've played in recent years.
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