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  1. Thanks guys, really appreciate it! Definitely still tasking a while to get used to film though. Probably a third of the shots I've been taking per roll have been soft! No focus assist to check sharps any more!
  2. A few more on my Minolta XD-7 using Kodak 8667073 Tri-X 400 135/36 Negative, Black/White film. Shot with a Minolta 58mm or a Minolta 28mm. Love these lenses.
  3. I’m taking a little breather from digital and I’ve switched over to a Minolta XD-7 to shoot film. It’s a lot of fun (pricey though!) but I’m enjoying the results. Still got a long way to go!
  4. I've decided to take a little break from digital and switch over to 35mm. I've just bought a Minolta XD-7 SLR and I'm really enjoying shooting on film, very satisfying. Quick question for the celluloid guys here; what happens if I switch ASA mid-roll? For example, if I'm shooting on ASA100 film and I decide to push the ASA up to 200 for one shot before switching back, will that affect the rest of my photos? Just curious about what the effects are and why!
  5. What a fantastic fight. I felt bad for Linares as he made it really competitive but Lomachenko landed with the most perfect body shot I've seen in a while. Also worth noting is that Linares came in almost three weight classes heavier than Loma and looked much bigger, but was still KO'd. That's an incredibly achievement. There's a lot of hype surrounding Loma but I really do think it's justified. Three weight title holder in just 12 fights is ridiculous and he's beating opponents that are of an incredibly high standard. I think he's the best fighter since Roy Jones Jr. That said, I think he's reached his peak weight now and I think Mikey Garcia is too big for him.
  6. So it’s Lomachenko vs Linares tomorrow night. This has the potential to be a real classic and it’s great that the very best are going at it. I favour Lomachenko but I think it’s going to be really close and Linares is such a classy fighter.
  7. Yup, I used to think the same. But he utterly dismantled Chisora in their rematch and made Klitschko look extremely average. Before his time off, he somehow became a good technical boxer!
  8. Agreed. But one small consolation about his fight tonight is that if he wins, he'll equal the record of most consecutive middleweight title defences. It's a shame he was ducked for much of his prime, he's definitely an all time great as far as I'm concerned. Saunders and Charlo are both great fights and a couple of years ago I would have had him winning both. Now that he's on the last leg of his career, I think both would one tough. He's still elite but might not quite be the same force he was when he was knocking out the likes of Geale and Macklin in such brutal fashion.
  9. I thought so too, but I rewatched their last fight recently and actually he went six rounds before the injury and he looked pretty terrible. He couldn't find his range, telegraphed his punches and his balance was awful. He used to get away with keeping his hands low because his speed and sheer athleticism was extraordinary, but in my opinion he's not adjusted his style to compensate for his ageing body. I was surprised at how much success Bellew had counterpunching Haye and picking his shots carefully. Even without the injury, I think Haye would have declined quickly over 12 rounds. I reckon it's a 50/50 now due to Haye's inactivity and age. Prime Haye would have made quick work of Bellew though.
  10. Agreed. He’s 35 and that’s pretty old for guys in the lower weight classes. What a career he’s had though, easily one of my favourite ever fighters and a true gentleman. Still, Frampton looked pretty sharp and fought very intelligently. I can see him having another title run soon.
  11. So Canelo has tested positive for a banned substance ahead of the rematch with GGG. Golden Boy are claiming it's from meat in Mexico but it's all a little suspect to me. It's also the same substance that got Lucas Browne and a few other boxers banned, so we'll see if the same rules are applied here. I doubt it very much since Alvarez appears to be untouchable.
  12. Well another very unconvincing win by Wilder. I was quite impressed with his chin but he just looks awful to me. Still, he beat a tough opponent.
  13. Ortiz is looking sharp for a man who is clearly 50!
  14. It's such a shame that Ortiz is a drug cheat. I used too be a fan of his and I think he's got talent, but failing two drug tests is pretty indefensible. I can't stand Wilder as a boxer and he's got one of the most padded records in boxing, but if he wins this comfortably he has to be taken seriously I suppose. I still think his technique (or lack of it) is horrible to watch though.
  15. Totally agree, it's amazing television with some mesmerising performances. I also like Alfred Molina as Robert Aldrich. The entire story is incredible and from what I understand, mostly accurate too.
  16. I hear what you're saying and I agree to an extent, but at the same time, what we saw in that fight was one of the finest pure boxers in the world almost completely fail to connect with a single punch in the entire fight. Rigondeaux is an incredible fighter with immense hand speed and accuracy, and he just couldn't compete with Lomachenko at all. In this instance, I don't think the size difference was really significant, especially considering that out of the two of them, Rigo is the more dangerous puncher. I really do believe Lomachenko is just that good and his foot work is on another level. He looks a class above anyone else I can think of at the moment, including Golovkin, Garcia and Crawford.
  17. Yup. I’d love to see him fight Mikey Garcia. Here’s a great demonstration of his genius. He’s making a phenomenal fighter look very ordinary.
  18. He certainly is. I think it's safe to say he's now Pound for Pound number 1 and I reckon the Lomachenko we saw last night would beat anyone at 130, including Mayweather. Very disappointed in Rigondeaux though. Incredible talent but maybe he doesn't have the heart anymore. DeGale was awful last night too. I've not been impressed with him in his last couple of fights.
  19. Lomachenko vs Rigondeaux in a few hours. This has the potential to be an all time classic fight, despite Rigondeaux's tendency to stink up fights in the later rounds. Two of the best purest boxers around and both have two gold medals and incredible amateur records. I've got Lomachenko by points, but this could go either way.
  20. I was going to leave the skipping challenge, but I couldn't bring myself to be one moon short of club membership!
  21. So that's it. I've got all coins, all costumes and every moon except for skipping rope and beach volley ball, which I'm really not sure I can be arsed with as they're both so tedious. What an incredible game. Darker side nearly made me throw my switch out the window, but it was ridiculously gratifying when I finally managed to climb that skyscraper, and I actually felt a bit emotional as I was reaching the top! I didn't think I'd able to appreciate games in this way again, but after Zelda and now Mario, my faith has been fully restored!
  22. Yeah, Wilder is just an awful professional. No balance at all and really clumsy lunging punches. He also has one of the worst CV's out of any of the champs of his division. I honestly think Joseph Parker would beat him on points.It's also ridiculous that Stiverne was mandatory as he hasn't done anything of note in years.
  23. Massive thanks, that's great and really helpful. I'll let you know how I get on!
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