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  1. I'm interested in one thing and one thing only, and that's cobres doblados.
  2. Imagine how shocked we'll all be if his plan was to get captured all along!
  3. Very rare, the DC is still a massive boon. Especially if you're doing a load of short hop trading runs with lots of docking. In fact I've had no problems since a few patches ago, now, so they may have even improved it. Forget I spoke (but keep an eye out anyway)
  4. Docking computer can handle planetary landings just fine. You do have to pay attention with every auto docking though as sometimes, very rarely, it will freak out and try to crash you. It's never killed me but has come close a few times.
  5. The docking computer is priceless and I use it often, but on the flip side docking manually in a nippy ship is really rewarding. And a thrill when you only have seconds of oxygen left after a canopy blowout... I Sometimes only engage the docking computer once I'm through the slot, so it can do the actual landing.
  6. Can't remember if I saw it here a few months ago or on the official forum, but since there's lots of new players, this is worth repeating. Frontier allow you to choose an annual special day where they'll reward you with a discount voucher or special offer of some kind. They differ every year, possibly even different for different people. Random perhaps. I just got my first one which is 20 percent off any digital product, which isn't bad. There's 20 percent off some ship paint jobs at the moment anyway, but naturally all the ones I want aren't discounted. Here is where you sign up. I set my day for a couple of months from my sign up date so that there'd be plenty of time for their admin to add me, but I wouldn't have to wait too long for my first offer. https://www.elitedangerous.com/en/prefs/special-day Apols if already common knowledge.
  7. Yes! Post-BB Kim would be great! Kim's fab.
  8. Two more seasons and then a couple set after BB, perhaps? I mean, sure he's on the run, living under an assumed identity, but a resourceful chap like him could find a way out, no? They could even make a hell of a season with him in prison. He'd have a lot of contacts, friends and enemies both inside and outside...
  9. Anyone see the red bell on the workshop desk when Hector was standing by it? I know his wasn't red in BB but it was a nice little Easter egg. Not the right term, but you know what I mean.
  10. And his home planet is called Rebellion. NHope is born on Rebellion. Or Hope Solo. Starts out as goalie for the US ladies football team... Before that fateful meeting with a wookie mentioned above.
  11. Oh, cool. Yesterday Mukhang. Today Heimat and, erm...Basuseku(!?). Tomorrow, the UNIVERSE! Last night, for the first time, I finally went to erm, Baseseku? Whatever it's called. Did a couple of passenger missions for the Symposium from there, but wound up on a planet in another system that had ZERO missions and ZERO passenger missions for any of the seven factions, so I logged off in disgust. I'm a bit frazzled after going 8K light years and back again for the exploration CG**, but finding nothing but a crash to desktop on a planet out there that looks like it's meant to be a part of the background "story" about the Formidine Rift. And, now that I'm back in the bubble, there's confirmation that they're looking at the bug. I am not flying back. NOT. Well,not tonight anyway.... **Yeah, I know, for exploration CGs you can hand in scan data from anywhere!
  12. The srv is great fun. Just wish there was more to do with it. But since there are now players organising "football" matches with SRVs and alien relics, maybe I'm just not trying hard enough.
  13. I got black orca and pink lasers . Space gangster disco pimp taxi whale.
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