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  1. Not saying that Merc won't still produce a great engine, but it's its MGU-H that's a cut above, so it might even things a little.
  2. Podium and DJ booth. Hopefully becomes standard. Can't wait to see the Crown Prince of Monaco drop some beats.
  3. I agree that public money shouldn't be used for our GP but a decent argument would be that motorsport is a huge industry here, surely?
  4. I'm pleased Nico won the WDC. I'm sad that he didn't really go for it for the last four races, but then he didn't need to. Hope 2017 is a good one. Not really sure how to watch it as Sky is just too expensive.
  5. Great, great race. Eventually. Nico probably does deserve a championship, in the same way that Hunt probably did. Similarly, Hunt only really won because Lauda missed a few races, and Nico may only win because Lewis' engine exploded in Malaysia. For that reason it'd be nice if Nico won the last race, at least then he'd have a 10-9 win record.
  6. Some do get moved very occasionally but it is pretty rare, particularly with the more established races.
  7. His Stevenage accent really coming through here
  8. I thought before today (and still think now) that if Hamilton wins the last four races he will be DWC. I have my doubts about his ability to win either or both of Mexico & Brazil, though.
  9. Was rather different to Rosberg's tackle on Kimi. I think it'll be fine.
  10. Really quite nervous. Would love to see a smooth getaway from all of the drivers at the front.
  11. Velse

    Cricket Thread

    Kinda want Bangladesh to win it. They deserve it. I think we might sneak it though. 33 runs is quite a lot for the last two wickets.
  12. Monster pole lap from Ham.
  13. It will be, I agree. I'm coming round to the idea of Rosberg as champion (gracious of me I know). I think what I'm disappointed about is the lack of on track battles this year. We had Nico move over in Monaco. We had them take each other out in Spain (thanks guys, I travel all the way to Barcelona and don't even see a racing lap of a Mercedes). We had Austria. But most of the time, one or the other has either made a mistake or had a problem, and they've had to recover from it to end up finishing on the podium. I'd guess that Nico's engine was (quite rightly) running at 90% most of this morning. Nico's win in Singapore was faultless. But other than that, has he been that impressive? I'd suggest probably not. He's done what's been required of him, and been very composed and consistent, and that's great. But he's not really set the world on fire.
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