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  1. I'm handing my Steam account over to my son. Enjoy your games lads, it's been fun.
  2. I fancy this one because of the custom stuff. Nothing wrong with 9men, it will probably be our 'home' come late November if we let our server lapse.
  3. Well, fifteen people have read this and no-one's said no, so I'll take it as a YES.
  4. HAT GET! I just got the Fancy Fedora. Someone on the server reckons that loads of people have got hats tonight, though I don't know if there's any truth in that.
  5. Sunday games have an AWFUL turnout. How about this week we visit the PwnShop? It's a fun server to play on, with daft custom stuff. 8PM? I'll go on. It would be nice to see a few familiar faces during the evening. All Talk is OFF so if you want to be social try to shuffle onto the same team.
  6. What tips can we share which will improve our TF2 experience? I've had a massive performance improvement since moving over to DirectX 8.1. I didn't realise how to do it for ages, so here it is for anyone else who could benefit from it but doesn't know how... Open the My Games bit of Steam, right click on TF2, select properties, select Launch Properties. In there I have +cl_showfps 2 -width 1280 -height 720 -dxlevel 81 -heapsize 1500000, the important bit being -dxlevel 81. Anyone who is having performance issues should do that first.
  7. Oh, here's another thing. Now and again, a vote comes up for Extreme Mode, which is insane. Everyone has unlimited ammo and fires at machine-gun rate. So you'll get scouts pinging hundreds of baseballs into an area which is already littered with grenades and so forth. Here's a shot of it... I would have gotten a shot from deeper in the action, but as you can probably guess, once I get around that corner I'm dead. Also, note the framerate in the top corner!
  8. No 'shrooms. I'll get the ip address later, it's called the pwnshop. It has a Roll The Dice mod, so you put 'rtd' into chat and get a surprise. Just like being at the fair. There's also a bunny hop mod in there, which I keep forgetting about. When you jump you take a quick leap forward, meaning you can traverse the map with ease if you remember to do it. It lets you put on various hats too, which I don't *think* Valve will punish us for. If we have a game on Sunday night, it should be there. EDIT: ip address
  9. After most people left, Ingy, Astilius and I went to a fun server that I've started to frequent. They've got mods like Roll The Dice and stuff. I reckon we should go there sometime for one of our games. It's just daft and fun.
  10. I don't get it. That's just a shit parody of something, right?
  11. Quoted, so you can't pretend later that you never asked for any money. Great name, too.
  12. Any requests for tomorrow nights game?
  13. There's a niche there waiting to be filled! *twirls moustache*
  14. If the grey thing was a dipstick, it could be bear car tools.

  15. Her current meltdown is pretty good. She should have hired a professional internet arguer to help her represent herself.
  16. Remember to join the bennyhill channel, xib. I'll be needing a hand to finish my current mission tonight too (pre-20:00), as I've been on it for over a week and still can't defeat the buggers. Lair Of The Snakes is the mission.
  17. Yes please, I'd like some help. I'll fit a new ship today, if someone can help me out with these snakey gits I'll appreciate it.
  18. This might have already been covered, but... The one last week with the bloke who chose the green chair and a pen. Derren had a large envelope in his right hand which magically contained the photos of the chair and stuff. He and the bloke got mic stands with crocodile clips on them, to hang the pictures off of. Derren got two stands from off stage, with his right hand going completely out of view for a moment, allowing him to switch envelopes. Now, I'm not pretending to be super at spotting the trick. I wondered where he got the envelope and rewinded the show to find out. What's important is that the camera cut to the other bloke at the crucial time (he had to get a stand too, though I don't think it even ended up being used). I think this is along the same lines of a camera trick, though not as strong. Rather than misdirecting us and getting us to watch the other side of the stage, they used editing so that we coudn't see it at all. Fair point on what some people have said though; it's not the trick that's important, it's getting people to accept some clever explanation rather than just going "it's not real, it's on telly".
  19. Soldier update? Rocket dog item retriever?
  20. It was worth it for the Star Trek and the Jedi stuff alone. The rest is good too, I didn't mean to imply that they were the only worthwhile bits.
  21. I'm still getting my arse handed to me in the Lair Of The Snakes. At this rate I'll end up beating them by ranking up enough skills to pilot a big, heavy ship. There are three waves of enemies. I pulverise the first wave, I can kill three of the five in the next wave (one by one, then warping away for repairs). The last two in wave two punch the shit out of me. I'm currently doing bits of mining to raise cash to improve my ship, while training skills in the time it takes. I have to admit, the education I'm getting from this mission is wonderful. I'm learning a wide variety of things about the game, the interface, mining, markets, the map... everything! Sod the tutorial, just find something which is too difficult for you and keep aiming for it.
  22. I use my mouse 5 button for chat. It would be dead easy to use mouse 4 for all talk and mouse 5 for team chat.
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