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  1. We start at about 20:00 - 20:15.
  2. There'll be people on our server on Thursday, Sunday nights have been pretty much dead for a while. I went to other places tonight.
  3. Aye, that would be excellent. It's obviously a great plan, why aren't they implementing it?
  4. Slooowly mining to raise cash for that ship fitting what Mote showed me. I am going to finish this mission!
  5. After a low turnout last night I think I'll change the map cycle to only have a few regular, popular maps. Hopefully we can get randoms in to buff out the teams. Ten of us (as there were last night) could have a great session against ten randoms. I'm going to turn off all talk too. It's a team game and you need to be able to talk tactics. All talk ruins that. Any suggestions/opposition welcome.
  6. Good games lads. Sorry for just leaving at the end (Redfort) but being pulverised isn't my idea of fun. No randoms at all tonight, that's a shame.
  7. Half an hour, chaps. Then the forum weekly game is on.
  8. How do you join the Bennyhill channel?
  9. Not when he's making sweet, sweet love with the scout.
  10. Dropping the sandvich is an amazing change. The heavy just became a tiny health dispenser.
  11. Hopefully. Fingers crossed for you. The start map on the server is koth_loader, and it's excellent. I only wish there was an arena version as it would be the perfect starter map for the server. As it is, I think I'll make a config file so the map finishes after 30 minutes but not before, no matter the score.
  12. Anyone coming this week? The last few weeks I've sat on my own waiting for people to turn up, then some bully turns up and beats the shit out of me.
  13. I couldn't wait for the BBC showings so I ended up racing ahead. The second half of season 5 was watched on one night, all the way through to the next morning. Bubbles' story really touched me and gave me the extra little push I'd been needing. I've been struggling with the drink for years, certainly the whole time I've been a member of this community. The Wire ended that struggle, I can genuinely say that the series changed my life. Today marks one month since my last drink. Thank you, David Simon.
  14. Get it sorted! Is it your ISP or what?
  15. Great games last night! I've removed Piratelife from the cycle and mixed the others around, Piratelife needs better balancing before it becomes much fun. I liked Bedrooms. It's good to see the downloads are quick enough now.
  16. Actually, none of this should be needed. The low level admin setting should mean that most people are normal users (with reserved slots) on Thursdays. As long as none of the Northern Mafia or Electricant are online, the low level admins can play with the buttons. Such as Rudi in with his friends last night, if the plugin had been working. One thing though... /admin_lowlevel ! ///// reservedslot =6 .. lowlevel=! and these cannot be changed. //LowerTier Admin only active when anyone without ! level is present That last line is wrong, right? The LowerTier Admins should only be active when there's none of the higher level admins present. That's how it would make sense.
  17. Oh no! Time to dish it out to all but the Northern Mafia. I hope this isn't a devious trick, Fragmaster.
  18. Aye, but which way does it work? I'll put it on me, then if it makes me vulnerable you'll still be able to work everything.
  19. What does this mean? SetAdminLevel admin_overrideimmunity ] I've not given it to anyone so far, thinking that it was all text and numbers. Would that give the person the ability to override someone elses immunity? Or would it take the immunity from the person with it in their settings?
  20. The admin plugin is working again. Should be handy for tonight, and any other times like when Rudi was on with his mates last night.
  21. See you all tonight? The current map cycle is here.
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