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  1. Will this be HTML, QT or some dedicated program? Also, is there even a tiny chance that it could work on my Xbox? My PC is crap.
  2. Fairplay, I thought I had you there.
  3. Rip it to your HDD, it'll get faster.
  4. A built in LCD screen on the pad. Like a VMU, but set in.
  5. ISS98 is one of my all-time most played games. I even went a season where I'd play the matches on the right dates. It works well in co-op, very well. I believe FIFA's new way of getting a man to find space is trying to emulate the co-op aspects of footie gaming. Unfortunately it doesn't pull it off.
  6. Every sound in Space Invaders.
  7. toonfool


    I didn't play it for months after deciding we needed to play non-violent games in our house. I've got it back in the last couple of months and am loving it again. My skills have depreciated somewhat, that must be fixed before the meet. Fortunately I can practice with Ed(9), he's a tough cookie. I'm still totally blown away by this game (mostly by the enemy) and feel a genuine disappointment when someone doesn't like it. I took my Xbox into work today (Last day at school type shenanigans), one of the lads was going to buy an Xbox after our half-day finish. When he tried Halo and watched anot
  8. I suppose it's asking too much for them to put Newcastle in the actual game this time?
  9. After reading only the beginning of the thread I voted for option 4. It seemed that Stu was going after a massive corporation and he'd end up in court shouting "you just don't fucking get it!" at the judge, which would be nice. I think he could have even won it. After voting, I realised I should have went for option 3, leave the poor bugger alone. I reckon there'll be others who have gone through the same motions. Leave him alone Stu, he's not your natural target. In this case, you're your natural target.
  10. If Vlad Tepes III is reading this: I'll get the Retro and I have the Xbox special. Hopefully they'll find their way to you before Christmas.
  11. I don't think so. Though, I played the original on the NES and have played the MD version on my Xbox and my memory is pretty useless. So, erm, I don't think so. Fantastic game, absolutely fantastic. One of the rare (chuckle) titles that Wor Lass likes. The bairns have tried it a few months ago and enjoyed it but found it too difficult. I have a hazy memory of being supremely proud when I finished it, some of those jumps were bloody hard.
  12. Unirally. I'm mystified as to why this hasn't been converted for the GBA. 4 player link up...
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