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  1. I think a few people had trouble getting into the game early on, I saw them join but they didn't appear. Then Well got played twice in a row for some reason, and Pacman didn't end at 30 mins, just started the clock again. Weird.
  2. Are you lads all on the moral high road? I am. See you on the server in less than an hour, and we'll find out which of us hasn't earned a place at God's side.
  3. Well, that must have been smaller than it said it was going to be. See you tonight!
  4. Those reviews were by Sir Stiff One! You've misattributed them to me.
  5. Hmm, this should test my connection. I'll join you when I finish this 6 Gig install.
  6. One of my hard drives has died on me, the one with my Steam install on it. That Loader map doesn't seem to be on the server and I realised about the catastrophe when I tried to upload it. So, the mapcycle for tonight is... arena_well cp_junction_final cp_pacman_normal_wtf pl_goldrush cp_yukon_final koth_nucleus I've put all talk on, removed any game win conditions and set a 30 minute time limit per map. I'm now going to try to put Steam in the little space I have left in my other drive. Fingers crossed.
  7. Maybe it didn't help that I was reading it for the first time while being a parent of teenage kids. I just kept thinking 'you useless shite' whenever he did something. I loved the way the prose worked when I started it, but couldn't carry on with it once I new the character well. I'm a really slow reader too, hardly ever get through a book in one sitting.
  8. Oh man. I'm really not trying to paint myself as someone who is unable to finish a book, as I said earlier, but... You can't blame me, the main character was an arsehole and I couldn't bring myself to care about his story. Probably got somewhere between a half and three-quarters of the way through.
  9. Agreed. arena_well cp_junction pacman Goldrush Yukon koth_loader
  10. Oh, I thought it was an official one brought in with the last patch but apparently it's not. It's half the size of the pacman map though, so should be quick to download. As long as some of the bouncy pads are triggers to drop pianos on your head, that sounds okay.
  11. arena_well cp_junction OR cp_fastlane pacman Yukon koth_loader ...
  12. The first forum I joined on the internet was a Perfect Dark forum, before it was released. Spent ages on there getting hyped, as Bob Hope. I was a grown man.
  13. I'm not trying to paint myself as someone who is unable to finish a book, but... Cell was awful, I must have only got about 100 pages or so before giving up.
  14. 2 mins is okay. Remember, this is a one-time-only download too. But 2 mins is fine, we should even get some randoms in at that speed. This is excellent, as the download speed was one of only two problems with the server. The other problem being my inexperience, which means I make a few mistakes in running it, but obviously I'm learning all the time. arena_well cp_junction OR cp_fastlane pacman Yukon ... ...
  15. Aye, fair enough. So far I reckon the map list looks like... an arena map Pac-Man Yukon ... ... ... Rudi (or anyone else who's reading), can you connect to the server and see how long it takes you to download the Pac-Man map? It should be pretty quick.
  16. Damn, the arena map I was thinking of is actually a koth map. Loader.
  17. Right, the servers got a sub-server set up forfast downloads. I've just checked and double-checked it, the Pac-Man map downloads in about 20 seconds for me. Fantastic, the only problem that the server had was slow map downloads, now that's gone. I'm leaving the Pac-Man map on, so people can check their speed, it all depends on your broadband connection. Get on and get it. We're definitely playing this on Thursday.
  18. Last week I tried something different with an editable map list, it was an abject failure. Only two people put an edit in before the deadline. This week I'm going to ask, what do you want? Left to me, I'd put an arena map in for the start. Arena's great as the first map, as the number of players slowly goes up so does the team size. Meaning no-one's going to have a massive head start while the numbers are low. I think Offblast is the place to go, but I'll have to check it first as I'm not sure of the name of the map. It's a great, tiny map. hmm ... let me check something on the server ...
  19. Well, I spent 25 minutes getting my arse handed to me by the only other bloke on the server. Then Evil and Carlospie turned up, but as 2 vs 2s go, it was still a whupping. I left after 20 minutes of that.
  20. I'm keen on Buxton water, which I have in front of me now. Though, any water tastes good after a bottle of Volvic, that's like drinking plastic.
  21. There's a new 35mm print of this around. It's on at the Tyneside Cinema next weekend so I reckon I'll mosey on down to there as I've never seen it before.
  22. I say we do the same again this weekend, Dustbowl all night. If we fancy a different map near the end, Evil's worked out how to change without kicking everyone. Dustbowl fiils the server, and it's a perfectly good, fun map.
  23. I still believe that sexual sprays have no place in TF2 but you've written a great post there and I'd like to see a discussion on it in Off Topic. Would you repost that as a new topic in there please?
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