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  1. Aye! I only realised she was a girl when a character mentioned it. I thought she was a particularly evil young boy.
  2. They couldn't do that. Some people would wait until after 1 vs 100 before buying it. This game is shite as long as people are mashing on it. There's no point trying to get the question right when you have thousands of people mashing random buttons. Between them, there'll be loads of 'winners' who are ultra-fast. Shame, it could have been really good.
  3. There are more new maps than I realised. In light of this, this is the new cycle. koth_sawmill cp_yukon_final koth_nucleus ctf_sawmill koth_viaduct arena_offblast_final
  4. Have you tried playing with us? We're great!
  5. Got the new official maps on a cycle on their own. Mostly KOTH, with one other (Yukon) cp map.
  6. The update has fucked all add-ons. I imagine a lot of servers are now down, ours is up. I've set up a map cycle to let us try the new maps/games. Here it is... koth_sawmill koth_nucleus koth_viaduct cp_yukon_final The admin list is disabled until they patch the update and allow add-ons. Meaning there are no reserve slots and no-one can change maps or ban people, or anything. Except for evilwallpaper, who is all-powerful.
  7. My informants tell me it's spore, which is no real surprise. Spore, no more porn on the TF2 server. I know you think we're all immature by not wanting that, think whatever you like of us. No more porn on the TF2 server. Don't test us. I'll just permaban you if you do. If/when I work out how to do it.
  8. Who is it? This person was asked last night to stop using porn sprays, but continued. His spray was disabled, then he moaned on about how there wouldn't be a problem if it was a game full of women and we were just hung-up over porn because we were men (or words to that effect). At the start of the next map he used a different porn spray (a cartoon of the heavy making love with the scout, I think), then left when it was disabled. Someone must know who it is. 'fess up.
  9. Oh, you're definitely getting switched over in future!
  10. Aye. Dave wasn't in the first game, but in the second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth he was on the other side to me. At the start of the seventh game (Granary) I had a peek at the teams and was dismayed to see he was on the other side, then he backstabbed me before I'd even made it to the point.
  11. How does it wall jump out of the hole? Can you do that? Oh, er, thanks mchugh.
  12. 8PM tonight, folks. Standard/classic maps on the server. 1 round each, 60 second wait for players, 7 maps in the cycle. cp_dustbowl pl_goldrush cp_well ctf_2fort cp_gravelpit tc_hydro cp_granary
  13. cp_dustbowl pl_goldrush cp_well ctf_2fort cp_gravelpit tc_hydro cp_granary
  14. I had never heard of this before and only watched it a few weeks ago because I saw Bob Hoskins was on my muted television while I lined up something else to watch. I unmuted it and loved the episode. Since then I watched the one with the soldier and the one with the alkie. Gripping television. Amazing that it can go on for so long on BBC1 and I've never even heard of it.
  15. Snoop is the real deal too, same name as the character, used to work on the corners, shot a girl and killed her.
  16. Aye, a great bump for this four day old thread.
  17. Frank Skinner is going through a great funny spell. He's matured wonderfully.
  18. I think I'll swap Well and 2Fort, to break up the Capture Point maps. I'll also set each map to a single round, so we quickly go from one to another.
  19. Pac-Man is utterly brilliant, though it's not worth playing it as it effectively shuts down the server. The providers are currently saetting up a fast download side-server. When that's up and running I'll host maps there and redirect the D/L traffic. Custom maps will improve by 1000% when that's working.
  20. Another thing. Server setup time, which allows people to hang around before the game starts (apparently). Any clues? I can't find it. More importantly, and Ed reckons 9Men is set up like this; when the game goes to Bonus Round, that bit after you've won and can hunt down the opposition. What settings allow me to make that low gravity and put friendly fire on? Just for the bonus rounds.
  21. Everybody okay with this maplist for this week? Dustbowl Well Granary Gravel Pit Hydro 2Fort
  22. Pac-Man is great with more people in it. I've set the mapcycle to only run Dustbowl. Any one of us can change it to a different map from within the game.
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