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  1. Five minutes till the Sunday Night Match.
  2. WELL I THINK I'LL WATCH LOUIS, as I like that kind of thing. I'll set Rivers to record.
  3. You're now on the list.
  4. Aye Joe, you should delete that. It's not in the spirit of the thread. EDIT: Bravo.
  5. That's bonkers. I saw an auction from Cramlington yesterday; there was an option to collect in person, with a £2.50 charge if you wanted to do so.
  6. Dustbowl and Pac-Man this week. After playing those, I'll see what people want. Longer game on Pac-Man this time, I promise.
  7. I want to organise a piss-up in Newcastle Breweries but I'm not sure exactly how to plan it. Has anyone got an email address for the board of the IGDA so I can ask them for advice?
  8. Right, Sudden Death should be working now. The line which enables it was missing from my config file. I'll see if I can make Pac-Man better (longer) now. Thanks Dave.
  9. Sack the board, sack the board, sack the board! Sack the board, sack the board, sack the boooard! Sack the board, sack the board, sack the board! Sack the board! SACK! THE BOARD!
  10. It's Thursday! We've got the weekly game on the server tonight, including a visit to the Pac-Man map. You can download that map from evil's webspace CLICK. It's best to get it now, so we don't have to wait for you to join.
  11. Dustbowl Pacman Lazytown Granary Steel Orange X tbr Please download the pacman map before playing. Evil has a link in the custom maps thread which has it in (though you may need to cut the number 2 out of the filename). Youcan D/L it from the server when playing, but you'll miss a fair portion of the game if you do.
  12. I've too much to think about on the PC, as the controls become more natural I'll start to open up more.
  13. In other news, The Wire is in the lead. Pres must have gotten onto it.
  14. Astilius has donated. * PayPal balance: £48.26 GBP The next bill is due on the 22nd. I'll go for three months this time, which is £58.23. I can cover the rest of what's needed so we're set until the 22nd November!
  15. The pacman map will be played tomorrow. No doubt there'll be eight or ten minutes of capturing to and fro, followed by STALEMATE. Rinse, repeat and end map. I'd like to set up a special server config so we can have a decent amount of game time followed by a decent amount of Sudden Death. Also, I'd like to be able to introduce Sudden Death into all the other appropriate maps, it's sorely missed right now. I'm looking around with the aid of Google but it's proving to be difficult. An experienced hand on my shoulder would be appreciated.
  16. I'm only starting to talk now, as I'm becoming au fait with the PC controls.
  17. That was a shiv, wasn't it? It would have been made in prison.
  18. Might as well give the demoman sticky mines which don't hurt him.
  19. Pac-Man would be THE BOMB with twenty-odd people running around in it.
  20. Is that a good enough spread of choices?
  21. Yeah yeah yeah. It wasn't a custom map, it's something Mark uses to teach scale in his maths lessons. Next person to criticise HAS to draw a map!
  22. With not many people in the game, my inadequacies were really shown up.
  23. Man, I had a 120Meg map on there for a while. Tonight's maps are all fairly small in memory size.
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