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  1. Xbl tag: Grinde

    PSN tag: orakleren

  2. Before you take down the AT-ATs, use grapple hook on the AT-STs, so that they just lay there doing nothing in your way. Then Down on AT-AT, go fetch a bomb and boom, then repeat with the second AT-AT
  3. Just use your grapple hook on the AT-ST's, and they'll just fall down and woila no bloody respawns or annoying deaths while draging the those bombs on the AT-ATs
  4. I´m in love with this game, been playing Battlefield 2 since it came out, but PDZ Infection and Onslaught, is just brilliant and it really feels like good old Goldeneye, in a good way. Then sometimes taking a break just relaxing with some team killcount. So much more fun than BF2. I'm in for anything good my gamertag is: Grinde
  5. Play the cube version since it doesn't have fucked controls of the ps2 and xbox versions
  6. My bad and noted. Was a bit rash cause i think otherwise, so sorry about my presumtions, and yes Spikeout is simplistic, amateurish and cheap(at times, until you get good enough), i still find it tremendous fun in twoplayer, strange really.
  7. Red Star is a great game, but its not in the vein of spikeout, and yes it takes skill, timing etc like in a good fighting engine, alot simpler than VF but in the same very much simplified vein. Think you mean 1995-98 ish(at least in the home) with those graphic mentions, since thats the year megadrive came out in Japan, or do you think its the same as Double Dragon series in the arcade or maybe Hard Drivin(at least in 3D)????
  8. Actually as you look at each part of the game there is notting special, it's just oh so average, but when you play in multiplayer, all those thing just go away and in a really strange but nice way this is all those Golden Axe, Vendetta, TMNT, Final Fight etc... in 3d and its great fun just like all those good old days. I mean its nothing special but at the same time its great fun in way few game are these days. For multi its really good and in single its boring as hell
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