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  1. Got new kettle lead for PS4 Pro today from Maplin as I exchange the cable I bought yesterday. Phew. From what I see it is very nice and 1 TB Hard Drive is plenty but not bigger enough for all my games but I got enough on.  PS4 Pro pad is nicer than original PS4 Pad.  Hadn't tried it out with small 4K TV in living room yesterday.

  2. I got new US PS4 Pro and bought a figure 8 cable for power supply and it is not the right one (it is correct for PS4) aarrgghhh. Still I can use the printer cable from ink jet printer which I don't use. 

  3. I am getting a switch with Zelda next Weekend. I already got Joy con charger from Nintendo. 

    Is there anything else I need 

    Memory card - I got 32GB card already on my old phone. Can I use that ? - will it be big enough for Mario Kart ?

    HDMI Cable ?

    Do I need a USB cable to plug in power supply or I can use one from PS4 controller to USB ? 

    Will get controller but not at 59.99 

    USB C Dock ? 

    Where the best place to buy digital download games cheap. 


  4. getting PS4 Pro in 3 weeks time. So what the best option to do. I got 2TB Hard drive in Ps4 and it is not big enough for me.  Should I buy 4TB hard drive and put it in PS4 Pro then transfer all the files from PS4 to Pro then Swap Hard Drive to 1TB on PS4 and use it and XBOX One for trade in towards XBOX One X. Then use 2TB Hard drive for something else. 


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