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  1. Is it any good ? I mean Amazon reviews is not great for PS4 version. I am getting everybody's golf. I am wondering it is worth getting or ignore it. I got too many games to play with.

  2. Let hope Sony sort the manufacturing issue so it will be ok on new batch of PS4 Pros. I have Destiny 2 PS4 Pro bundle on order at Amazon.com due to needing a region A Blu Ray player ;)


  3. I think Nintendo N64 mini should have more powerful version of N64 wth better graphics/framerate and ability to use modern pads as well as classics N64 pad.. But I don't know how difficult to re render/compile the game. 

    Could a improved updated graphics library help ? 

  4. I want to buy Region A version of Microsoft XBOX One X  and can I make a special order it from Microsoft.co.uk  (How)


    so I can play 4K blu rays and Region A Blu rays along with Region B Blu rays on PS4.  I don't think I will be going to America until September 2018.  

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