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  1. I would get one, but I need it to be region A so I can use it to play American blu rays (and 4K blu rays). I will need to upgrade my TV to 4K and get PS4 Pro. So I might just buy new TV and Scorpio and then trade in XBOX One and PS4 for PS4 Pro but not sure yet. Just need to decide to go for Samsung LED TV which the forum like or wait for OLED TV to drop price even more.  I will contact Microsoft to see if I can get region A Blu Ray version instead of Region B Version we get in Europe. If no I might well wait until I go to USA on holiday next september and pick one up there. 


  2. Last week I played and complete it and I like it, but too much cliff climbing for me. I was glad to see Elena join the storylines as It is more interesting story for me.  Is the next game a new game or combined game 1-4 ? I think Last of Us is a better game for me. 


  3. 7 hours ago, Doctor Shark said:

    I'm going on holiday in a couple of weeks and I want to bring my switch, dock and all, with me. Which second power adapter can I buy?

    you could let us know which country first ;)

  4. See and used Nintendo Switch last night for first time. It is nice only thing I don't like the small pad when you use these two joypad and small black box in middle together as it is so narrow. Seen Zelda game as well. Look good. if I buy one I will buy a pro controller for it as well. I will get it around Christmas I think. Just hope there is a new Metroid Prime game for it. 

  5. I think 343 is not good enough to take Halo Franchise next level, but what would you do with it if you were given the task to make new Halo Trilogy.  Halo characters isn't good as something like Star Wars for example. I think the franchise need new engine and a reboot. Maybe in different planets with different weapons and characters. 

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