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  1. I think it need an alliance between Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, Apple, Rockstar, EA, and chip manufacturers to make it work and this should allow these companies to earn royalty, develop own controllers and hardware but the console should be able to play Mario, Halo, and Naughty Dogs games on one hardware. I would like to see fewer consoles in gamer's home but more choice on hardware, so companies like Denon, Samsung, etc can make their 4K blu ray player capable of playing these games. 

    Development cost will decrease due to fewer format to support but it might increase cost due to making sure it work on all different hardware. If we could buy games like apps for under a tenner it will take off instead of buying games for 40/50 pounds from shop/online store/online game shop. 

    Another problem is when it is time to upgrade alliance games specification to include 4K 120FPS standard or whatever it come in 6 years time. 

  2. HDMI Cable on Gamecube. Didn't know there is one. Is it custom made one.  I am fine with component input with 480P.   Love the console more than PS2 and XBOX and DC. Think I will have a look at 2nd hand game market in USA once I go to New York as there should be more games to add ;)

  3. Can't order it as I need to try it out first before buying it as I got Migraine Associated Vertigo which means I don't know if i am ok to use it or not. Not prepared to gamble yet. 


  4. There should be option to play 5/6/11 a side soccer, playing in a grass pitch, street pitch and gym and beach and weather affects on grass pitch. Make it different. Good luck. Also option to play with normal ball, beach ball and tennis ball would make it interesting. 

    How long before we get a playable demo to allow us to give feedback. 


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