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  1. Is there a massive clamp down on importing stuff from Custom offices ie Playusa.com had duty charges, cdwow.com, dvdsoon.com let hope there is no problem with dvdboxoffice.com, www.videogamesplus.ca or www.tronixweb.com Can the custom people do anything to oversea companies.
  2. I think it is better to wait for a new limited edition console to come in PAL market which mean. You can use PAL games on live. save money on shipping and inflated price in Japan and possible duty, also I wouldn't need to share a big stepdown transformer between a JAP and US XBOX. But I think the problem with PAL market there is lack of limited edition consoles Anyway are there any news in PAL market for new limited consoles worth knowing about.
  3. http://www.play-asia.com/paOS-13-71-2c-70-3k1-4-12.html for Price: US$ 299.00 (£167.30 GBP) for Blue XBOX plus about say 90 quid for chipping and hard drive (as example) plus international postage - it will be too expensive on a part time wages.
  4. Is there a 60hz option as it look a nice unusual game. (Ie Not western mass market junk)
  5. If I have a full time job pay, I would order a blue one and get yoda to chip it for me But now I am thinking about a holiday in March but will make a decision at end of next week whether I got enough or not.
  6. Me I set up a gaming shop like Borders in Bull Ring and set up a chain of quality import shops and smash the competitions apart Buy play-asia.com, tronixweb.com, playusa.com and play.com and merge them all and allow imports Set up a publishing house and allow Developers to develop games for GC/XBOX/PS2 and start a trend of 20 quid games. I will also restore great british gaming industry by buying every companies but Rare and Rockstart North and codemaster Fund a SI games and buy Konami Toyko and make them work together to produce CM 4/WE 7 online combination football game Set up a quality gaming publishing magazine for hardcore gamers with free DVD previews. Outbid EA for ideal license and only release games when it is ready.
  7. Can I use them with GBA Player with gamecube ?
  8. I never play Championship Manager 2 but CM 3 on PC is great fun for me, and find CM4 demo too powerful and slow for my PC. But if I ever get my hand on a new Ninja turbo charged rocket powered PC (Top of range) I would get next CM games from SI. I always get the sack after several months in every club, but Real Madrid and I dominate the world with Real Madrid for over a decade. I wonder
  9. The phone is so horrorble to use for me, and I will never ever used one even you pay me to but if there is a massive redesign, it could be worth a look, but who care as I got a GBA SP which I am very happy with (apart from screen too small and headphone weak output) I will be keeping an eye on PSP rather than NGAGE
  10. If you can afford to buy Donkey Konga, you can afford to buy a NTSC gamecube
  11. I hated JSRF on XBOX and love JSR on DC. Sega make a lot of great games and some bad games. Just don't rush to buy sega games until you have feedback
  12. I would say PGR II and Top Spin over Christmas.
  13. Don't get too cocky There will be someone who will wipe the floor with you
  14. Just don't sell quality / classic games and keep them as in 10 years time there might not be any decent games to play
  15. And all the talent left for mucky foots or Lionhead Studiio or whatever. It annoyed me as I knew EA will make Bullfrog disappears. EA can buy copmanies and license but please don't destroy development teams or talents Apart from Bizarre Cretures there is no decent English development team these days
  16. I also noticed there is no invite your friend to a game in Top Spin. I saw UK Miner Willy online and I can't contact him to challenge him a matchwhen he is playing Top Spin. (Useless )
  17. I love it as well but again I don't play PC games anymore, but if I ever get around to buy a new PC with bigger montior and S-Video output I will try it again
  18. But mine is not chipped and I played it already on The Goat Keeper's XBOX
  19. Just Hyper Street Fighter II and Star Soldier (GC) in last few weeks. Can't buy anymore until payday
  20. Good luck, please don't forget subtitles and keep on screen graphics to bare minimum on games. Show the info ie Mario Sunshine for Nintendo Gamecube (Which version) and then show the clip rather than mess it up together like crap pop shows on TV. Show us the quality games and tell us mass market hyped games are average or poor when it is actually average or poor. Don't say it is better than sliced bread or wicked or whatever. If you need any help with web site, feel free to contact me
  21. If this is correct I will be happy but I am almost broke until payday but I got an eye on Diddy Kong Racing N64 R Racing Evolution XBOX Beyond Good and Evil XBOX Granius V PS2 Ninja Gaiden XBOX (On Order) The Hobbit XBOX Winning Eleven 7 International (Jap PS2) For now I am ok for games
  22. No idea, but it look right but animation could be better with more frames but this is displayed correctly. I heard it doesn't save the data or config on memory card
  23. I got it about an hour ago, and it is great to play and I only have 3 minor problem with it. My SC stick for PS2 doesn't have L2 or R2 so I turned off KKK and PPP (No idea what that it is) and the display on my TV cut off about 1/2 cm at the top and bottom and left and right, but again this could be my TV not the game. and the story are in Japanese but the menu and score are in english. So it is a great game and I love slapping people with Eddie Honda
  24. I have the game in the post with Star Soldiers as well, but it should arrive tomorrow or Saturday. It is shipped on 2nd of January 2004 from Hong Kong It will allow me to have a good work out with SC Stick for PS2
  25. I am fed up with coin toss decisions, but count me in but I think there should be a something to contact this opposition before we play.
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