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  1. For DC stick on XBOX - not easy Why not buy PS2 Soul Calibur 2 stick and magic joy for XBOX and you can link up PS2 Joystick to XBOX
  2. or play-asia.com for Japanese PS2. But decide if you want a modded PS2 or US or Jap Ps2.
  3. I am getting US GT4 when the time come. I have no idea if I want to do Online gaming with PS2 at the moment as there is nothing for me now.
  4. Dead Man's Hand for XBOX in March http://www.tothegame.com/game.asp?id=2447
  5. Graphics - quality are great at the moment so we probably will peak in new generation consoles A I - there is a lot of room for improvement with research Physics - A lot of improvement recently and could peak in next generation or two Gameplay - We can't do too much more and all we need is clearer interface and more freedom Sound - Can't get that much better once we go past 6.1 DTS or whatever. Storage - We can use hard disk and DVD and there is upcoming blue ray technology with more storage space. Assume we use double the space for double the resolution and what else can we do apart from making it faster and cheaper Networking - The technology is ready, just more bandwidth on broadband and better coding will sort it out (Top Spin) Controller - say outside XBOX / GC controller there is not too much room for improvement. CPU - The XBOX is pretty powerful - so let say a console with Pentium 3 GHZ and without windows crap and even more powerful ATi graphics chips, it wouldn't need more power. With more time the developers can improve their skills and don't hog the resources too much. We need stanardised format so we can allow developers to spend less on developing games without restriction and more time for research and game design. We also need something to stop region coding and pal / ntsc standard and crap 4:3 display.
  6. I can win games but not always as it is not easy to play against Human players, they seem to find my weakness easily despite me mixing up playing style. I also hated lags as it upset my rhytmn timing. I wish I could start again in ranking
  7. Also we could use Japanese companies to help out to beat Sony ie Toshiba, Pioneer, Panasonic, etc.
  8. Microsoft can have Europe and North America and Nintendo can do Asia and North America.
  9. I would love it if this happens as long one machine can play Gamecube I & II and XBOX I & II any region and support online gaming and Gamecube II can join XBOX LIVE II I can't see any reason Microsoft and Nintendo work together and share the profit in royalty in third party games.
  10. I bought N64 about 2 months ago and haven't played it that much and felt early 3D ages badly compared to quality 2D graphics. I am too spoiled with XBOX, GC and PS2
  11. I wouldn't bother if I were you. I got a plain Motorola mobile phone with WAP and text messaging stuff and pay to go account. That is good enough for me despite slow boot up. I don't like mobile phone. It was bought by my folks for me.
  12. I had a quick play at the Goat Keeper's XBOX and I played as Legolas Greenleaf. It looked nice but the gameplay is not impressive for me as I couldn't tell what the different as the colours is too similar with others players which mean it is impossible to tell what is happening. Still it done the graphics and film well enough. And I wouldn't buy this game
  13. Don't forget you should all have US XBOX or Gamecube as alternative to PAL Ps2 so you can get all the choice. I also have to wait until March 25th for Colin McRae Rally 4 to come out on my XBOX All I can say "Feck off Region Coding" I want freedom of choice and legal option. I can't snap up very cheap games in UK as I don't have a PAL Console apart from PS2. I got Prince of Persia for US XBOX and it is excellent and I will get Beyond Good and Evil when I got a lot more money.
  14. It is hard to know when I start playing games But I remember playing games on arcade in local Oak Park where I go swimming or trampling. or going to arcade to play games in Cornwall or playing in local youth club with Atari 2600. I haven't got a clue where I started or when but I think the game is either Space Invaders / Defender / Asteroids or Pac man.
  15. If microsoft want to stop losing money on XBOX problems and piracy 1. Give us an option to buy a XBOX with multi region support (This will stop silly people buying 2 XBOX) for extra 15 quid perhaps from web site instead of game. 2. There should be an option to load mame in XBOX as it will help to sell the console 3. A Hard Drive is esstenrial if it mean paying 30 US Dollars more so be it. Stop whining about penny pinching. Microsoft should buy chip manfacturers or buy shares in IBM or whatever or maybe come up with a deal with Nintendo to share technologies and reduce cost by combined buying power or whatever.
  16. Game Magazine can help you to decide what games to buy and what to avoid, but they are only useful if you are willing to wait for a review or the review is published before release date. The majority of games we buy is on a whim / pre-order / word of mouth. I think previews is very important for us as it will help us to choose
  17. Sound good but I will wait for feedback first as I bought Hyper Street Fighter 2 for PS2 and Star Soldiers on Gamecube this morning. So no more game until pay day apart from harvest moon on order. I played Star Soldier from the Goat Keeper on my GC last night with my new Soul Calibur 2 stick it is wonderful
  18. I got top 7 and number 10. I haven't played Skies of Arcadia yet.
  19. It is hard to pick the best in order but my favourite 10 for this year are Soul Calibur 2 Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga Prince of Persia Top Spin Winning Eleven 7 PGR II Tiger Wood PGA Tour 2004 Viewiful Joe The Castle of Shikigami II F Zero GX
  20. http://db.gamefaqs.com/console/gamecube/fi...onkey_konga.txt For information about Donkey Konga. I will have a look at the print out while I am travelling to work.
  21. Don't count me in as it is not my kind of game And stop being cheeky
  22. I got it today and it is lovely to play, but my hand hurt after 15 minutes. I couldn't figure it out yet. But I think it got the thumb up from me.
  23. I bought a Playstation as I was frustrated with playing games on my laptop PC and my Amiga had died so I need a new game system I don't have a clue about N64 or Saturn but Playstation was a buzz with Ridge Racer, Wipeout and Demolition Derby for me. I hope the buzz will come with Playstation 3 as I need something special from PS3 for me to consider investing in one of PS3.
  24. I read both EDGE and Games TM and is happy with both but they are not perfect. I also buy DVD Review and Home Cinema Choice as well.
  25. Tomorrow I will get Hyper Fighter and R Racing Evolution once my money get through (Damn bank holiday and 3 minimum working days crap) I think my list of games to finish 1. Metroid Prime (If I could beat that Omega Elite) 2. Soul Calibur (Done about 90 % of weapon mode) 3. Mario Sunshine 4. Prince of Persia 5. Gregory Horror Show 6. Rez 7. Viewiful Joe 8. Knight of Old Republic
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