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  1. Is this game deaf friendly (US XBOX) ?
  2. I think Top Spin is a great game, but the balance aren't right ie Too difficult to master drop shots Too difficult to play against powerful players and ruined the balance But the control is nice and graphics are fine. I want doubles, mixed doubles, and an option to adjust tournament length and improve career mode and more option to buy rackets. I would say 8 out 10 for game.
  3. I think sony have made gaming market more grown up and serious business but there is too many weak games and big name license in the market. But we are not short of games to play as we got more money now to buy more consoles and dabble retro gaming. But I think it is a shame that development costs is getting out of hand.
  4. I never played this game, but I believe it might be coming out for PS2 under Sega Ages series but again I am not sure. Is that like Double Dragon for Sega Megadrive ?
  5. I remember there is a Pizza Tycoon game in 16 bits era, but not sure what the exact name. I think it is german game.
  6. Damn it is ugly as if it nice and cheap in UK and I could treat myself one modded with bigger hard disk
  7. I will order it with Hyper Edition Street Fighter 2 in New Year. So that will give me a good work out with Soul Calibur stick for either PS2 or Gamecube I am waiting for outcome from my freelance work tomorrow to see what will happens. I am hoping to earn enough to buy a 32 inches Toshiba TV.
  8. Yes I can enjoy music I like Gloria Estefan, Jennifer Lopez, Texas, The Corrs, Elvis, Robbie Williams I hate Kelly Osbourne music and any of those Pop idol/pop star crap.
  9. I have some hearing 20% of normal hearing + great powerful Digital hearing aids mean better hearing but I am not good at recognising words if I can't lip read. So it should be fine, but if it really that bad I can sell them on ebay for 1209093 quids
  10. I might take a look at that, but I am waiting for Donkey Konga and it is at Stoke Sorting office at the moment COME ON POSTMAN
  11. I will buy the game for 9.99 but I hope there will be XBOX or GC version as well I like the 10 dollars price.
  12. I got Pink GBA SP, Jungle Green N64, Silver PS2, Spice Gamecube and finallly a boring black XBOX so I like variety
  13. Not arrived yet at 12:42 still there is time. and it better arrive today as I will be out to work tomorrow
  14. I am enjoying the magazine at the moment and is currently reading Retro and thank for Mario Family tree
  15. Go for Amped 2 if you haven't got amped 1, but if you got amped 1 stick with it. The reviewer like it and want to give it an 8 but the team doesn't like it and gave it a five.
  16. Winning Eleven 7 is very good for me, but I don't like PS2 pad for the game compared to GC control. But I am getting ok with the pad.
  17. But some people buy 2 XBOX and Microsoft can say they have "More Customers" than X
  18. I played it today for about 45 minutes properly first time and it is a very good game, but I doesn't like Nintendo 64 joypad that much with shit 4 arrow camera C buttons and miss Super Mario Sunshine control on Gamecube pad. The graphics are good for early 3D stuff.
  19. If Microsoft is successful with anti piracy bullshit I can see people refuse to buy XBOX 2 and then sales will suffer. But I bet pirates will find a way
  20. So who own Amiga now and tell us more about what is new with WB4
  21. I seen it, No Amiga or XBOX a poor collection
  22. http://www.tothegame.com/game.asp?id=2756 (For PS2) It was mentioned in EDGE preview. I think it sound fun to play. I might import USA version for PS2. Do you think it will be a good game to play ?
  23. Top Spin is worth a look as well. and ESPN NBA/NFL/NHL 2004 games but you might not play with us. Links is another one to watch out For racing games Moto GP 2 is an alternative. For Live I got RTCW, PGR II, NFL / NBA 2K4, NHL 2K3, Top Spin, Moto GP 2.
  24. Why does it take about 10 years to get Workbench 4/Amigados 4. Keep us informed. If I have plenty of money (and space) I would pick up 2nd Amiga A1200 with 68030 and more memory and hard disk.
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