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  1. I got the gamecube version and it is a brilliant game. Only flaw I have is the A.I. is a bit weak but I completely mastered the game.

    I mean you can control the fight too easily and the CPU doesn't realise your fighting tactic.

  2. I think 3D and big market killed Britiain gaming scence as they don't have the resources to keep competitive.

    I wonder why there is no one to set up a company and make work with Archer McLean, Geoff Crammond, Andrew Braybrook, and co. Maybe they need to work together and look after themselves. There is enough talent to make a gaming development giant in UK. I wish Nintendo do something with their 300 millions from MS for rare.

    Also downloading games only good for PC games and we prefer to play them on consoles.

  3. Have developers finally cracked the multi-format conundrum?

    Just wait until the next generation of consoles, then it will be all messed up bid daddy style.

    I think it will be even better I mean

    All console will use IBM CPU and GC/XBOX 2 will use ATI graphics chip. So it wouldn't be too different to each other. So the graphics should be a lot better and use similar engine. But again it all depend on the talents and resources from developers.

  4. Why worry about PS2 line up.

    It got a lot of good games. But for multi console owners it is alway better to buy GC or XBOX version to stop Sony getting too big for their feet.

    I have on PS2 Rez, WE7, Psyvarir, Metal Slug 3, Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution and Ridge Racer 5. They are good games. But I only buy Japanese games for PS2 anyway. Next one is Gregory Horror Show and Granius V. I would buy Colin McRae Rally 4, but I would prefer to wait for US XBOX version.

    PS2 got enough games to keep you happy if you only own a PS2.

  5. on GBA SP I have

    Super Mario Advance 4 : Mario Bros 3

    Super Mario Advance

    Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga

    Mario Kart Super circuit (will come in a few days time)

    on Gamecube I have

    Mario Kart Double Dash

    Mario Sunshine

    Mario Golf

    Luigi's Mansion

    On N64 I will have (Once it arrived)

    Mario Kart 64

    Mario 64

    Apart from Paper Mario RPG, and Mario Tennis on Nintendo 64, which games is worth getting for my collection. (Must be 16 bits upwards as I don't like 8 bits graphics)

    Is it worth getting a Super Famicom Console or stick with GBA SP and Gameboy player.

  6. Nintendo seem fine for me but I would like a 2D Mario platform game on Gamecube.

    I don't know how it compare to Nintendo games in the past but I enjoyed Mario Bros 3 and Mario and Luigi as well as Mario Kart Double Dash.

    I already got 7 N64 US version games at home and I can't play with them until my Jungle Green N64 is delivered. (Probably held in the Custom office, and they are having too much fun with it)

  7. Best PS2 Game

    1. Winning Eleven 7

    2. Metal Slug 3

    3. Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution

    Best Xbox Game

    1. Project Gotham Racing II

    2. Top Spin

    3. Tiger Woods 2K4

    Best GC Game

    1. The Castle of Shikigami II

    2. F-Zero

    3. Viewiful Joe

    Best PC Game

    No idea

    Best GBA Game

    1. Mario and Luigi - Superstar Saga

    2. Mario Advance 4 - Super Mario Bros 3

    3. Advance Wars II

    Best Technical achievment (software)

    XBOX Live software and Moto GP 2 for online racing

    Best Technical Achievement (Hardware)

    GBA SP for amazing portable gaming.

    Best Developer


    Best Publisher

    Nintendo / EA

    Most Wanted game Of 2004

    Winning Eleven 8, Halo 2, Granius V

    Best Overall Game of the Year.

    Winning Eleven 7 :D

  8. I enjoyed the game so far and it is in my GBA SP and it is fun, but I haven't got too far yet. I will be looking forward to play it on my GBA Player which I willl order for my Christmas Present on Christmas day. I can't hear GBA SP output.

    Only question need answering for me is do I like RPG games or not. I am not sure.

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