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  1. Sex Education is fun to watch on Netflix. it is in 80s Wales with USA style school and clothes and modern computers, iPhone and Nintendo switch added. If you ignore this but it is fun to watch.  

  2. if you got xbox one x you can wait a year to buy next generation xbox after release . Only question will there be xbox next generation console X / Pro or there will be only one model for whole generation. As we now have 4K/8K TV now. 


  3. 11 hours ago, S0L said:

    But OutRun isnt a racing game and is point to point, and Ridge is a lap based racer. I'm not sure you could easily smash those two together.


    I'd happily give it a go of course :) 



    You can make it work, Just combined Ridge Racer Type 4, Ridge Racer 7 and all Outrun games and maybe Cannonball run type game into one. But if I have to choose I pick RR over Outrun. 

  4. Decided against going to London for baseball games as I feel it is too expensive and a poor ball park. I have seen Boston Red Sox played 10 times this autumn as I went to Chicago, Milwaukee and Boston for my three weeks holiday and seen 19 baseball games in 21 days in 4 ball park and a college football game in Madison. I am saving up for a week in New York in June. So I can go to Mets V Giants and Rockies series.  

  5. I install Far Cry 3 and Half Life 2 and it want 4gb on internal hard drive not external hard drive. Am I suppose to install xbox 360 games on internal hard drive (Just checking)

    Is there a prompt to tell you it is not backward compatible ?  

  6. How do I find out which games I own on XBOX as I remember getting Alan Wake free when I got Quantum Break but can't download it on xbox one x. Is there something like PSN's library so I can look up. Think they make it too complicated now due to moving games round for game pass. 

    Still XBOX One X look and feel nice. Shame about the slow installation and big download.


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