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  1. Don't like this exclusive deal with game/microsoft for white xbox as it can't allow me to use the like of amazon, very for special deals. I can wait until Black Friday. 


  2. No problem as it is good to share offers but it need right offer for me to jump, I will wait until Black Friday. All I need to do is keep an eye on Game and Microsoft and oversea sites. 


  3. I asked Game Store today about selling my Xbox one (Halo XBOX One Limited Edition console) and they told me it is 79 pounds. Any suggestion as I want to take the money and wait until Black Friday to buy white xbox one x with fallout 74 (hopefully for 350 pounds) 

  4. I have seen a lot of good deals for black XBOX One X and I have white one XBOX X on order from Microsoft due out on 14th November.  Will this new white X Box X will be available say for 350 pounds instead of 450 pounds on Black Friday or whatever. I know Game and Microsoft sell them but any other option?   I want it to go with white PS4 Pro I have. 

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