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  1. There needs to be a balance, we need to reward gamers and make them work for it, but sometimes gamers can't overcome one hurdle and they can't progress despite trying to beat the hurdle 100 times. I love Metroid Prime but never can complete it as I can't beat the final boss. Unlock things with certain weapons is ok but not being too hard to reach.

    Plus we are not kids anymore and we don't have the time to play a game for a long time to complete/unlock things. 

  2. and I don't think there is some history being explored ie 100 years wars with Britain and France. It mainly focuses on 

    Roman era
    Viking era
    Napoleon/Nelson era
    WW I & II
    modern warfare ie Middle East stuff.
    James Bond
    Japanese wars
    and future aliens stuff like Halo, Star Wars, etc.
    Where are the video game for Edward the Longhorn era or Battle of Hastings, Tudor era etc. 


  3. I still got mine, and hardly played it for a bit, but I mainly used PS4 and Switch for gaming. I am so happy to have a SNES mini.  Can't wait for N64 Mini and A1200 Mini. 


  4. I do read Edge occasionally like 2 or 3 issue a year and I also subscribe to Nikon Camera magazine and rarely read it now. When I am a teenager I used to buy about 6 magazine a month and read them all as I go lot of. travelling on public transport. But nowadays I just drive. I am very busy person. 


  5. Got 30 4K UHD blu rays already and seen about 6 films so far. I only use a 43 inch LG LED display in living room and it is not ideal for 4K blu rays. I will upgrade my TV (my is 50inch Plasma) next Christmas. I heard Blade Runner 2049 got ATMOS in USA version but not Europe. Is Dolby Atmos important ? As I don't have the speakers for it yet. 

  6. 8 hours ago, K said:

    So many great games were killed off by the move to iOS11. The worst for me is probably Dodonpachi and Bug Princess, I used to play those games on the regular. They were perfect for a quick ten minute blast.

    Does it means it had been removed ? Just checking as I can't find it on App Store.


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