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  1. 19 hours ago, Sir DangerM said:

    Been trying to get hakchi working on my Mac and got as far as installing the driver / firmware or whatever on the SNES, which seemed to work ok, but when I try to synchronise games it just pops up the window saying waiting for SNES, even though it’s powered on.


    Anyone had this issue?

    Didn't know there is a Mac version. 

  2. 4 hours ago, smac said:

    Man, I think MP 1 is just perfect - apart from that final boss fight. Nothing wrong with the mechanics.


    Phenandra Drifts is still one of the most beautiful areas in a videogame.

     Haven't beaten the boss yet, but I haven't tried for a long time but I love this game. I can't wait for Switch Version. I also want to see Port of Metroid prime 1-3 and echoes for switch as well.  

  3. I am another one who love baseball since my trip to America. I have seen 10 baseball games so far. 

    on first trip in August-September 2016
    2 X New York Yankees V Toronto Blue Jays at Yankee Stadium
    3 X Washington Nationals V New York Mets at National Park 
    2 X Cleveland Indians V Detroit Tigers at Progressive field
    1 X Texas Rangers V Milwaukee Brewers at Arlington, Texas

    Then my 2nd trip to USA in April 2017

    1 X San Francisco Giants V Arizona Diamondbacks 
    1 X San Francisco Giants V Colorado Rockies 

    I have also seen Philadelphia Phillies stadium but didn't go to a game there. I watched Eagles V Browns in NFL and Union V Montreal Impact in MLS during my 4 nights stay in Philadelphia. 

    My team is Cleveland Indians and also love San Francisco Giants as well. I have been following them both on MLB TV.

    I dislike LA Dodgers and Chicago Cubs. 

    Next year I will do a trip to Chicago, Milwaukee and Boston so this means a trip to Red Sox, Cubs and Brewers (They are playing Giants in 3 games series)  and possibly Cleveland again (Not sure)

  4. I have a 1080P Plasma TV (50inch) in my room  and LG LED 4K TV (43 inch) in living room (Mom) and I am amazed with the quality of some games in 4K  on PS4 Pro. I will upgrade to 4K OLED next year after my trip to America. Hopefully the standard will settle with ultra cert, 10 bit and dolby vision stuff. I am going to get a 55 inch OLED model. 

  5. I managed to upload rooms ok. How do I add images to games ie Super Star Wars for example. Also all those added roms have it own directory.  Just like to know if there is away to have a list of all games instead of separate  directory.  

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