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  1. Great about Mass Effect. Started the Pedestrian, seems a decent puzzler Keep forgetting games actually leave game pass, Desperados 3 leaves on the 15th, played a good chunk of it, really enjoyed it but got stuck on a level that had too much going on, so left it to pick up later. Just checked and I'm on the second last level, should really try and get it finished.
  2. Truecrimes since it's good and you've not seen it yet. But out of that lot I'd pick Contact.
  3. Took me ages to get my first win. Think I've spent just as long trying to win at the first covenant level, still discovering different methods and combinations with every run. Pretty sure I would have done it the other night, if I didn't waste my money upgrading spells before the final boss, didn't realise I could have used it to buy some artifacts until it was too late. Would never had played this if it wasn't on game pass and decided to try it after it being recommended, loving it.
  4. Ten minutes later. I get the email.
  5. Same here. No emails since the order was confirmed.
  6. spaceman

    The National

    Enjoying this more than Trouble Will Find Me, which I thought was disappointing. Looking forward to seeing them live now, was a bit apprehensive before hearing the album. Yeah Boxer is amazing, top of my list followed by Alligator/High Violet.
  7. Just started this, similar to HarryBizzle I waited till I had time to play it rather than playing it in short chunks. Still not got my head around the game part of it (the rites), just fumbling my way through that at the moment, but enjoying the story and the characters.
  8. Loved Transistor, definitely getting this.
  9. I got this, thought it was controller battery running low, but maybe not.
  10. Yay! Got one too, my first ever Beta, don't usually bother with them.
  11. spaceman

    The National

    Presale was Monday - you had to register on americanmary.com for that, official sales are Friday. Though I got an email from Spotify yesterday, giving me a link for more presale tickets.
  12. That's the version we read in class at school, think that's my favourite Roald Dahl book. Always found it frustrating reading books that the whole class were doing, you were all supposed to read at the same pace, I always read ahead. My eldest niece had Going Solo from the library, I read the first couple of pages as their bedtime story, the youngest told me not to as it was sooo boring. It seemed quite interesting.
  13. Usually a disaster at these things, but done it for the euros and had a decent knockout stage, the group stage let me down. I'm "Extensive Research"
  14. Super Meat Boy still got a price on it! They're going to wait till my lunch is up before making it free I bet
  15. How does photo mode work in this? It says down on the d-pad, but nothing happens when pressed. Looking at the controller layout under Options it looks disabled.
  16. Me too, as I was opening it I was thinking no way this is Uncharted, must be something else. Never had a game this early before its official launch.
  17. Linking the account says it will take up to 24 hours, my points appeared the next day. There's somewhere on the website where you can see your points history, your 750 points will show up there.
  18. That happened to me at a later point, the orb with the trails that flies about stopped under a tree in a field, I checked the area but there was nothing there so I just ignored it and and carried on exploring. The more I played the less I paid attention to it to be honest.
  19. Finished this, enjoyed it, didn't feel bored at any point even though a few times I wandered off for a good bit and couldn't find anything. Don't know why they included the motion controls, just led to confusion at the start with me trying to control the moving/guiding orb.
  20. So this has appeared on the EU store, £15.99 full price, description says 20% discount for PS+ but no effect on the price.
  21. There was a special deal on for Americans, they could pre-order it along with other new releases, http://blog.us.playstation.com/2015/07/14/playstation-store-play-2015-starts-tuesday/ What's the chances of it being available at midnight here?
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