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  1. Would you mind if I joined the 21:00 second race. I think i should be available for that, starting from the pits or whatever needs to happen. Might squeeze in the first race (no quali) but it's a push if i'm honest.
  2. Due to a double booking, I won't be racing this week, and I am holidays next week, so definitely won't be around. However I will still be getting in peoples way down under this week in the evening practice sessions. Was good to see quite a few on last night.
  3. Good fun again tonight. As I was telling a few of the lads post race apologies to anyone shouting at me to move over, my discord had gone janky and I realised way too late that I couldn’t hear or speak to anyone. Not bad for an IT Director ! Took a bump on the first lap which took me miles from the pack. Then later on rear ended Olivia due to some over exuberant cornering by me. Pits cost me another lap, as I got another speeding in pit lane pen. As did whoever was in with me.
  4. Budget should be able to be taken almost flat out in 4th, but i just seem to veer off a little which takes all the momentum away !! Would also say that this map doesn't seem the most accurate between say corners 1 and 3.
  5. DLC confirmed, back of grid confirmed.
  6. I picked up a 350M from Droid box as well this week, and the whole process was very painless and it turned up a day early. Great piece of kit and im getting used to the weight.
  7. I nearly went with it for Brands but didn’t have enough time behind the wheel . But definitely felt more grounded , which could be useful on a flat track.
  8. Good stuff tonight chaps. Excellent fun. Lost my shit a bit in the middle. Had some damage so pitted. Got a 30 sec penalty for speeding in the pit lane. Went back in during the pit window to serve it and get some more repairs . Had to serve the penalty and then got chucked out with my car in bits. Another lap with a 90 degree front wheel later I go back in . And as I go in the pit window closed. I’m in the lane but it didn’t count ! So I got an invalid race as well. But onto next week !!!! ( still angry, ). Apologies if I got in the way of anyone’s fastest laps.
  9. I'll be in to act as the moving obstacle. Did get a 1.31 last night though, so if you could all pile up at Druids so i can get through , thanks in advance. Might change to the NSX for the next one however, seems way more planted for my "erratic" style.
  10. Had a shocker last night, but still managed to get 1/2 second down. I know where i'm going wrong, I'm braking too early and not taking the speed into the corners. That's too many years of defensive driving in London ! Also had a look at my valid / invalid laps. Scary ! Still enjoying it though. Unfortunatly wont get on tonight, unless West Ham go 2-0 down, then I may make an appearance !
  11. Apologies to @davejm and @SharkyOB if i got in your way, as you can see from the times above , I am very early days with all this. But tonight we go again !!
  12. Will do. Cannot access my steam at work, so i'll do that tonight.
  13. Cool and thanks. I'll get on some in house training tonight, and see how I go. Maybe I could go to Brands with a laptop / VR and wheel for inspiration (its about 5 mile away from me) ! I have driven round there once. In a Touareg so I assume a Lambo will be a different experience !
  14. Got a NTSC Dreamcast copy of this in about 2003. Must play it at some point (looks at mountain of shame...)
  15. I would love to join but think currently I'll be probably crashing in to people and be about 1/2 hour a lap slower than everyone. So i'll keep on it myself for now !
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