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  1. That fucking chicane at the top of the hill can fuck right off. Fuck. Decent pace in both races, ruined by one corner. Fucking twat corner.
  2. I can't say I enjoyed last night practice. Think I may have to sort my discord (again). Couldn't hear anyone and there was enough people on ! Tried 3 cars before I settled on the Aston. Still haven't painted it !
  3. You need to try some Noam from Berlin. I get it imported by the box from the brewery. Well used to, *looks at Brexit, sober and angry*
  4. Just having a look online to see if i could get any in the uk ,and came across this. What the actual fuck ?
  5. See, your mates over the road in Belgium are quite good at this brewing lark.
  6. I (rollmuck ACC BD team) will be adding will be adding a sponsor a season, depending on events that season.
  7. Gents, big news.... The rollmuck ACC Business Dev team have secured a new sponsor and trophy for the MID award.
  8. As was done last season , I would like to hand out the most improved driver award. @extremepabs has kept at it, picked up points and kept me honest at the back. But this season I will go with @milko. Unfortunately sponsor's COVID budget restrictions meant we had to reuse last season's trophy.
  9. I missed that, I sort of remember the SantoOos and Pabs bit. Must of had too many things going on to process another car (bit like the rear view mirror running on my 970GTX !) .What time is it on the vid ? I remember we had a side to side coming out of Melbourne, and there was some discussion at that point. Ah......... was this the one where I pushed you sideways down the track, T bone style, out of turn 1 and then waited for you to catch up , after your airbags were deflated ? To be honest I was catching (probably due to the other cars in the vicinity) and then you appeared comin
  10. I don't know if you noticed but at several times in the video I'm running 3rd. I would like to thank my sponsors, the fans and those who pitted before me. Thanks one and all.
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