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  1. Thanks for the replies. Guess i'll be on steam tonight.
  2. As noted elsewhere here today, loving px3 currently. Are the Williams tables worth it ?
  3. My Xbox based set up, works fine on my PC (pcars2, assetta, dirt rally, etc) . And I dont play enough to need a fanatec. Also my "proof of concept" brain will lead me down a 5k rabbithole which i use twice ! Anyone use iracing ? Seems to be the pro game of choice. Interested to know what the real difference is between that and pcars2, etc.
  4. I think I posted this in retro but any excuse. Got the quest working on pcars 2 this weekend but I think it needs more tweaking .
  5. Every time I bang on steam, to get stuck into something meaty, I end up playing pinball fx 3. I have about 20 tables and generally only play the Jurassic Park ones.
  6. Played until the fire button broke
  7. mrben09

    F1 2020

    Don't know if i can justify this. I have 17,18 and 19. Until VR, it will just be a polished 19. And I've seen VR setups for 19 using 3rd party software. Just haven't tried them out yet. Also enjoying PC2 as well.
  8. I now have 2 copies of PC2 on PC (one i bought, one came with a humble bundle). Do i install on Xbox as well ? By the way , I'm happy to steam gift the other PC one. Edit . now gone.
  9. Just started it today. Thanks gamepass. My first since VII ( I have 8,9 and 10 still on the pile of shame), and my first ever on the pc. A couple of hours in just wandering about about doing the odd fetch and carry. And I’m enjoying it. I have put it on easy however, as I don’t have time these days to get really too far under the bonnet.
  10. Universal paperclips. Now got most of the office playing it as well.
  11. I was at an exciting Digital Construction expo opposite EGX today, and it looked good, and it is in a fair bit of space. However I did also see some massive queues, mainly around the doom set up. Yesterday was some league of legends thing going on, that looked just odd. A massive space in darkness with mist coming out onto the main concourse that first of all fooled me into thinking there was a fire ( from a distance).
  12. mrben09

    NFL 2019!

    Around the ground it's slightly different to Wembley, with them not having the space to have the "tailgate" zones, and Wembley way etc. So basically, they have some buses and basic entertainment (QB competitions, kids races, etc) out on the High Road, and from what I saw some plaza type space with food trucks and bars at the front and back ( I say back but not massively sure of the layout, so around gates 18-22). Maybe others had a different experience but my take was, outside was not quite the destination event as Wembley. Decent pub for pre match beer if you don't have kids with you, called Bar 8 (or something 8), just by the Stadium. Big beer garden out the back, and we managed to see all 32 shirts! Inside the ground for me is where it really takes off. Plenty of space to move about, loads of bars and food outlets on the ground floor. Our seats were up on level 5, and service and availability of facilities was poor in comparison. My wife waited nearly 20 mins to buy some crisps ! That said up to 4 years ago I was standing at a half time bar in Upton Park that was 20 ft across serving all the top tier of the South stand, so things have moved on ! I don't think there is a bad seat in the ground, except maybe right up the top of the high stand behind one of the ends. You can tell it was built with this type of game in mind. I did read some reviews saying the seats were small. I didn't think that was the case and it was comparable with my seat in the Olympic Stadium. Looking to get a blog up later today. Includes the Raiders Squid ! EDIT Blog up https://mrben09.com/2019/10/08/chicago-bears-at-oakland-raiders-nfl-06-10-2019/
  13. Not bitter at all. Disappointed at a game I have attended at the top levels for over 35 years is slowly being destroyed by technology. You obviously missed the part where I mentioned Raheem Sterling incorrectly (in my eyes, and everyone else in the stadium) had one chalked off, in a game where they beat us 0-5. Before you call me up on that, it was even reported by the BBC that is was for a handball, when it was actually an offside (everyone told later - post game) Part of the appeal of football is the human element. Also, when they are reviewing, why can't we see what they are looking at, and why can't it be full on 90% to the pitch, rather than this odd angle but frankly doesn't help their sell.
  14. mrben09

    NFL 2019!

    Really confused why my last two posts in this thread have garnered negs. If I've offended anyone I apologise, but some explanation would be useful. Unrelated: Apparently Gruden is coming to Oakland, for obvious reasons. Can't say I'm massively happy should that come about. Our offence needs work, but not from him.
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