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  1. Variations on a theme..... Seems to be the same old 5 for the Nissan
  2. Lol. Haven't been that stressed for a while over the last 30 mins of a game !
  3. Looks great, Looking forward to it. Might look at the new liveries over the weekend !
  4. I interrupted my own race to captured a lesser spotted flying @Meers
  5. I will more than likely join in tonight. However, there's a good chance I will not have driven any of the tracks, so I might just stay out of the way. I say good chance, but I'm at work with no gaming pc or wheel within touching distance. So lets just settle on no chance !
  6. Downloaded, but conservatory is far too cold to play it. Maybe tomorrow......
  7. I use the one it comes with. Obviously if you want it hooked up and intend to be jumping about, you may need something longer.
  8. And the fans Lewis, the fans.........................
  9. Last night was fun for the first 2 minutes and the last 3 ! The shenanigans at the start left me in 5th on the back straight, which is uncharted territory, so much so that at the downhill left and right I managed to spin off on the inside. A feat I managed regularly in the Porsche, but had ironed out in the Nismo. Back to the back of the pack. Know your place son ! Anyway, I pitted straight away (meeting @willmill in there) and put a shit ton of fuel on, hoping to negate everyone else's normal pits. That worked somewhat, as by the next time I pitted I was 7th, and came
  10. Also my bloody neck is hurting again. Not too sure if I have 2 hrs in me for next week , so I’ll see how goes, not that it will affect any leaderboards.
  11. Where do I start . Lap one i clipped @willmilland lost the pack, as did he for which i can only apologise. So i parked up until he went back past me. Then I must have been getting flat spots due to late breaking at corners as the FFB was going crazy at nearly every corner after about 15 laps. Then puncture, 1. Came back out rank last , got past pabs after a couple of laps and then a few laps later, same thing again, puncture 2 . Both front right. Don’t really like the track, if I'm honest, just cannot get any rhythm at all.
  12. Champions League! You having a laugh !
  13. I think the last 2 corners may be ones with a "forgiving" limits.
  14. @Mr MajestykI'll be honest, on that straight, I just slam on at 150, I'm coming down the gears as well, but I dont think that's actually doing a lot. I did notice last night, that if I really slam on (pulling back on the whell as well !) I do get it to slow even quicker, which then gets me round a little quicker, but I still start at 150. I have the same pedals (stock). Would it be worth sharing my in game controller (brake) settings ?
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