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  1. That last lap smack was pretty impressive. I was just chugging around and saw you closing in on the track map. So I got over to the left assumming you would take the racing line around paddock , and then saw your lights getting bigger and bigger....................BOOM . The battle at the front was quite intense, so when they were about 1.5 corners away with 2 laps to go, I just parked up to let them through, not even attempting to get involved in that. !
  2. Didnt really get a lot of time over the weekend, blame Fallen Order being on Gamepass. However, that BMW is just very weird. So for a laugh I popped in the McLaren, and what a great car. Hopefully I may be slightly competitive this week. Slightly.
  3. I didn’t nt think it was that hard either, but the car was fucked. Such is life, but I would have got out of the way on the straight.
  4. Also out. Was not having a great time in the rain but made up 2 spots . Got hit up the backside accidentally by@Count Buffalos . And then had back to back pits as the car would not sort itself , steering all over the place .That cost me 5 mins plus the lap hobbling around. Was in 12th , which I assume is my finishing position, so seemed a good time to stop. New car for next season and if that don’t work, I’m back on COD.
  5. I think you managed about 3 laps last night, but all quicker than mine ! Personally I do like the track, and I've been able to make some semi competitive times. Now to cut out the avoidable mistakes.
  6. I'll be on. I thought i was battering it last night, and now see i'm at least 2 secs short of anyone. Slightly disappointing to say the least. I didnlt race here in the last series, so it's new to me, but inital feeling is, it's a great track. I watch some IRL lap videos last night, and the corkscrew seems way steeper in game than on video.
  7. I really like this track, it just doesn't like me. There are a couple of places where you have to place perfectly to keep pace. I did have one spin because I burst out laughing at I think either @SharkyOBor @davejmshouting "Eat The Sausage" at @SANtoOos after his inital appraisal of the second to last corner ! Not sure who it was, because I've moved my ACC install over to a M2 Drive and now discord overaly doesn't want to play !
  8. No worries. I’ll admit I was raging at the time but if I’d spent all week practising and that happened to me I’d be pissed as well. You can take it as your Max/Stroll moment ! Maybe it shows that fast or slow we are all invested and do actually care. It’s not a game of COD where your straight back at it after getting quick scoped or whatever.
  9. I’ll get this out here now I’ve had some time to reflect. I saw the gap at turn 4 but got heavy on gas and was a little frustrated and caused all the shit . Many many apologies to those whose race I ruined. My concentration wasn’t fantastic due to other things going on and I really fucked up. Hence i DQed myself in lieu of stewards. It was not my intention to waste peoples evening as I know how much effort we all put in. Once again apologies. Ben
  10. You may want to take a look at that second round results . Although no points at stake I left after the second corner so I’m quite surprised to see Meers behind me ?
  11. @davejm . Thanks. Brain like a sieve !
  12. What time is kick off tonight for quali ? 8pm as usual ?
  13. Chaps. I found an old piece of kit at home (although I think never used) and passed it on to one of my apprentices to have a play. If any of you veteran sim racing heads could give him a steer (pun unintentional), I would appreciate it. And I'm sure he would.
  14. Struggle is an understatement. But this happened with the Porsche cup, and I managed to get it under control by race day, so lets see. The back end loves to go out, even with no power, Most unsteady. In other news, turned resolution down to 1080p, and whacked up the video settings to high, and it was very smooth, even on multiplayer. 4GB 970GTX.
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