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  1. Even Claret and Hugh aren’t panicking yet, and they are usually first on the hyperbole train. Hopefully the big fella will be fine.
  2. Lol, lol, lol . Deccers losing his shit post game on the pitch. Pablo posting paella and estrella on the gram. What a fucking time to be a Hammer. Massive Blog available
  3. So. Due to me being a cock and not registering I had the night to myself . I go onto twitch and what do I find on Iracing. Someone lapping with the Marlboro in place !
  4. Please tell me you are smashing in laps with a casual marlboro hanging out of your mouth.
  5. Once I get a graphics card I'm moving across. Feburary 2027 cannot come quick enough, or my Quest 5.
  6. Lol, I could have written exactly this, but mine might have had more colloquial language.
  7. I have to say I noticed an improvement in handling as well. Probably not as noticable as the fanatec gang, but it was there.
  8. Yeah DLSS......... When I can get a 3000 series that isn't the price of a house in Cotswolds.
  9. As discussed last night, not lapped, didnt impact anyone else, and didnt finish last (due to tech issues for others admittedly) . Success. Not sure how i have 19 points however, I didnt race last week. Also my aging GTX970 seems to be holding up well with the new updates. Is the FSR thing turned on in menus or automatic ? @Meers , you mentioned the rain looking better. Reviewing the release notes (apologies, professional geek here) it appears the new unreal engine also included in the update has a new improved water modelling process.
  10. So, I wont have a lot of time to practice this week. But I will be on just in time for quali, post WHU qualifying for the knockout rounds of the Europa League. So coming at it somewhat hot this week. For those of you who recently joined, don't be concerned (and Welcome !) . You will be so far ahead by turn 3 that you won't even know I'm there.
  11. Nice to see some class for a change. I’m sure Brady wanted to take him out the back of the shed.
  12. Might be getting some laps in later if anyone fancies coming on to discord and taking the piss !
  13. They get funny about excessive jewelry as well. Something about weight per passenger loadings.
  14. Jumped on last night, between the pacific highway on AC and the beginning of FH5. Like the car, the noise when you go down the gears !!!!!!!!! Lap time best ignored. Will be going to Madrid next Thursday evening , and BA wont let me take the rig on the plane and their wi-fi is shit so I will be out I'm afraid.
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