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  1. Schedule is perfect. Assuming Mr Biden lets me in, in September !
  2. Gents I'm ducking out tonight. I think my practice would suggest that my finishing position is guaranteed already, and my house being a building site for the next 3 weeks isn't helping. "Can you put that bloody wheel and stand out of the way, we need somewhere to store another load of boxes of stuff for the new kitchen". Good luck all. I'll unregister when I get home tonight.
  3. I jumped on quickly last night, and as is demonstrated above, found it tricky getting back in the widowmaker.
  4. On a different tack, it's trophy time. For our new participants this is light hearted Most Improved Driver Award solely chosen by me which captures some of the more funnier moments of the season. Our new sponsor for this season is Velux after @SharkyOB had a real life rain caused track excursion earlier this season. All old sponsors will be left on this magnificent trophy to tell the rich tapestry of RLLMUK ACC history when this appears in a time capsule some time in the future. This season's winner is @Erik. I'm sure he was a good driver when he came here so maybe Most Improved is stretching it a bit. However, seeing as he won everything else, he might as well take this as well, so we don't have to collect everything back from multiple people for next season ! @Valver was a close second, and after "the incident" last night, sentimentality nearly got him it. Well done all ,we race on to the next season. I have some major house work going on, but I managed to secure a small piece of space to set the rig up in, so I'm already looking forward to it.
  5. Gents. apologies all round. I think I managed to ruin the race for at least 3 or 4 others tonight, and I'm truly sorry. It's not good enough, the standard here keeps getting better and my practice / quali times get better, and I practice more and more, then its race night. And I go back to being an arse. Twice in one night is fucking shocking . 3 times in a season is unforgiveable. I need to hit a lot of public lobbies and just get this out of my system. Funnily enough even in the public races this doesnt happen either ! I might try some more simracing.gp races. The standard isn't as high as here. Genuinely not an issue if I take a ban for the start of next season. As much as I love this game, you have no idea how I feel watching someone go spinning off because i fucked up (again)
  6. Ah, the last race of the season, I'll have to take out the MID trophy (current holder @milko )and give it a polish, add the new sponsors and scribe a new name on it for tomorrow. Won't be me. I know that !
  7. In other news ,it’s about 40 in the conservatory so only a small practice tonight, naked or otherwise.
  8. I’m sure it will all go well, and all the best for the day. We’ve all been looking forward to it once we found out where and when by some diligent hacking. So we just need to get Sharky’s tour bus up and running and we will all see you there ! I can taste the Amstel already !
  9. As an example. Roshtein has had 4.5 mil of wins in the last fortnight. Would you be streaming like nothing happened if that’s happened to you ?
  10. Agreed , maybe i didn't explain myself very well. The question was should Twitch look into it and my point is that the hot tub thing should really be a over 18 area. As for the gamblers, the crypto thing is one area, the other is the fact that all these bods cannot be losing / winning on their own coin, despite saying they are. This in itself is encouraging to others, as has been said elsewhere.
  11. Like they have with Hub Tub streamers......
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