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  1. I'm old enough have had my first legal drink in UK, murdered someone that night, done a 30 stretch, and now find myself back in the rat race (for quite a while). Careful who you meet online chaps. Anyway, looking forward to the London meet, I know a pub...........
  2. Love the track, easily my favourite. Happy with my pace (slow as it was ) and consistency as well after nearly 3 months out. Got a nice rhythm going until for some unexplainable reason I booted it off the last corner, went down the pit lane at speed and joined the DQ club. Onto brands for another fave track. I may have found a friend in the M4.
  3. Wow. I haven't seen a beard around these parts forever. You are truely old school sir.
  4. Done. Look forward to it. Just saying....... https://www.simplyrace.co.uk/
  5. The cardboard cut out is great advice. Easy way to save a few quid by not buying the wrong thing.
  6. Sorry I bailed last week, I got coerced by our CEO to go to some awards event nonsense.. Where we were up for 5 awards and won zero. Got a free dinner and a paid Uber home however, but would have rather been racing.
  7. It looks like none of their other wheels support it ? They all seem to be compatible with the R9 and above.
  8. I have Euro Conf shenanigans this evening. In from next week till 13th Oct. Haven't been that active on here for a while. Hello to any new members. I'm not a threat at all unless you are lapping me. Opinions against my G920 Xbox version ? https://mozaracing.com/product/r5-bundle
  9. I did a blog. Not overly happy with things but we seem to be moving the ship in sort of the right direction. I seem to be where @djbhammerwas last week !
  10. I will give it a shot this evening. However, due to chonic overacheivement, West Ham are once again in for a longish Euro campaign, in the Mickey Mouse nonsense Euro cup. So I will be away the odd Thursday. The 8th being the opening game against the Titans of Europe, FCSB !. So I haven't jacked it in, but will be missing a bit. UPDATE: not giving it a go this evening. Totts at home ! Ben
  11. Kehrer injured yet ?
  12. Don't think I've been in here before. However, I used to be massively into photography, but as phones got better, lugging a a DSLR around became less appealing. Anyway, I got back on the wagon recently on a trip to Arizona. Quick question as well. For organising and cataloguing photos with some editing, is Lightroom still the way forward ? How can I get it relatively cheap ?
  13. So it appears that Paddy Power’s marketing department dream signing ,Scamacca (DYSWIDT !) is flying over for a medical tonight. I for one welcome our soon to be injured for a year striker.
  14. With the current trend for simulators (PC's, Lawnmowers ,Power Washers, etc) sure this could be some sort of workshop game.
  15. *Starts learning Dutch .......* Hey Jongens, mijn naam is Ben, Ik ben de IT-Directeur When does this shutdown start if I get there quick ?
  16. For what were effectively 3 new tracks and new cars, nice to see no massive stacks and good racing. Pats on the back all round, except for cunty corners, who can be banished to history !
  17. I played acc with a 970 for the first year or so. Basically low settings and turn the mirror down to about 30 meters and you should be golden.
  18. No practice, PC not been on since Sunday. Will not get home early as usual for a Thursday. Last time I saw a GT4 was on Eurosport. I'm ready, see you tonight. Not regged yet either. This will be done as soon as i get in.
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