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  1. Moss is past it and needs to be pensioned off. Bring back Clattenburg ! Probably got a full sleeve of trophies down his arm now from the Chinese league.
  2. You think ? Those walls don't move themselves......
  3. Good win and solid performance. We held on somewhat. Our centre mids were missing the second half. Kral for me, I thought was a solid 6, no more. However, we have seen this with Benrahma, and Bowen, and especially Fornals, so time will tell.
  4. Finally put the blog up and may have advertised it in the Man U thread on here, so that should be fun. lol @Scruff calling me LJ, showing your age there mate. Also nice to see some more peeps in here as well. Welcome (back ?)
  5. I'm sure you lot won't like my opinion on Ronnie but I just put my blog up about yesterday. All abuse welcome I've upped my bubbles but not sure what to do now @Gabzy
  6. Just got home. What the actual fuck. If it was a film script it would be binned for being too far fetched. The Noble business will lose Moyes credit as people start to reflect. The Lingard goal was always going to happen. But Ronaldo….. The guy has nothing left to prove to anyone, but still thinks diving all over the shop is how to play ? Really ? Some fucking example there. Very disappointing. Today might have been the game RIce says, fuck this , I’m off. I rate his pens about as much as Moyes obviously does, but there were others out there who i would allow to take one. Yarma for one. I will be blogging but need to get my rational head on first. Enjoyed my new t-shirt though.
  7. Hang on , West Ham at home on the 30th ! Bollocks. The problems of being a European giant.
  8. Yay for the break next week, building works should be squared away by the time the next race comes around. So then I just win all the remaining races, pick up the trophy, waltz off with a pit girl, and see you all next season ? Is that how it works ? Its been so long.
  9. Another one who was given a lifetime career by SCS. I still have my 48K in the loft, in its box, with loading cables and horizon tape and manual. Unfortunately, the one time I fired it up in the last few years, the output , just rolls and rolls, and the keyboard don't work. Still keeping it. RIP fella.
  10. And this is why my Dreamcast collection, when I can be arsed will go nowhere near ebay.
  11. Won't be on again this week, but hopefully back for next week. House slowly coming together. @davejm Just to reiterate the comments above, take your time and come back in when you are ready. We are not going anywhere, and you know where we are !
  12. Yep, I stopped PC gaming when every decent release needed a new graphics card (Voodoo's etc ! only £80 quid !) and needed loads of configuration. I went across to PS1. Now I'm back on PC (the PS1 blew up after 20 years ) and every decent release............. .Definition of madness springs to mind
  13. Even though I'm not in tonight do I need to reg for the series on simracing.gp and then unreg from tonight ?
  14. Cheers Dave, I was looking forward to changing, but space dictates it's controller/ mk games only currently. Finally got round to playing Quake however ! It's fun. Surprised it wasn't a big deal first time around
  15. If it is OK with everyone, seeing as I haven't had a chance to get near my rig since the end of last season, can i stay in the Nissan? I would literally be starting in week 2 in a car I have probably never driven. And lets be honest, I won't be affecting the championship.
  16. House is still in carnage mode with builders and trades all over it. I'm out this week, but might spectate if I'm about. Gutted, first race I've missed since I joined up !
  17. That fire engine will need some aero on the front and some lowering of the suspension to be competitive at Zandvoort ! But the higher seating position will make tight corners easier in traffic.
  18. We are top of the league, said........ Mind the gap
  19. Chaps. Hi. Just back from holiday , and the house is still being renovated and currently we have one bedroom and one other bedroom to sort of live in. That was where the rig was going but no dice apparently. Lack of space means I'm out this week. In the good news column I did eat a delivered pizza last night while sitting on a telephone table and the missus on what small space was left on the sofa bed. The "table" for the pizza box was a shrink wrapped ottoman. West Ham tonight so get to upgrade to a shopping center food court !
  20. Schedule is perfect. Assuming Mr Biden lets me in, in September !
  21. Gents I'm ducking out tonight. I think my practice would suggest that my finishing position is guaranteed already, and my house being a building site for the next 3 weeks isn't helping. "Can you put that bloody wheel and stand out of the way, we need somewhere to store another load of boxes of stuff for the new kitchen". Good luck all. I'll unregister when I get home tonight.
  22. I jumped on quickly last night, and as is demonstrated above, found it tricky getting back in the widowmaker.
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