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  1. I blame poor workmanship, but anyway the refurbed base has arrived, and its time to belatedly hand out our ACC MVP (The delay did allow us to rescribe the name of the trophy)for S.12. GM were so happy to provide the temp base for S11 that they have deigned to sponsor us for this season. 


    For the 4th time , please welcome to the stage @Meers


    Well done sir.


    And well done and welcome to all of our new comers, and sticking around old timers, and some returners.

    Bring friends, preferably slow ones......



    ACC parrotS12final.jpg

  2. Good morning /evening gentlemen and welcome to our seasonal prizegiving. 


    Some of you may remember that season 11 was without a trophy winner. This was due to an unfortunate incident with the season 10 Winner @Meers, dropping said trophy during his now traditional quaffing of the Brouwerij De Molen Disputin Russian Imperial Stout post prize giving. 


    So repairs are in progress of the damaged base.


    However, we managed to source another base, through our friends at GM-Vauxhall, which will serve for this season only.

    Which means we can only have one winner @Valver !! Our very own Steven Spielberg and driver of things (not so these days) green. In keeping with the base and the award reasons, Sony have also revived the Betamax brand and kindly agreed to back sponsor season 11.


    The Season 12 award will be awarded later today once we are back in possession of the refurbed base. 




    ACC parrotS11vFinal.jpg

  3. 1 hour ago, Scruff said:

    I can see us doing a Sheff Weds or Sunderland.

    I said exactly this yesterday in the pub post game.



  4. Scamacca is another Haller. Bought on form albeit in a different formation. Turns out they don't suit Moyes's formation (shocker). Moyes turns on them. They want out. 

    I assume Cornet was brought on as another "I can turn a winger into a striker" project by Moyes. Fucking joke. 


    How the hell is Moyes allowed to do this, And physical data? What a load of bollocks. His excuses are getting more obscure every week. Just do us all a favour and leave.

  5. I have spent most of today sorting out my 351 and 552. The 351 I used the link on the previous page for the 128GB image. Thanks for that.


    For the 552 there doesnt seem to much in the way of images, so I flashed a new card with the latest amberelec and moved a tonne of roms across from the 351 image. Everything works swimmingly apart from one thing. On all the GBA games(and a few dreamcast) it will not display the media files. I have the correct folders with all the correct names. They all display fine on the 351. Most odd. All mame, Snes, neo geo work fine.


    Has anyone seen this before ? 


  6. I mistyped the address for the timing site and ended up here. https://www.rlmracing.com/.  Shit logo so no sponsor chances I'm afraid.


    However, talking of sponsors, we do have them and they tell a rich tapestral (tm Mrben09) story of the history of our  corner of the sim racing world.


    This rest of this post is really for our new joiners, and a reminder for others.


    At the end of the season (my last race is this week, as I have ECL West Ham commitments for the following 2 weeks) please drop me a PM with your MVP for the season, and the one with the most votes or ridiculous reason gets their name engraved on the ever increasing sponsors trophy for immortality( the trophy has a name, "The Squawker").

    As you can imagine it's not that serious, and originally started as a more serious most improved award, but over the seasons has migrated into more of a best driver award. Not necessarily the championship winner, more of a MVP. 


    Last season there were no votes , which was a shame, so if anyone wants to throw in a continuity champion for that season, then feel free (don't pick  @Meers though, he has more trophies than Real Madrid 😃) I have one in mind, so if there are no votes I may do a double presentation. 

  7. 1 hour ago, milko said:

    @mrben09did you get a hamper?

    And in there lies a story. They had 2 and swapped them from the quiz to a raffle. We pissed the quiz and got a share of an inferior hamper. 

    One of my lads did get a bottle of Gentleman Jack for producing an plastic plant detached from its pot. And and we got a a bottle of gin for producing an empty can of coke. 


    Colour me gutted. 

  8. Last night I did a couple of online races with a random Dutch lobby I found. Only 10 of us, but 2 races with 12 min quali, 15 minute races. No Major offs, 2 good finishes (2 and 4) , and several 1.38's.

    So, you are all aliens or our server slows me down, or I go to shit in the company of real drivers. To use parlance previously adopted in this thread, a little bit of A and B, with a large dose of C . 




    OR D. I need this.

  9. 6 hours ago, Meers said:


    Haha you may visit but it's not much cop if you're used to London, very rural. I live about 15 minutes further to the east in Winschoten. Willem Albert Scholten is a legend though, the company's name is Royal Avebe now and it's one of the - if not the - biggest potato starch producers in the world. I'll have you know.



    I heard a rumour Big Willy was looking to sponsor an amateur , strangely polite racing league, with an odd trophy.  

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