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  1. 6 hours ago, Meers said:


    Haha you may visit but it's not much cop if you're used to London, very rural. I live about 15 minutes further to the east in Winschoten. Willem Albert Scholten is a legend though, the company's name is Royal Avebe now and it's one of the - if not the - biggest potato starch producers in the world. I'll have you know.



    I heard a rumour Big Willy was looking to sponsor an amateur , strangely polite racing league, with an odd trophy.  

  2. I think I sorted some of the VR issues through blind belligerence (that's what 30 years of IT does to you, manuals are for losers).


    Anyway I managed 2 races without a crash at VR epic settings. Needed to test with a fuller grid before I ruin someone's Thursday. WOW, why have I had this hat for over a year and only just got round to this. Even picked up a podium, I'm sure you can imagine the competition. 




    Got a quite detailed guide to run through tonight to fine tune the VR (manuals in this case are for winners)  , and then onto some laps at Misano.

  3. So I tried the VR hat yesterday (Q2), hence the appalling times and poor valid lap %. 


    But I keep getting an issue which makes it pretty unusable. It freezes for about 4 seconds at random intervals, but the game carries on , and inevitably this is not a good place to be come Thursday for anyone. I usually, as you can imagine, just feel the wheel shuddering as I collide into the nearest wall.


    Before I lash out on a Usbc Card and new cable for my PC, has anyone come across this. 


    For reference. I set the external screen res to 1280 as not required, for the headset I have tried VR Epic, high and low. 


    Spec of pc. 9th Gen I5, 3070 TI, 32GB RAM, game running on NVME.


    App launched using Steam VR (vs Oculus VR).


    Quest 2 connected using an decent ANKER usb a >c cable.


    All help gratefully received.


    1 hour ago, Scruff said:


    I think it's a combination of fitness, his obsession with putting players out of position and his mean spirited stubbornness.  He could have played Johnson at LB instead of Kehrer (who himself is a RB/RCB) but because Johnson hasn't signed a new contract it's fuck you sonny jim, you're out the team. Same way he treats Benrahma, Fornals has been ostracised despite having played himself out of the Spanish national team by following Moyes' instructions to the letter to the detriment to his career ( I know, let's play a very well regarded and talented Spanish centre mid as a left winger so he can cover for the LB who was over the hill years ago and who couldn't defend a bag of crisps).


    Sullivan is making the biggest gamble of his life in not sacking Moyes. His golden goose could be well and truly cooked if we go down (which we will if Moyes is the manager till the end of hte season) as all that lovely money he'll get from the clubs sale will vanish. 

    Agree with everything above. The other thing is not playing all these young fellas who then just up and leave. Perkins, Ashby (this is a crying shame), Muamba (to come) , etc,etc. 

    I went to the Fulham friendly before the restart and when Muamba and Swer came on the whole team lifted. At least (after 18 months), he has swapped Dec and Soucek back.



  5. Rumour has it he was out if we lost last night. Team selection was odd, was but the pattern stayed the same. Played well to begin with and then progressively got worse.


    Fitness ? 

  6. So, DG has passed on.

    A little bit callous but if DS takes over his shares, he becomes the major shareholder again and Kretinsky is in no mans land. Not great.

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