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  1. To be fair last night I forgot that I had registered with the Merc and had been practicing and tuning with the Nissan. So I had to go with the standard wet preset, and just turned the traction down from 11, as I couldn't get away from corners as all.
  2. It all started so well, and then it didn't. 4 spins I didn't see coming in one lap was enough, and then getting lapped after 10 mins, just about did for me. Nice to see the grid growing however, and hopefully last night didn't put anyone off (says the guy who was considering putting the wheel and kit in the trading folder at about 9pm last night !!) .
  3. 1/22 good laps. What could go wrong? Apologies in advance. If you happen to be near me tonight, just shout and i'll get out the way. It'll be bad enough getting annoyed with myself let alone ruining someone else's night as well.
  4. Back for this week, but currently shattered from Jetlag, Hopefully will get some practice in .
  5. Nice to see double figures of participants chaps. I would have joined but I’m having to put up with all this .……
  6. Yes. In one of the races we had early last season that I was in attendance for hacking was discussed, and how we all laughed (for the life of me I cannot remember the conversation ! It may have been me pointing out how easy a certain something was to hack, I really cannot remember) NSA was then mentioned as a potential sponsor so I wacked it on the trophy the next day. And here we are.
  7. And so after some through voting, everything has been counted and the Winner of the Season 9 MID is @winky Our new sponsor, the NSA, would like a word, but I'll let you deal with that.
  8. We had no votes so its a bit tricky for me as I wasn't really there. Happy to take a quick opinion poll .....
  9. In this week but out the 2 after. Off on holiday. Saved some holiday by not being Seville today, tomorrow and Thursday. GRRRRRRR
  10. Agree. I was thinking like a race in the Honda, maybe one in the Nissan ,etc. I'll be honest , I wont be bothering any leader boards, so not fussed at all. I just enjoyed the last time we did it.
  11. Will we will be having any single car races this season? Doesn't have to be the daft ones either.
  12. He'll be on a bench, just not that one. Maybe on one next to Kev Nolan
  13. Didn't we do that with someone else ? So, favourite Nobes moment? Either grabbing Zuma by the throat first time he played against us as a young lad. And John Terry laughing his head off and Noble trying not to laugh when he noticed. OR.. picking up Herrera (?) for Man U and launching him off the pitch when he was faking injury and not even getting a yellow. MN16
  14. I'm back in. However there has no been no season 9 presentation, complete with a government level sponsor, as no votes, . I can always scribe RON on it.
  15. And then the season ended………..
  16. It's not all over but the Germans were good. Anyone going Sunday take a calculator in case the screens break. Blogs up.
  17. Imagine playing in a Euro Semi Final with one fit centre back. And here we are. Does Noble come on for Rice to go to centre back or do we go 3 at the back? Imagine if he has a blinder. May be too much for all of us !
  18. Had a play last night wearing the VR hat. Tried it over wireless and it was a bit choppy in places, and initially unplayable until I dialed down the main screen resolution (you would think that would automatic, as you are using VR, but hey ho). Didn't get a go without the hat so not sure if that time is actually reflective of my lack of talent ! Enjoy tonight chaps, I'm off to put one foot in a European Final
  19. Ok, this maybe be bollocks but the consensus is...... Way back when (probably only 30 years ago) , pubs used to shut in the afternoon. They would reopen late afternoon, by unlocking the doors, so you could grab a beer "early doors" .
  20. mrben09

    F1 22

    I might even break out "the hat" for this.
  21. Yes. He wasn't too bad, but a bit of naivety in close racing, led him to clatter @Valver early doors race 1 and rear end 2 of us due to insufficient braking in corners elsewhere. Lets see if he rocks up next week. I'm aware of the irony of me posting this
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