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  1. Ridge Racer type 4 Project Gotham 3 RAC Rally. Atari ST Revs - BBC And obviously ACC, same reasons as @Valver
  2. Welcome back !. Yes there is new DLC of some new cars. including an M2. @Meers has learned to drive well. @davejm hurt his arm. And Automobilista 2 is available on Humble Bundle and we may use it in the season 9 mid season break. I think that's about it.
  3. I will get back into this. Things got in the way, and not being on here as regular as usual I ended up getting very confused with what was happening. White water looks good.
  4. Snap, but as per @milko's post above an entry into the Forum ACC league will be required !
  5. After spotting it 2 or 3 weeks ago, today I was chased by @Meers support vehicle
  6. 5 days left to get this little bundle https://www.humblebundle.com/games/ultimate-racing-sim-bundle
  7. This season went down to the line with @SneakyNinja pipping @EuroVapeSim2 to the title in the last race. Well done all. Good performances this year from @milko, and @davejm getting a credible 4th in only 8 races. But the MID trophy this season will go to @Meers following his ascendancy from mid table to champions league this season, and rightfully taking a place at the top table. The emotion of the Donington (checks notes......) Silverstone win rivaled Yarmalenko's winner against Villa, for me in the last month.
  8. Lots of things to cover here. Barca for lambo Yes I have Automobilista 2 (uninstalled !) Well done @SneakyNinja And welcome our new sponsor Max Wings Restaurant of Bogota Columbia. Google tells me they are now permanently closed, but maybe they are just celebrating our first two time winner of the RLLMUKMID. With a co-sponsorship from our newly launched website, the trophy has grown a little. I'm hoping in time it will become like the monstrosities they hand out in F1 in the Middle East. Anyway on with the show.
  9. Bit of an embarrassing night there for me chaps . Had to get off before I ruined someone else’s evening as well. Apologies to anyone I may have distracted.
  10. I have a guy coming round after work to drill the fuck out of my garage to fit a ground anchor for my new motorcycle. Hopefully he will be done and gone in time. I would love to tell him "I'm battling for last place with myself for 1.5 hours tonight, can we do it another day?" But he's doing the work for nothing !. Hopefully see you all later .
  11. I'd bump up the PSU to 850W, so if you do come across a decent 3000 series card at some point, it will drop in no issues. Ah, I see you already have it, and the 550 will run what you have currently so just bear it in mind. I'd probably go for a modular PSU as well (the cables out to the components are plugged into the PSU separately rather than that one fat cable bundle coming out ), but that's just personal preference (and now a moot point). Windows licence keys. https://www.cjs-cdkeys.com/search.php?search_query=windows+10+pro&x=0&y=0 Others may have an opinion. I've never had an issue with these guys. I've got a the Intel version of that board. Its fine. CPU. I know nothing about AMD, but sure it will be ok. SSD. Good choice !
  12. Massive, unsurprisingly best atmosphere at the OS since Super Saturday. Trying and failing to sleep now. Will blog tomorrow.
  13. Framerates ! .Ah yes. I know there was something I meant to mention last Thursday. I have been running my PC with an appropriated 1080 for the last month. I have pretty much everything turned up and it looks amazing. Then we had the night race last week. Amazing doesn't justify it, just incredible. ! This was some of the reason I was spinning out a bit to begin with , I was spending to much time not looking at the track ! Now I have a 3070ti in my house, so looking forward to getting that in and working.
  14. I got a 1.2 Bn but no photo as I assumed that was a bit 2 bob and no name entry.
  15. Does the version you have recommended use the normal ROM ?
  16. ============================== CURRENT SCORES ============================== Cheeko (1,661,921,390) MrBen09 (624,205,450) Omizzay (150,319,830) bradigor (14,033,840)
  17. Rather than compound my woes with more self pity I’ve just popped in to say well done @Meers
  18. I think Velux night will still go down as a classic for me. I only noticed last week that @SharkyOB had also changed his avatar to celebrate that evening in perpetuity!
  19. Just so we are aware. My change management skills have not transferred outside of work so the file has been overwritten every time. Therefore to get them all will need recovery from this thread. Also thanks to 2.02 2.03 group. I'm enjoying the company.
  20. This is amazing enough that I may have to retire the trophy at the end of this season.
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