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  1. DIDO !!!? Some fucking festival that is !
  2. mrben09


    Phillip Glass ?
  3. mrben09

    Your First Gig

    In the first single thread, Yummers made mention of her first gig not being to great, so its time to absolve your sins, boys and girls. I'll go first, The Jam, 1981 beat surrender tour, 13 yrs young, and wishing the gig / day would never end. But if anyones interested i've a good story about accidently seeing the pistols, the clash and the damned in the same night as a tender 9 yr old, but i don't think it counts as my first gig, even though it was.....................
  4. And no doubt a pile of grolsh bottle tops !
  5. Single Denise - Blondie Album One step Beyond - Madness
  6. Seconded, if i hear another public schooly twat blaring this out of his (always his) tent at Reading, i will burn the cunt down. I have their demo tape from when they were no bodies, kicking around somewhere (from when i used to work in the "biz"), and its shit. If anyone wants it, please contact me , but prepared to be named and shamed as a soap dodging waster.
  7. The gods of modern punk - Rancid..
  8. Large sonic cut into the mountainside in Daytona.
  9. cannot believe nobody mentioned animal crossing. Call yourself hardcore ?
  10. I won a copy of haunted house fort the 2600, for coming forth in the Atari UK Pac man Champs in 1982 (or thereabouts)
  11. mrben09

    The Jam

  12. mrben09

    The Jam

    In the city was written at the tender age of 15 but released when 17. Was at the time often seen wearing a board round his neck , with "How can i be a fucking revialist when i'm only 17" on it. Bit of kick back to those who accused him of singlehandly bringing on the new mod revival. AND......you can see The Jam live, try one of the tribute bands, like the jamm, who are very good, and english rose (if they are still around, and were the best IMO). Nearest venue to you for this sort of thing (assuming your'e still in Darford) would be The Venue in New Cross. Was lucky enough to see the real deal myself a few times on the beat surrender tour of 81, at the ripe old age of 13 ! Forum trip to a jam tribute band.....................................?
  13. Can't believe nodoby has mentioned Ray Winston. "Why does your dad need a childrens entertainer, when he's a fucking clown himself" Class !
  14. mrben09

    The Jam

    Owning ever weller record ever from the jam up to the latest solo album (7's, 12's, albums, bootlegs, whatever), i can tell you that anyone who has followed him from the beginning, has sort of grown with him, including the diversified musical tastes, eg punk, to power pop, to jazz leaning, to house (last TSC album, that wasn't released, and sealed the fate of TSC, available on the box set, pop fans), and then onto folk styling, and as of lately we have come nearly full circle, eg back to the sixties style small faces sound. Rumours are aboundng of a 1 off Jam gig at knebworth, to sort of lay the ghost to bed, but i doubt it, knowing what a miserable fucker PW can be. So, take them all for what they are, different slices of someones life. Top 5 1. Butterfly collector 2. We've only started 3. The changing man 4. Headstart for happiness 5. Town called malice. BTW that list changes every week A bit gushing for me, but the man's a genius, catch him live, you won't regret it. Also i think his guitar playing is underrated as well
  15. Saw the Mighty Lemon Drops in the back room of a small pub in camden the night before they headlined the Astoria. Oh my god i'm old I'll get me coat
  16. Weller and Chuck D, in that order. Even back to the old days, eg Thats entertainment, butterfly collector, etc
  17. I stand corrected, good sir. My white label is 3800 miles away, and i'm lazy. HAPPY NOW !!
  18. Out in a bit of a club/ pub thing at the weekend, and heard 2 tracks that have lasted the test of time. LL - Mama said knock you out. Sir Mix-a-lot. Baby got Butt
  19. card chaos tumbling decks poktris All equally shite, but i thought i'd have a go
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