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  1. Not quite sure how this happened but it did. I think I got the super jackpot while concentrating on a multi ball. ============================== CURRENT SCORES ============================== MrBen09 (270,068,180) Omizzay (150,319,830) bradigor (14,033,840)
  2. Funnily enough I feel more happy cornering in the GT3's. The lighter front end on the GT4's mean that I do go into some corners quite hot with little chance of recovery out of snailing around. I think I've noticed over the last 2 weeks (! should have been quicker bearing in mind how long we have done this !), that I have a habit of not accelerating out of the corner, but when I'm out of the corner. Its pure muscle memory which I need to retrain. Even when i say to myself, NOW, I still don't do it. I blame nearly 20 years of driving large 4x4's, which can have boat tendencies when you do that ! On the rare occasion I did do it , I was getting 1.34's. Yes @Meers I did indeed gas out by having a spin at Stirlings, that then allowed @winky to catch me up after his earlier pit.
  3. Looks like my Porsche has changed its number ! I will sort when I get home
  4. mizzay (319,024,330) mrben09 (297,939,400) bradigor (181.851,230) Parappa (181,559,510) Cheeko (148,689,070) Mortis (87,891,810) Cannot get anywhere near this since . For me it seems to be the rock the boat feature that gets the scores. The angles for ball losing are brutal, and mentioned elsewhere !
  5. If Moyes switches it around in midfield and stops pandering to Declan's wish to be Steven Gerrard, we will look better overnight. Its only what, another 10 games for the EL and the FA cup ?
  6. All this . We are a pale imitation of the pre xmas hammers. Even St Declan seems affected. I did a blog, but like the game, I wouldn't bother if I was you.
  7. I am , and noticed it's a little different to the FX3 copy I have.
  8. I’m in the fish tales gang as well. Love that table . HOW BIG WAS IT ?
  9. Bring friends, preferably crap ones. Gets a little lonely back here. Although last night I enjoyed it.
  10. Omizzay (792,300,050) mrben09 (446,076,070) Parappa (150,638,950) bradigor (91,305,820) Davy Jones got dealt with. and I managed to make the DMD bigger by just windowing it in the menu and then dragging it
  11. No it appears. Appreciate it.
  12. Looks better in the photo than on a 55 inch screen ! You have to change it in preferences to double size .
  13. Omizzay (792,300,050) mrben09 (238,577,20) Parappa (150,638,950) bradigor (91,305,820) Great table with constant multi ball opportunities . 4 balls are a bit of a management challenge !
  14. @Meers ‘s support team spotted heading for Imola by way of the Blackwall Tunnel this evening .
  15. Took ages sorting this last night. VP can be quite tricky if you are new. Because I run a high res a large screen (single screen) , the score has to be dropped to the bottom, else I cannot easily read the info in game (even at double size !) !. Also seems to have a habit of not giving me my 3rd ball, even though I hear the ball dispenser clicking away. 19 mil, no picture as I imagine it's way down the league.
  16. On fx3 arcade mode, classic set up ( should I be on tournament mode ? ) 186 mill odd. As you can see my picture caught the wrong frame !
  17. We have a new sponsor from Bogota. All will be revealed in due course.
  18. Sounded fun, but 50 mins of being way off the pace got a little tedious .
  19. I'll give it a go as well then, as I have it on FX3. On a 1080, and it's more than fine with everything turned up.
  20. Couldn't get on the server last night, couldn't even find it in the list, but did some racing and lap times are falling !
  21. Thanks for the offer. I did a public lobby race last night and was doing 2.01's with more fuel, so hopefully not too far out . Those first few corners are a killer for me !
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