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    16 hours ago, milko said:

    ahah, a little less exciting, I'm back to North Wales to see the folks. Gotta maximise the grandparent/grandchild time while it's still appealing to the little oik. Whereabouts are you going? 

    Copenhagen for the long weekend (or most of it anyway ) . No plans apart from Tivoli gardens on Friday and we have a table booked in a pub on Thursday evening to witness the grisly end of West Ham's European Tour. 

  2. 11 minutes ago, milko said:

    I might even be able to join in if it's Weds this week, as it goes, we don't leave til the day after.


    This. Me too. If you are going to Denmark, lets grab a beer !

  3. For the first time in a long time I've worn to work today, the same shirt and trousers as the Sevilla game, worn the same jacket, even brought a West Ham scarf (apart from the last Euro game at home , I would have to go back 30 years since the last time I wore one !).


    In other news, some of you who may have watch the Sevilla game on the telly, may remember a very young lad waving a Ukraine flag around (he was on several times) . Long story short, he got a bit carried away at the end , and clambers the hoarding when Yarmo came over to the fans. Both him and his dad (a good friend of mine) yesterday got a ban till the end of the season (including losing the money they paid for 2 Lyon tickets, and ticket upgrades they got for Burnley next week). Way to go WHU !

  4. Massive again . So massive that because I couldn't go , due to something planned in months ago, my wife decided to take herself off on her own, with my ticket. In 15 years of marriage this has never happened !

    Large indeed, and so I need to up my game. I'm in the ballot for Chelsea away. 


    She's not blogging !

  5. 16 minutes ago, SneakyNinja said:


    I've tried ALL manner of tinkerings with the Oculus Quest tool, different USB cables, gfx settings and the only thing that makes a real difference nowadays is the resolution (or is it pixel density?) some tracks need that knocking down a notch or two.


    Happy to share my settings if you want? @mrben09

    Yes please.

    Is this the pixel density settings in Oculus ?

  6. So yes my times are still shit, but this weekend gone, now the 3070ti is in, I connected up my Quest 2 via Oculus Link, and OMFG, it's truly game-changing.

    AM2 was pretty cool as well.


    So I've made no setting changes so far. Is there an agreed opinion of improvements available either through ACC settings or Oculus ?


    Also I didn't seem to get dizzy or similar, so that's good news. 



  7. This season went down to the line with @SneakyNinja pipping @EuroVapeSim2 to the title in the last race. Well done all. Good performances this year from @milko, and @davejm getting a credible 4th in only 8 races.


    But the MID trophy this season will go to @Meers following his ascendancy from mid table to champions league this season, and rightfully taking a place at the top table.  


    The emotion of the Donington (checks notes......) Silverstone win rivaled Yarmalenko's winner against Villa, for me in the last month.



    ACC parrotS8vFinal.jpg

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