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  1. So many minor issues make up the drop off seen in recent times. We could do worse than let Kabak and Davies form a partnership, and get Henderson and Fabhino and into midfield to raise the intensity. TAA sure misses Henderson's covering ability, and Henderson's pace of pass isn't as effective from the centre back position as it is further up the field. I'm sure Fabhino would welcome the chance to get forward a little more too, or at the very least break down opposition counters. We need to change something as 2nd is up for grabs.
  2. The guy said he does have it set to 100%, which is too much, but it doesn't look too different to this tbf Senna bruuumm bruuuummm!
  3. I just saw this and thought I'd share. Not sure if you guys have see this before, but it's pretty extreme. Bruuuum brummm!
  4. https://www.youtube.com/user/mattybsod Matty Matheson has his own channel now, but his Munchies stuff is both cooking and comedy gold. He's such fun, and incredibly talented, with a cracking carefree attitude. Enjoy!
  5. Why the fuck have I never paid attention to Tangerine Dream? I've been missing out all this time and I need to make up for lost time. Spotify: Love On A Real Train Oh my... Zok, I blame you! You should have forced fed me them like you did yacht rock
  6. I've not seen him make a save yet. Hands made of smoke.
  7. How much single player is there in this? Is there much of a career mode at all hours-wise?
  8. Dear Liverpool FC. It's me again. You're doing it a bit wrong at the mo' guys. Look, you're meant to be keeping diddy Phil, and securing Virgin Come on now, sort it out. Kind regards, (but getting a bit peeved now) Poop
  9. Dear Liverpool FC. As much as I love you can you please just act like the grown up in the relationship and make the first move in this 'kiss and make up' fiasco, and stick a bid in for Virgin? FFS Kind regards, Poop
  10. For what it's worth, my one word review: Brilliant! More words: The build up to the reveal was neatly done. The gritty, lowly lit feel of the shots worked wonderfully. The pacing of the story and the shots just enabled me to savour it more. One very clever film.
  11. Their 'brief' is is a program over an hour and a half long Any other suggestions? I miss BBC highlights
  12. Where is the best place to catch the brief highlights from every race please race fans?
  13. Is there any place I can stream this? The versions I've seen of episode 6 all finish at 21minutes Ta like!
  14. I've been to eight county fairs and a goat rodeo, but I've never seen anything like that
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